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Enterprises are consistently setting them up to be as quick in their communications. Thus, if users are still using Lotus Notes as their email client then, it is time to give it a thought. Today, almost corporates prefer MS Outlook due to its user-friendly interface and easy operating procedure. Users are avoiding Lotus Notes because of its complex GUI and high maintenance cost. Also, users can access their Outlook profile from multiple machines where IBM Lotus Notes does not allow this. The rising popularity and easy operating procedure have forced users to migrate Lotus Notes to Microsoft Outlook. However, there are many Lotus Notes users who have some common queries like that how to import .nsf file to Outlook or can Outlook open NSF file? Users face these dilemmas because they are aware of Lotus Notes NSF but, not with Outlook PST. In the further section of this article, we will resolve all such kind of queries and introduce users with some easy workarounds to open NSF file with Outlook. However, before going to the solution section, let us take a look at a user query related to the same issue: 

“One of my clients has been sent me some NSF files and I use MS Outlook as my email client. However, NSF files cannot be imported directly into Outlook program. To execute this task, I used many third-party tools yet, they either require Lotus Notes installation on the machine or are prohibitively expensive. Is there any manual workaround or best NSF to PST Converter software to import NSF files into Outlook?” 

Outlook stores all its mailbox items in Personal Storage Table also known as PST file. This file can only be accessed via Outlook because it is the proprietary file format for Microsoft Outlook. Thus, if users are required to open NSF file in Outlook then, they have to convert Lotus Notes to Outlook PST and then, the mailbox data can be accessed. 

Techniques to Open NSF File in Outlook

Can Outlook open NSF file? Well, the answer is, Yes. In this section, we will describe some simple tricks to convert Lotus Notes NSF file to Outlook PST. After this, users can easily access the data of NSF file from Outlook.

#Manual Approach

Important Note: Before executing the below-mentioned steps, it is suggested to take backup of mailbox data because no manual technique is 100% reliable and safe.

To execute the NSF to PST Conversion manually, users have to go through two major steps. Now, follow the steps sequentially:

Step 1: Export NSF file from Lotus Notes 
  1. Launch Lotus Notes email client and open NSF file that you need to convert. 
  2. Now, click on the File tab and select Export option from opened menu list. 
  3. Enter the file name and go to the location where the file is saved. 
  4. Go to Save as type box and select Comma Separated value or Structured Text option. 
  5. The opened dialog box will depend upon the selected file format. 
  6. Make the selection as per your requirement and hit OK button. 
  7. After completing NSF export process, the next step is to import this file into MS Outlook. The next step will certainly resolve the query of users i.e., can Outlook open NSF file? 
Step 2: Import Resultant file to MS Outlook
  1. Launch Outlook program and hit a click on the File tab. 
  2. After that, click on Open >> Import. 
  3. Now, the Import and Export wizard will appear. 
  4. Choose Import from another program or file option from the opened menu list and hit Next button. 
  5. From Import a file window, choose CSV (Windows) option and click on Next to open NSF file in Outlook. 
  6. Click on Browse button for selecting that file you want to import.
  7. Some option list will appear now that includes “Replace duplicates with items imported”, “Allow duplicates to be created” and “Do not import duplicate items”. Choose the desired option and hit Next button. 
  8. Select the destination path to save the imported file.
  9. Eventually, hit the Finish button and process will be completed now. 
Demerits of Manual Method

As the manual method is available for free of cost, however, it comprises some serious disadvantages that will make users think twice before using them. Some drawbacks of the manual method are following:
  • Prone to failure 
  • Time-consuming 
  • Lengthy procedure 
  • High probability of data loss 
  • Requires technical expertise 
#Professional Approach

To overcome the limitations of the manual method, we recommend users to utilize a trusted third-party solution i.e., NSF to PST Converter Tool. The tool is designed on highly programmed algorithms that make the conversion very simple and reduce the chances of data loss. The software allows to convert whole Lotus Notes mailbox in a single attempt that can save a lot of time and efforts. Also, the tool is completely secure to download and operate. 

To Summarise 

Lotus Notes is losing its popularity due to various reasons and users are inclining towards Microsoft Outlook. However, migrating data from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Outlook is not an easy task. This migration generates many negative issues such as data conflicts, complexions in migration, time-factor etc. These conditions arise queries like can Outlook open NSF file? In order to resolve the same query, we have compiled some easy solutions in this article. Now, users can opt any method as per their requirement and preferences.
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This Blog GEEKS ACADEMY is a platform for all the geeks and tech savvies to collaborate and share their ideas with us.
Are you also finding the solution to open Outlook Data File without Outlook? If yes, then no need to worry because this article describes the complete step by step procedure to help the users to read data from PST file in an effective and hassle-free manner. Read the following write-up to have an idea about the different techniques to perform this migration procedure. But, before selecting any technique, let us have a quick idea of the PST files.

Outlook PST files are the database of MS Outlook because these files store all the Outlook data items which include emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, etc. As we all might be aware of the fact that there are two types of Outlook PST Files. First one is ANSI PST file which is created by Outlook 2002 and lower versions and has a file size limit of 20 GB. The second one is known as UNICODE PST files created by MS Outlook 2003 and above versions and it has a file size limitation of 50 GB. Let us have a look at the problems faced by Outlook users:

Hi, I want to open Outlook Data file without Outlook as I am not having MS Outlook installed on my system. I need to open that PST file on urgent basis. Can anyone help me by suggesting any solution to view PST file in the absence of Outlook? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!!

Are you also facing the same issue? Is this query similar to yours? If yes, then you have landed at the correct place because this blog explains all the possible techniques to open PST file in the absence of Outlook in an effortless and hassle-free manner.

Techniques to Open Outlook Data File Without Outlook

The PST file accessibility is dependent on the presence of Microsoft Outlook. So, if you are having MS Outlook installed on your system and it must be configured properly with the help of POP3/IMAP account with dummy account which allows you to preview all the mailbox items. But, if MS Outlook is not present, then PST files can only be accessed using the commercial third-party tools.

If you are among one of those Outlook users who want to open Outlook Data File without Outlook, then you can go for SysTools PST File Viewer. It is a standalone utility which does not require any pre-installation to view multiple Outlook PST files. If MS Outlook is not installed on the system, then users can preview complete Outlook PST file items including mails, contacts, journals, etc.

Characteristics of the Utility to View PST Files

  • Provides MS Outlook Items Preview
This software allows to open Outlook Data File without Outlook including all the attachments like emails, calendars, contacts, etc. in the absence of Microsoft Outlook. It allows users to view Outlook mails in the different views which include the normal view, property view and also the associated attachments of Outlook mails.
  • Scan & Open Outlook Data File Without Outlook
This Microsoft PST File Reader Application provides users with two different scanning modes in order to scan corrupted PST files. The first one is the Quick Scanning Mode and the other one is the Advance Scanning modes for less corrupted and higher corrupted PST files respectively.
  • Read Outlook PST File Contacts
This software to view PST file content provides a preview of the complete Microsoft Outlook contacts. The Outlook Address Book appears exactly in the same way as it appears in Microsoft Outlook. It is capable to view PST file in the absence of MS Outlook.
  • View MS Outlook Contacts
As Microsoft Outlook PST File Viewer is installed in order to open PST file, the default screen previews the email, but Outlook users can easily go to the calendar tab to read the Outlook calendar. This utility is also capable to show the Outlook Data items preview.


The following write-up provides the complete techniques to open Outlook Data File without Outlook. As we have already discussed, there is no direct Manual solution in order to view PST files in the absence of Microsoft Outlook. Therefore, users are always suggested to go for the commercial third-party utility to open PST file without Microsoft Outlook.
This Blog GEEKS ACADEMY is a platform for all the geeks and tech savvies to collaborate and share their ideas with us.
PST to MSG Converter — Export PST to MSG Format with Attachments?

             In this article, we are discussing the solution for query “How to Convert PST to MSG with their attachments?”. It can be simply done by using PST to MSG Converter which can instantly export entire data items of Outlook PST into MSG format. It is a reliable solution for users to export PST to MSG format.

PST to MSG Converter — Export PST to MSG Format with Attachments?
PST to MSG Converter — Export PST to MSG Format with Attachments?

Now a day, MS Outlook is the most widely used in the organizations for their email services. MS Outlook offered many advanced features as compare to other email clients. It is the most secure file format which stores entire data of Outlook in PST format. PST file format stores entire data items like email messages, notes, contacts, attachments, notes, journals, mailbox folders and more. Whereas MSG is also a file format of MS Outlook which can be easily created by using the drag and drop method. MSG file contains a single email message and their attachments. It is so simple file format which can be easily opened or read by any text editor.

Why We Need to Convert PST to MSG Format?

Sometimes, there are many situations are occurred which forces the user to convert PST to MSG format. Then users need to extract and save their PST data into MSG format. Some of the reasons are given below which shows the requirement of conversion of PST to MSG format: -
  • ·         Easily manage the important email messages in MSG format unless the entire PST format.
  • ·      Access the outlook data in MSG format easily as compared to PST format.
  • ·         PST file is large in size and time-consuming process to access the desired email messages.
  • ·         MSG files are beneficial for forensics use.
  • ·         Less Chances of Corruption of the MSG files.
  • ·         Sharing of MSG files is easy as compared to PST format.

Best Method to Export PST to MSG Format

Generally, there two type of approaches are performed to export PST to MSG format with their entire data items. Two methods to solve the above-listed problems in few seconds are given below: -

  • ·         A Technical Method which is performed to export PST data into MSG format safely.
  • ·         A Manual Method is used to convert PST to MSG format but it is a time-consuming process for users.

Convert PST to MSG Format Using Technical Method

The manual method is always a challenging task for users to perform the conversion process. The manual method is a time-consuming process and not possible to convert thousands of files. So, it is always recommended by the technical experts to use ZOOK PST to MSG Converter. It is a sufficient and the reliable solution for users to convert PST to MSG format with their attachments in few seconds by maintaining all the data integrity of email messages. This offers several advanced features of the application which is easy to manage for the conversion of PST to MSG format.

PST to MSG Converter — Export PST to MSG Format with Attachments?
PST to MSG Converter — Export PST to MSG Format with Attachments?

Some of the prominent features of the application are given below: -
  • ·         Bulk Conversion of PST to MSG Format.
  • ·         Supports multiple versions of Outlook to convert PST to MSG format without any error.
  • ·         Easily maintains data integrity of the email messages after the file conversion too.
  • ·         Users can easily save their resultant MSG file in their desired file name by using different file naming options.
  • ·         Complete conversion of PST to MSG format with their entire data items.
  • ·         User-friendly application.

Manual Method to Export PST to MSG Format

The manual method is not easy to convert tons of files which consume lots of time. But if you still want to export PST to MSG format please be careful and take a backup of your data before performing it. Because it may happen that you may get trapped in-between process. So, be careful about choosing manual process. Follow the given process to convert PST to MSG format: -

  •            Open Microsoft Outlook, and select Inbox which shows the entire incoming email messages.
  • ·         Select the desired email messages >> Use drag-and-drop method by selecting email message and drop it to window explorer on the desktop.
  • ·         Repeat step 2 again and again for converting multiple MSG files into PST format.
  • ·         Save all these MSG files in a folder. Now select and right click on that folder >> Send to >> Compressed(Zipped) folder.
  • ·         Now compose a new mail and attach that zipped folder as an attachment and send it.
  • ·         Now receive a manually created PST file.
  •        For better results use the best third-party tool to convert PST to MSG format. PST to MSG converter is also available as a free trial version which offers a conversion of 25 items from all the mailbox folders.

This Blog GEEKS ACADEMY is a platform for all the geeks and tech savvies to collaborate and share their ideas with us.
Microsoft Outlook is an email software program included with the Microsoft Office suite. It enables users to send and receive emails on their local machines (systems). Basically, it is an email client designed to operate as an independent personal information manager. It can be also used as in conjunction with the Microsoft Exchange Server for group scheduling, email, task management etc. Outlook version 2011 and 2016 are supported by Mac.

About SysTools Outlook Mac Exporter

SysTools Outlook Mac Exporter is a Window-based tool developed to Export Outlook 2011 Mac data in various file formats. It is a third-party utility designed with easy to use interface and advanced features. It provides functionality to backup all data items completely from Mac Outlook 2011 to Windows Outlook. This application easily exports Mac Outlook items such as emails, contact, calendars, notes, journals without any file size limitation. It exports data into multiple file formats such as PST, EML, MSG format. It is compatible with Windows 10 and the below versions of Windows. This tool can also show emails with attributes and corresponding attachments. After Outlook Mac to PST conversion original folder structure is preserved. The tool is designed in a way that both technical and non-technical persons can operate this tool easily.

Technical Specification of Outlook Mac Exporter

Developer SysTools Software Functions Exporting Outlook 2011 Mac Data to PST, EML, MSG file format Current version 5.3 Size 26.0 MB MS Outlook Installation Required Yes Windows OS Supports version 10 and all below versions Trial version Available for free

Working of Outlook Mac Exporter

  • Open the application and click Add file to add OLM file     
  • Now, browse the file location by clicking on the Browse button and add file    
  • You can view Normal Mail view with the attachment under this application   
  • Select the folders and export them with following export option that is OLM file to PST/MSG/EML    
  • You can also set Mail filter according to date. This allows the user to sort data according to date    
  • PST split option is also available that enables users to split the data file     

Top Most Features of Outlook Mac Exporter

  • Outlook 2011 to PST Migration
    Outlook Mac Exporter tool performs migration from Outlook 2011 Mac to Outlook PST file format. A user can export emails, contacts, calendars, tasks from Mac Outlook file (OLM) to PST format of UNICODE type.
  • Convert OLM file to EML/MSG/PST
    One can save the Mac Outlook 2011 file email in multiple files formats that are EML, MSG, PST formats. This makes easy for the users to import Outlook Mac files emails in different applications such as Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express etc.
  • Support File Name Convention
    While Outlook Mac 2011 to MSG/EML conversion, a user have to select a suitable naming convention to save an email. The user can also select other options to save individual messages that is he/she can save messages by its subject, auto increment etc.
  • Preview Data Items with Attributes
    Outlook 2011 to PST Migrator software generate the preview of all Outlook Mac items with attributes and keep them intact. For Example, the preview of email with properties like to, from, date, subject.
  • Export Particular Data items
    Outlook Mac Exporter provides an option to export selected items only. One just has to mark the items that he/she need to convert and software will export all the selected items at once.
  • Maintain Folder Hierarchy
    During the export process, the software maintains the original structure of the folder and sub-folders containing data. For Example, the created PST file will have folder tree structure similar to Mac Outlook 2011 file.

Outlook Mac Exporter Software Editions

This product is accessible in two version one is the demo and other is licensed version. Both of them are explained below:
  • Demo Version:
    A user can download the setup file of the software from the official website without paying a single penny. One can test the Outlook Mac Exporter on their system. The trial version exports 25 items per folder.
  • Licensed Version:
    Once the user is completely satisfied by the working on the demo version, he/she can purchase it. When a person will purchase the licensed version he/she can perform the conversion in a boundless manner.


  • No file size limitation
  • Keep the folder structure intact
  • Support all versions of Windows
  • Advance setting options to customize files


  • The software will not work without MS Outlook installation

  • Overall Verdict

    Outlook Mac Exporter tool is a trusted and easy-to-use product. One can smoothly export Opera Mail to Outlook 2013 in multiple file formats like PST, EML, MSG etc. If the user is not from a technical background then also he/she can operate this software with an ease due to its user-friendly interface. Hierarchy of folders is maintained throughout the process and there is no chance of data loss while using this tool. After knowing overalls features and benefits of this tool, it can be rated as 9.8 out of 10. This software will surely help the users to export their OLM files to PST/EML/MSG in an efficient way.