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Are you looking for a way to import OST file to Office 365 account? Have you ever tried to do it manually? Here, in this blog, we have come up with a suitable approach for converting emails, contacts, calendar of OST file to Office 365 suite.

With the growing popularity of digital marketing, a mode of communication is also increasing nowadays. There are different platforms or email clients for sharing messages, meetings, events, and so on. Each email program often has its own file extension used to store crucial data. One such file format is OST that belongs to Microsoft Outlook. However, the biggest challenge comes when a user wants to convert OST file to Office 365 account. The need will arise in a similar way due to any personal or professional reasons too. There are some users who want to save email messages Office 365 so that they can easily access the entire data at any time. As everyone knows, Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud application that can be developed by Microsoft. It is a safe and secure place where users can store their most important data. Therefore, in this blog, we are going to discuss a manual way to let users understand how to export OST emails, contacts, calendar to Office 365 Account in a clear way.

Manually Transfer Outlook OST File to Office 365 Account

There is no direct way to export OST emails into MS Office 365 suite. Therefore, first users have to move OST file to PST and then, import PST file to O365 profile. This technique is categorized into two steps:

Step 1: Convert an OST File to PST Format
To import OST file to PST format there are several methods available that users can use.  case, if the below mentioned method gets failed then, users can take help of a commercial solution. All these methods are broadly categorized as:

A) Create a New PST and copy OST file in it
B) Using Archive feature of MS Outlook
C) Using Export feature of MS Outlook

A) Create New Outlook data file (.pst) & save OST in it
  • First, you need to launch Outlook application
  • Then, create a new .pst file in Microsoft Outlook
  • Now, you can copy a specific mailbox folder and paste it into Outlook PST file
B) Use Archive Feature of Outlook mail client
  • Open MS Outlook program, click on File and select Archive option
  • After that, choose a particular file or folder and browse the destination path where you wish to store all archived data files and press OK button.
  • Finally, you can easily create an archive file
Note: One can directly export OST to PST format except all contacts, by using this manual solution.

C) Use an Export feature of Microsoft Outlook
  • Open Outlook application and choose Export button from the File
  • Choose an option Export to a file and then, press Next
  • Next, select the PST (Personal File Folder) format and click Next
  • After this, select a particular folder which you want to migrate (keeping in mind that you should enable “include subfolders” option)
  • Then, provide the desired location where you can save converted files.
  • Click on Finish button to accomplish the task
Note: This strategy only works when a user account is connected with Exchange Server environment.

Step 2: Upload Outlook PST to Office 365 Mailbox

To manually import Outlook data file (PST) to Office 365 account users can use any of the techniques as mentioned below:

A) Upload OST to Office 365 using Azure AzCopy

Download & install Azcopy and then, you need to copy SAS URL (SAS URL will just give you the permission to transfer PST files into Azure AzCopy)
  • Next, upload PST data files into Exchange Online (O365) successfully
  • You can easily view all uploaded PST data files to complete the task
  • Also, you can create a new PST import mapping (.csv) file
  • In the end, you can generate PST import job in MS Office 365 suite
B) Import PST File to OWA using Drive shipping
  • Copy a .pst file in BitLocker-encrypted hard disk drive
  • Next, you can convert a drive to Microsoft physically
  • When Microsoft gets a flash drive, the personal data also start to upload the received PST data files into a temporary folder in the cloud
  • Eventually, you can utilize Import service of Microsoft Office 365 for exporting PST file in Office 365 suite.
Trouble-free Solution to Migrate Offline OST to Office 365 Suite

If the above-described measures are quite lengthy and time-consuming, it is highly recommended to opt for a reliable third party tool i.e., OST Recovery. It is programmed in such a way to restore all deleted emails, calendars, contacts, etc from OST file. It also ensures to keep all meta properties remain intact without any risk or data loss. It has an interactive GUI that even a novice user can use without having any prior knowledge.

Time to Conclude 

After considering the need of Office 365 for an organization, we have explained different manual ways to export emails, contacts, calendars from Outlook OST to Office 365 account. In Besides this, we have suggested one best approach i.e., OST Recovery that will help to extract and regain all items from Outlook OST to Office 365 account in a reliable and efficient way.
This Blog GEEKS ACADEMY is a platform for all the geeks and tech savvies to collaborate and share their ideas with us.
“A Few days ago when I tried to print the PDF file, I got stuck with the error message “The Document could not be Printed”. I need submit this PDF file to the manager so I decided to take print out of it. But, I found the error message & unable to find the possible reason for this. Can anyone provide me the best solution to resolve this error?

“Yesterday I upgraded Adobe Reader it easily open some of my PDF documents. But, when I decided to take print of the file the error message gets encountered. Can anyone help me to resolve this error?”

Nowadays, data sharing has become crucial for both professionals as well as for organizations. PDF files become comes source to share the data because it can be easily viewed and shared. But, the problem arises when these documents generate an error message while printing. It has been noticed that most of the times users find the error message like “The document could not be printed.” So, with this write-up, we will provide various solutions to resolve this error in an easy manner.

Reasons For the Error “The Document Could Not be Printed”

There are several root cause behind this error message, some of them are:

1- Protected view is turned on
2- Multiple documents stuck in the printer queue
3- PDF file gets corrupted

Solution 1# Turn Off Protected View

If the user is dealing with this error message and using Acrobat or Reader on Windows, then there is a simple workaround. This is not a fix and does come at a price, but at least it will allow you to print:

1- Open the Adobe Reader
2- Click on Preferences
3- Under Edit Menu click Security (Enhanced) tab
4- Turn off one or more of the following settings:
a) Enable Protected Mode at startup
b) Protected View
c) Enable Enhanced Security

Solution 2# Print PDF as an Image

To print the page as an image user have to follow the instructions given below:

1- Open the PDF file in Adobe Acrobat
2- Select the File option
3- Now, under file option click on Print
4- Hit the Advanced button at the bottom of the Print dialog box
5- Now, in the resulting Advanced Print Setup dialog box, select Print As Image
6- Lastly, click on OK button

With the Print as Image option user simply send the image of the document to the printer.

Solution 3# Delete all Documents in the Printer Queue

The error message “The Document Could not be Printed” can arise when there are multiple documents stuck in the printer queue. So it is needed to delete them all, for this user have to follow some useful steps:

1- Firstly, close Adobe Acrobat
2- Choose Start
3- Navigate towards Settings option
4- Go to Printers And Faxes
5- Then, Double-click the printer you are attempting to print to
6- Now, If there are documents in the queue, choose File > Cancel All Documents
7- Restart the computer after completing steps
8- Then, lastly Start Acrobat and print PDF files

Note: However, if the user still finds the same issue then it there is a great change of PDF file corruption. So, it is needed to do the recovery of PDF documents that can be done by using a third-party solution.

Automated Way to Fix the Error “The Document Could not be Printed”

In the above sections, we have discussed manual techniques to resolve the error. But, it does not guarantee the resolution of the error. However, it might be possible that the file gets damaged while downloading or uploading. So, it is needed to repair PDF files using the professional Corrupt PDF Recovery Tool. This tool provides the facility to recover PDF documents instantly. Moreover, it can resolve all error based issues with PDF documents. The software is very simple and easy to use as it has the self-descriptive user interface that makes the user use it easily.


Here, in this blog, we have discussed the methods to resolve the error “The Document Could not be Printed”. But, sometimes the problems lies with the actual file that you are attempting to print. File corruption or other issues make the file unable to print correctly. So, it needs to repair the file and then take its print out. Therefore, for the recovery of PDF documents, we have provided the best solution.
This Blog GEEKS ACADEMY is a platform for all the geeks and tech savvies to collaborate and share their ideas with us.
In this digital world, every user has many confidential statements either for personal or for other professional purposes. Protecting PDF documents with the password is an easy way to secure them from any unauthorized accessing. However, if users are required to open these PDF files frequently and then, PDF asks to enter the password each time then, it becomes annoying. Thus, in order to avoid putting the password again-and-again, users are required to remove password security from PDF files. Yet, the process to remove protection from PDF documents can be a hectic and risky task if it is done in a wrong way. Hence, here we introduce both manual as well as professional tool i.e. PDF Unlocker software to remove password from secure PDF documents.

Remove Protection From PDF Using Google Chrome

If you are required to use a free tool from a trustworthy publisher to remove password security from PDF file then, Google Chrome ranks first on the list. This trick especially applies when you want a common utility that can be utilized on both Windows and Mac. This web browser has a built-in PDF writer and a PDF viewer that can be used to unlock password protected PDF document. Following are the guidelines to execute the same task:
  • Open the Google Chrome and simply drag and drop the PDF file here from which you are required to remove the password
  • If the file has user level password then, enter it
  • After opening the PDF file, press Print+P buttons and you will be re-directed to print document page
  • Here, select Change button from Destination wizard
  • After that, choose Save as PDF button and click on Save button
  • Browse the location to save the output file
  • Now, navigate to the location where you last saved the PDF file. Here, if you will open this PDF file it will not ask to enter any password
  • This means the password is successfully removed from PDF document
  • This method can be used in all operating systems in which Google Chrome is installed.

Remove Password Security from PDF Using Adobe Acrobat Pro

The other way to unlock password protected PDF is by Adobe Acrobat Pro tool. In order to do the same, go with the following steps:
  • Launch the Adobe Acrobat application
Note: Adobe must be the "Pro" edition, not the "Reader". Otherwise, you will not be able to remove the password from PDF.
  • Click on File menu from the top-left corner of the window
  • Now, click on Open and browse the PDF file from which you want to remove the password
  • Hit a click on padlock icon that is situated on left side of the Home tab
Note: If the browsed PDF is user-locked then, you need to enter the password here first to open it.
  • From Security Settings tab, click on Permission Details
  • Here, click on Security Method and it will ask you for Password Security
  • In order to remove password from PDF Document, select No Security option here
  • Enter the Password of PDF file and click on Ok button twice
  • Now, your PDF is no longer secured with the password

Automated Solution to Remove Password Security from PDF

Adobe’s official technique to unlock password protected PDF is quite good, but the user must have its full version and it can unlock the single file. So, there arises a need for some professional software or trusted third party tool i.e., PDF Unlocker. This software allows the user to remove password security from PDF files in batch. Now, the user has to follow steps to remove protection from PDF files.
  • Download and open the software
  • Click on Unlock PDF button and it will redirect you to PDF Unlocker's main page
  • Hit Browse button and you will get two Browse buttons on the screen
  • Select the password protected PDF file and click on Open
  • After loading the PDF document, browse a destination location to save the resultant file
  • Then, click on Unlock PDF button begin the procedure for unlocking and removing PDF document restrictions
  • Click on the Ok button of PDF Unlocked Successfully pop up box

Observational Verdict

The editorial comprises some best and easy tricks to remove password security from PDF files. Mentioned two manual ways are not capable to remove protection from PDF files in bulk. Thus, it is recommended to use mentioned third-party tool if you are having multiple passwords secured PDF files.
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Oppo F7 with iPhone X-like display notch coming soon to India: Oppo F7 Specifications

 Oppo seems to have taken top cricketers Hardik Pandya and Rohit Sharma as brand ambassadors for Oppo F7 smartphone, which is releasing on March 26. Oppo F7 release date will March 26, the phone comes with high-end features and amazing performance with its Oppo selfie camera.

Oppo F7 with iPhone X-like display notch coming soon to India: Oppo F7 Specifications
Oppo F7 with iPhone X-like display notch coming soon to India: Oppo F7 Specifications

 Oppo India started teasing a brand new Oppo F7 smartphone series in India set to launch on March 26 and as according to the modern teaser images, it looks like two Indian cricketers will be the brand new brand ambassadors.

Going through the images, the primary player has his hair colored blue and it's miles maximum possibly the flamboyant all-rounder Hardik Pandya ( Indian Cricket Player), who by the way had flaunted the identical hairdo inside the recently concluded South Africa series.

the alternative sportsman is possibly Rohit Sharma. even though the face is not clear, we can see the wedding ring at the finger holding the Android smartphone, and any cricket fan might recognize how Sharma often indicates affection for his wife Ritika by using kissing the wedding ring after achieving milestones on the ground.
Oppo F7 with iPhone X-like display notch coming soon to India: Oppo F7 Specifications
Oppo F7 with iPhone X-like display notch coming soon to India: Oppo F7 Specifications

Oppo F7 with Apple iPhone X-like notch coming to India this month-end OPPO Mobile India (@oppomobileindia) via Twitter

Sharma is currently leading the country in the tri-nation Nihadas Trophy in Sri Lanka. He will be back in India during the Oppo event on March 26.

Oppo F7 Review:-

Now as of late oppo portable organization dealt with their new model Oppo F7.

Here we need to enlighten you regarding oppo F7 particular highlights.

So companion oppo F7 is the most recent model of OPPO portable organization it will be discharged soon.

In Oppo F7 you may get 6 creeps in full view with 18 proportions 9 angle proportion show which ought to astound folks.

A standout amongst the most imperative things is that In Oppo F7 you get one pilgrim gorilla glass five security show which is better than average for you.

Oppo is basically famous for its selfie, Oppo is called as selfie phone and also named as best selfie phone under 30000.

You cannot trust that the primary essential thing in oppo F7 is looking, the looks of oppo F7 is stunning which extremely exceptionally excellent l looks and the looks of oppo F7 resembles iPhone x.Yes, it is the younger sibling of iPhone x in look.

In the screen of oppo F7 have a virtual home bar setup in its base which likewise you can be seen in iPhone x.

The posterior of oppo F7 truly resembles the rear of iPhone x.This telephone you may get a duplicate of iPhone x. Let see Oppo F7 first look.

Oppo F7 Specifications and oppo F7 review

Oppo Display:

The Oppo India teaser confirms the brand new F7 could have Apple iPhone X-like notch on the top.

It's miles believed that the Oppo F7 will feature 6.0-inch FullView display screen having full HD+ (2160x1080p) resolution and 18.5:9 aspect ratio.


Like previous F series, the highlight of the upcoming device can be its the front camera. it is said to include 25MP snapper with Artificial Intelligence (AI)-primarily based camera app for progressed selfie image high-quality and also offer real-time Augmented reality (AR)-face sticker choice, HDR (High Dynamic Range), Beautification modes like we see in high-end smartphones.

although Oppo F7 is coming with the iPhone X-like notch featuring the front-camera, it is unlikely to house any costly biometric sensor able to tracking 3D facial sample of the proprietor, but will provide face unlock based on 2nd images. additionally, it's far not going to operate in darkish conditions.


Another expected features include MediaTek octa-core processor. In the previous oppo phone, oppo uses MediaTek octa-core processor because of oppo deal with that company.


Oppo F7 comes with internal storage of  64GB and with  RAM variants — 4GB and 6GB. Two models will come one is with 4Gb RAM and another with 6Gb RAM.

Oppo F7 price in India, China,USA, Denmark, Russia, Uk

Price is not fixed for Oppo F7 however, it is probably to value anywhere between Rs 18,000 and Rs 30,000.

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