Monday, 27 March 2017

3 Best Tools for Outlook PST File Recovery – Restore Deleted Data

Posted by Daniel Jones

Most Outlook errors erupt because of different corruptions happening with the PST file, which is the Personal Folders Table file of MS Outlook email client. The consequence of such corruption is the isolation of email data items like mail messages, task items, contact information, calendar info, journals, and more, which are being stored in the Outlook mailbox. Email data is stored in PST, which when corruption, denies access to this info.

ScanPST.exe – The Inbox Repair Tool

To overcome the problem, Microsoft has free utility, which is the ScanPST or the Inbox Repair Tool that is inbuilt in this Outlook application. Using scanpst.exe come to use in the cases where you get errors while importing email data from PST. It might be required to run this scanpst.exe multiple times (maybe 5 times to 8 times). This has to done concurrently till no errors are found in PST file. The purpose of this Inbox Repair Tool is of empowering the users so that they can repair PST by executing this. But, there is a downside, which is that it is not well-suited for severe corruptions.

Top 3 Outlook Recovery Tools

The following three software tools are really at par with this Inbox Repair tool and also provide you with healthy MS Outlook data files while at the same time overcoming the limitations too of the ScanPST tool. So, these tools can be the best-suited alternatives, both for individual users as well as business houses for PST data recovery.

1. SysTools Outlook Recovery

This is a handy tool, which is capable to recover data from corrupted PST files of MS Outlook email client application. This is a powerful tool capable of fixing PST file issues by recovering data from it and storing that recovered data to a fresh, new and perfectly okay Outlook PST file. The tool can help you in recovering email data like emails, contact addresses, notes, calendar data and task entries etc. Even your email attachments too can be easily salvaged using it. The tool also allows you to preview recoverable items so that you can choose to export some items only to the new PST. Besides exporting the recovered data to PST, the tool can also export it to EML/MSG storage formats.

  • Supports the recovery of hard deleted emails
  • Repairs corrupted PST that has minor or major damages
  • No size limitations
  • Unicode PST format supported
  • Multiple extraction options: you can export data to PST/MSG/EML file types
  • You can recover even the password-protected and corrupt PST files as well using this tool
  • Repair complete data including mail messages, contact info, Calendars and other items
  • Email filters are applicable while extracting and exporting selective PST file data
  • Recover PST without the need of Outlook installation
  • Supporting Windows 10 (32-bit as well as 64-bit versions) and Outlook 2016 (32 as well as 64 bit)

2. RecoveryTools for MS Outlook

This is quite dominant desktop tool for precise PST recovery after severe corruptions. Deleted data fragments get restored. This recovery tool employs high-tech infrastructure, which helps in thoroughly repairing corrupted PST; giving deeper insight for analyzing Outlook data and very accurately restoring complete mailbox data from corrupt PST.

  • Recovers corrupted PST files
  • Re-creates new PST having all the mailbox data
  • Outlook installation not needed for reading and viewing PST
  • Automatic search
  • Automatically locates configured PSTs
  • Even repairs highly corrupted Outlook files
  • Even repairs oversized PSTs; which are beyond 2GB size
  • Exportation of recovered Outlook data into PST/EML/MSG/PDF file format
  • Recovers all email components (including mails, contact ids, calendar entries, notes data, journal entries, task items, to-do lists, distribution lists and more)

Free Download Tool from here:

3. PCVITA Recover Outlook

Outlook is a great emailing application using modern technology and sustaining the requirement of hosting multiple mails and saving those quite appropriately. However, some technical flaws cause the PST file to get damaged or corrupted, inhibiting users to fetch their mailbox data from PST. Such types of situations urge the users towards Outlook data recovery, which can be done successfully using this PCVITA Recover Outlook tool.

  • Repairs corrupted PST
  • Even recovers deleted data
  • Recovers entire mailbox including mails, contact items, notes, calendars, tasks etc
  • Allows saving of data in PST (with the split option too)
  • Allows saving of data in EML/MSG formats as well
  • Recovers in cases where corruption happens because of compression
  • Recovers in cases where corruption happens because of over-sizing of PST, beyond 2GB size
  • Repairs Unicode (Outlook versions from 2013 to Outlook 2003) PST
  • Repairs Unicode ANSI (Outlook versions 2002 to Outlook 97) PST

To download, please visit the link and check it functionality:

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Friday, 10 February 2017

MBOX to PST Converter Simple Solution to Convert MBOX Files to Outlook

Posted by Venn Torrence

MBOX file is one of the most common file format in today’s date. It is widely used for archiving email messages locally on storage devices. This file is created and supported by many email clients like Chaos Intellect, Pegasus, Spicebird Mail, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, etc., but not supported by Microsoft Outlook. Therefore, a question arises for Outlook users that ‘How to access MBOX files in Outlook?’ The answer to this query is that one will have to convert MBOX to Outlook PST file and then they can import output PST file in Outlook. Well, there is an effective solution available for this know as MBOX to PST Converter.

Introduction to MBOX to PST Converter Software

It is a standalone utility, which Export file from MBOX to PST by constantly maintaining integrity of email data. It is the simplest conversion solution from files having .mbox, or, .mbx extension into PST format. There is no dependency issue with this application for converting files hence, users can convert MBOX files to PST without origin client. MBOX file of any size or email application can be imported with help of this utility. The major feature of MBOX to Outlook converter is that it is providing direct drag-and-drop option to load MBOX files while performing the conversion.

Versions of MBOX to PST Converter Software

The MBOX to Outlook Converter is available in two editions i.e., Free and Licensed Version. As per the need, users can choose any one of the two editions.

  • Free Edition: The free addition is available on company’s official website ( One can download and install setup of this software for understanding the working of software. However, there is a limitation of this version that it will import only 10 items of a folder.
  • Licensed Edition: It is the purchased or full version of the MBOX to PST converter software, which allow end users to convert MBOX files into PST without any limitation. There is no constraint imposed in this version of the converter therefore, one can buy product from official website and then freely utilize product for migrating files.

MBOX to Outlook Converter Features

There are many trustworthy features provided within this software. Out of several commendable features, following are few of them, which makes product different from others:

Advance Way of Loading MBOX Files: The tool is designed in such a way that it provides end users direct drag-and-drop option on its start window. One just need to know the location of MBOX file and then drag-n-drop it on tool wizard for conversion.

Renders Two Options While Selecting Files: Following two options are provided when a user wants to select MBOX files with help of Select Files option:

1. Select File(s): In this option, users will have to choose MBOX file individually for the conversion.

2. Select Folder: To save time, one can create a folder in which multiple MBOX files are stored and then select this folder for converting MBOX files to a single PST.

Supports MBOX File of 20+ Email Clients: MBOX file of any email client like Mutt Mail, Eudora, Apple Mail, Spicebird, etc., is easily supported by this MBOX to PST converter software. Moreover, the MBOX file that is generated from Gmail account (via Google Takeout) is also converted by this product.

    Dual Options to Create Resultant PST File: With help of MBOX to Outlook converter tool, users are having following two options to create PST file:
  • 1. Single PST File: Users can combine all MBOX files into a single file and create an individual PST out of it. For example: if 8 MBOX files are selected for conversion then, Tool will combine all MBOX into a single PST.
  • 2. Multiple PST Files: This option will enable users to generate one PST file for each MBOX file. For example: if there are 5 MBOX files, then 5 different PST files will be generated.

Migrate Specific MBOX File or Folder: Instead of converting data of whole MBOX file, users can migrate particular files or a specific folder (Inbox, Outbox, sent, etc.) from it. One just need to select the desired data and then software itself will transfer those files/folder in PST format.

Pros And Cons


  1. Email along with attachments are converted in PST format
  2. Not even a single bit of content is altered during conversion
  3. Drag-n-drop option to load files directly on software screen
  4. Totally an independent software for MBOX to PST conversion


  1. Does generate preview of data before proceeding further


Based upon the interface, performance, and technicalities of MBOX to PST converter, I would like to rate this product 9.7/10. The reason for not giving application full rate is that the software does not generate preview of data before performing the conversion. Apart from this, there is no other negative point of MBOX to Outlook Converter software and I can proudly say that by far, there cannot be any other software like this.

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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Import OST File to Office 365 Outlook - Step by Step Guide

Posted by Daniel Jones

Microsoft Outlook users might be familiar with the two file formats being used i.e. OST and PST. In order to import OST file to Office 365, it should be converted into the PST file format because, OST file cannot be accessed anywhere directly. After converting OST to PST, user will be able to access the data on either Microsoft Outlook or Office 365.


“ I was trying to import my Outlook OST files to Office 365 directly. But, there was no such method and solutions avaiable for the same. Is there any free or automated solution through which I can move OST file to Office 365 cloud quickly”.

Steps to Import OST File to Office 365 Outlook

Considering, the above scenario there is no such direct method available which can migrate OST file to Office 365 Outlook. To do so, user must follow the two steps:

  1. Convert OST file into PST format
  2. Import the converted PST file to Office 365.

So, first let us see how to import OST file into PST.

1. Export OST File to PST

Here are some of the steps to import the data file from OST to PST:

Archiving: Outlook users can use this method to copy or move the data to a PST file. It is the best suitable method when the user wants to move everything from the mailbox. Here, the following steps for this step:

  1. First, open Microsoft Outlook application.
  2. Second, go to File tab and click on Archive.
  3. Third, user should select the destination to save the archived PST file.
  4. Fourth, the process of Archiving will start after clicking on the OK button.

Note: Using this step users can move entire OST file data except the Outlook Contacts.

Exporting:Exporting is a quick and easy solution to move all the contents of an OST file to a new PST file or only just Contacts and Calendars. The steps for this method is as follows:

  1. First, open Microsoft Outlook.
  2. Second, click on the File tab the, select the file using Export to a File and finally click on the Next button.
  3. Third, select the .pst(Personal File Folder) and click on Next button.
  4. Fourth, select the folder where user wants to export and then check for Include subfolders.
  5. Finally, user must the select the location where they can store the exported files and click on Finish button.

Note: To use this feature the user must be connected to Exchange Server.

Shift Items to a New PST File:Now, in this method users have to create a new PST file in their profile and shift all the folders to the new PST file created. The steps to implement this are as follows:

  1. First, open Microsoft Outlook application.
  2. Second, create a new PST file in the Outlook profile.
  3. Finally, select the mailbox folder where the user wants to shift the items to a PST file.

Note: This solution does not allow users to shift Inbox, Sent Items, Calemdars and Contacts.

Limitations of the Manual Procedures

The limitations of the manual methods to convert OST to PST mentioned above are as follows:

  • Data can be lost easily.
  • Internet connection is a must.
  • Archiving does not allow to export the Contacts in a folder.
  • Exchange server connectivity is a must everytime when performing these steps.

Automated Solution to Import OST file into PST

Because, the manual methods are not reliable in so many cases. The use of the automated OST to PST converter is the best solution to export OST file to PST.

2. Importing PST to Office 365 Outlook

There are no such direct steps for migrating OST file to Office 365 Outlook. First, the user must convert OST file into PST format using either the manual steps or using the automated solution. After completing this the user should use PST to Office 365 Migration tool to move Outlook data file(.pst) to Office 365 Cloud.

Here are the steps to export PST to Office 365 Outlook using Office 365 PST migration tool :

  • First, open the Office 365 Migrator Tool.
  • Second, the user should click on the Office 365 Restore option.
  • Third, click on Browse button and select the PST file.
  • Fourth, apply the mail filter options to import PST files to Office 365 Outlook.


There are manual methods for the users as they are free. But, these methods are not easy to use as it definitely requires a good technical knowledge and one wrong implementation of any method can lead to the loss of data. Another drawback of these methods is that it is very time consuming and lengthy process.

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Friday, 27 January 2017

Migrate Outlook to Thunderbird Manually – Convert PST to MBOX

Posted by Daniel Jones

In present arena, Emails are considered to be as the best platform for cross-connection between organizations. As, the popularity of the digitization is increasing as a result there are so many email clients available in online market. Outlook and Thunderbird are two such platforms and both the email client store their respective data in different file formats. Outlook supports PST whereas Thunderbird supports MBOX file format. In order to maintain the continuity of the work sometimes in different live scenarios the need to migrate Outlook to Thunderbird arises. In the following write-up, we will discuss why & how to convert Outlook PST file to Thunderbird MBOX format. Let’s us discuss, why user would migrate Outlook to Mozilla Thunderbird email client.

Need to Transfer Outlook PST File to Thunderbird Windows

Thunderbird provides many remarkable offers like advanced message filtering, saved search folders, quick search, message grouping, etc. Therefore, a user can think to migrate Outlook to Thunderbird. Also, as mentioned above, both email clients supports different file format. So, sometimes the need of the migration arises. Consider the following query to understand the need of shifting Outlook PST file to Thunderbird.

“I am using Outlook for the management of emails. I have received a mail from a my senior in MBOX file format. As the matter of fact, that Outlook does not supports MBOX file. So, I want to know that how to import Microsoft Outlook PST file to Thunderbird (.mbox) format?”

How to Migrate PST to Thunderbird MBOX File Format

To move Outlook data file (.pst) to Thunderbird, you need to first convert PST to MBOX file. In the following section we will going to discuss the methods for the migration:

For Single Machine

  • Firstly, go to start >> Default Programs >> Set your default program. After this, choose Outlook from the given options and click on the button of “Set this program as default”
  • Now, the next thing you need to do is to run Thunderbird and go to the option of “Tools” and then, click on “Import”.
  • Select radio button, which is next to “Mail”, then click on “Next”. Now, choose Outlook from given options and click on “Next”. Once you done that, click on “Finish” to import.
  • To proceed further, follow the same steps and this time choose “Address Books” or any item, which you want to import from Outlook to Thunderbird.
  • Now, go back to Default Programs widow once again. Open it and select Thunderbird and then, select “Set this program as default”

From One System to Multiple System

  • Install Thunderbird to the same system where Outlook is running.
  • Close Thunderbird programs.
  • Now, go to Start button then type %APPDATA% in the search box and choose the folder namely “Roaming”.
  • Now, connect an external device to USB port. Then, make a right-click in Thunderbird folder in the window of Roaming and also, tap “Send to”. Select the USB device and import all the data.
  • Connect the USB device in the same system where Thunderbird program is installed. Open, USB device make a right-click on the folder of Thunderbird and select the option of “Copy”.
  • Again to Start option and type %APPDATA% and select “Roaming” folder. Then, remove Thunderbird folder, which is there and “Paste” the selected copy to Roaming folder.
  • Finally, you see all the Outlook information wherever you launch the Thunderbird.


There are certain limitation in this given manual methods like:

  • This method does not allow to move Outlook contact to Thunderbird.
  • This manual method is slow and you can lose the data due to any wrong step.

Trouble Free Way

To migrate Outlook PST file to Thunderbird users can opt for a trouble free way. They can use a well developed software namely Outlook to MBOX converter tool. Using this software users can convert PST files into MBOX format. This software gives the data in its original form. To move Outlook PST file to Thunderbird users need to follow these mentioned steps:

Step 1: Download and Launch Tool

  • Firstly, click on Start menu >> All programs >> Outlook to MBOX Converter. Outlook to MBOX utility appeared.
  • Now, click on the tab namely “Open” to proceed further.

Step 2: Choose PST File or Folder(s)

  • Now, click on Browse and select location of PST file.

Step 3: Select desired PST path

  • Choose PST file you want to convert into MBOX format.

Step 4: Choose Location of Destination

  • Select the location where you want to save the files after conversion.

Step 5: Give Destination Path

  • Now, click on Browse and choose the location where you want to save PST files.

Step 6: Maintain Hierarchy of Folder

  • Once you define the destination path now, you need to select from the given options to maintain folder hierarchy.
  • Keep folder in the same order as the previous email client by clicking on “Yes” or “No”.

Step 7: Export PST in MBOX

  • Click on “Export” and start the process of migrations.
  • After this, when the migration is done you will see message box showing completion. It will also show the path of the converted PST file.

Step 8: Count Details

  • Once the process is completed you will the count details and you need to press on “OK” when the process is completed.

Step 9: Check Migrated File

  • Navigate to that location where you have saved all the converted Outlook files into MBOX. You can see the Output MBOX file.


Every organization uses different platforms to maintain the continuity of the work. As we have discussed in the above section, sometimes users need to move from Outlook to Thunderbird email client. We have also discussed, some manual methods of PST to MBOX conversion. Users can go for either of the ways as per their requirement.

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