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MBOX files are very common email format as like Outlook PST but in-spite of being common, user demands to export MBOX to PST. There are a lot of MBOX supported email clients like Thunderbird, Entourage, Opera mail and in-fact adding a new one is Google Takeout. If you want to access your Gmail data into PST via Google Takeout then let me tell you that you need a good MBOX to PST Converter for this.

 Scenario Discussed

"The First scenario taken is either mail client migration from Thunderbird to Outlook or from any other MBOX supported mail client to Outlook."

"The Second scenario to be discussed is if user want to access his Gmail data in PST format meanwhile Gmail into Outlook then he need to convert the MBOX files of Google Takeout into PST. There is where issue arises because there is no such manual method exist which can perform this MBOX to PST conversion."  But as usual there are solutions too, discussed in below section.

Proposed Solution to Export MBOX to PST

To access your MBOX files in Outlook as mentioned earlier the best way is to convert all MBOX emails into PST and for this you need a good & reliable MBOX to PST converter. This is why the MBOX to Outlook Conversion Utility is developed and deployed to make it easy for user switching from their primitive mail client to new mail clients with such ease. The converter utility carries loads of extra ordinary features discussed below.

Features in MBOX to PST Converter

  • Convert both .mbox & .mbx file format into PST.
  • Auto selection of mail client for conversion is available in the utility.
  • Can convert Thunderbird mailbox into PST easily.
  • Other mail clients too like Eudora, Opera mail etc. are also listed in the selection list of mail clients.
  • User can preview MBOX emails before the tool export MBOX to PST.
  • Moreover Apple mail File can also be converted into PST by this conversion tool.
  • You can do a selective conversion in case whole mailbox in not needed.
  • Two options are available either file or folder. So that, bunch of MBOX files.
  • Folder can get converted in PST.
  • You can filter out MBOX files from other mail files by auto filter option.
  • After conversion the tool also provide option to split large PST files as per user’s requirement.
  • Both 32 bit & 64 bit Windows OS supported buy the tool.
  • The Tool converts MBOX files into single PST or multiple PST files accordingly.
  • No Outlook installation is required for the conversion.
  • As I mentioned earlier Google, Google Vault etc. like email clients which supports MBOX format can easily convert MBOX to PST with this tool.

Final Words

On a scale of 1-10, we would like to rate the MBOX Converter tool 9.5. The software is efficiently capable to transfer Apple mail to Outlook PST file without any data loss, and provides satisfactory results in all the versions of MS Outlook including 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, to export MBOX to PST.
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Movavi Video Converter: An Easy Way to Convert Video Formats

Nowadays videos come in a wide range of formats – but if you’re lucky you don’t have to worry about them. That isn’t always the case, however, and from time to time you may find that some videos are in formats that are incompatible with the device or platform you want to watch them on.

Rather than hunting for a way to play formats on various devices each and every time that happens – being able to convert videos to the format that you need is a much more elegant solution. More importantly, it is one that is really quite easy with user-friendly software like Movavi Video Converter.
Movavi Video Converter: An Easy Way to Convert Video Formats
Movavi Video Converter: An Easy Way to Convert Video Formats

Introduction to Movavi Video Converter

Essentially Movavi Video Converter is designed to make converting videos between formats as easy and painless as possible. All that you need to do to switch a video from one format to another is add the video, choose the format that you want, and hit the ‘Convert’ button.

Recognizing the fact that you may not be sure which video format is best for a certain device or platform, Movavi Video Converter provides hundreds of presets that you can use. Each of these presets will automatically use the best possible video format and settings for the device or platform in question.

If you want a more detailed look at how easy it is to convert videos with Movavi Video Converter, head over to

Movavi Video Converter Features

Although Movavi Video Converter is a video converter first and foremost – it does have numerous other features and capabilities. Some of these features will allow you to:

  • Convert other media files (i.e. audio files or images) between different formats.
  • Cross-convert media to create animated GIFs from video clips, extract audio tracks from videos, or save screenshots.
  • Compress the file size of videos by automatically adjusting the bitrate based on the desired output file size.
  • Resize the frame of videos and images to a specific size, by a percentage, or to fit into a certain frame using several methods.
  • Enhance the quality of videos and stabilize or correct other issues that may be present.
  • Process video footage by trimming, rotating, or cropping it if necessary.
  • Insert text elements that can be customized to create unique captions or watermarks.

Based on the features listed above you should be starting to see that Movavi Video Converter is a more than capable media file converter that will provide you with a versatile set of tools. In fact, its features are geared towards ensuring that you have everything you need to both convert and prepare media files for use.


By providing you with an easy way to convert video files, Movavi Video Converter will let you overcome any issues of compatibility and even enable you to optimize your videos. Its other features will extend those capabilities further, and ensure that you’re equipped with everything you need to handle and manage media files on a day to day basis. 
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Design Professional Logo with DesignEvo

My dear friends welcome to geeksacademy again, are you looking for best logo design software, are you looking for best logo design website, you must have seen many big companies, websites and business logos. A logo of a company or business will make it identical and attract many fans.

It's not easy to design a good logo, it requires a lot of time, skill and money. But with the help of DesignEvo, you can easily create a great professional logo for company, business or blog. It has both free and paid version. Let’s check its main features one by one.

DesignEvo: Brand Logo Made Easy

If you want your fans of brand or company to grow, you definitely have something unique, one of the most important thing is the logo. A unique and memorable logo will make your brand or company more known and impressed by consumers. Creating a logo is not easy and requires special skills of designing. Want to have a logo for your brand or business blog but just don’t find a way to make it? Do not worry because you can use DesignEvo to create your brand logo without having design skills. Interestingly, you can use it for free for saving 6 projects under your account for later editing.

Design Professional Logo with DesignEvo
Design Professional Logo with DesignEvo

Besides, DesignEvo can make your wishes easy, fast and free. It is a website devoted to you who want to create a brand logo online. You can easily design your logo with cool guaranteed results.

DesignEvo provides more than 5000 templates that you can use for your company's new logo or new brand. You can use these templates to make all your logos in minutes.
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If you are looking for a freeware that will convert OST files to PST format easily and frequently. Your search is over as in this article, we are providing you both manual and software method to convert OST file to PST format without any hurdles.

Manually, conversion of OST files to PST cannot be performed quickly and comfortably. Moreover, the manual process is lengthy and a user may get errors if any of the steps are not performed in a sequential manner.

About OST to PST Converter

OST to PST Converter is a quick and comfortable software for easy recovery, scanning, and extraction of data from Offline OST file. You will not face any issues with the whole process. You are free to convert Offline OST emails, contacts, journals, appointments, calendars etc. in PST file format. There are many additional features in the software, explained below that will help you in taking out the whole conversion comfortably.

Reflective characteristics of the software
  • Recover and extract corrupt PST files
  • 100% accuracy in conversion
  • Easy export of calendars in ICS file format
  • Easily export contacts in VCF format
  • Support all Outlook versions
  • Top quality migration with a single panel
  • Easy scanning and management of OST files
  • Save messages to HTML/MHTML format
  • Support conversion of OST to EML, EMLX, MSG & MBOX
  • Facility to Save attachments separately
  • Conversion of selective OST files
  • Ignore empty/blank folders
Some additional advantages
  • Workable on Windows 7, 8, 10, XP and Vista
  • No internet connectivity required
  • Free lifetime upgrades
  • Dedicated customer support
Versions available
Demo/free version – Free version of the software is introduced to test the functions and to become familiar with the features and their uses. You need not pay any amount for the free version. You can convert 10 data files in this version.

Paid/License version – Paid version of the software is capable to convert unlimited OST files. You can purchase the full version of the software easily from our site at affordable prices. The paid version will overcome all the features of the trial version.

Step by step working of OST to PST Converter

Here, we have provided step by step working of OST to PST Converter software that will give you clear visibility and more familiarity before using the software. It contains only 4 steps of conversion – adding files, get a preview, set export option and the desired output location.

Step 1. Quick adding of OST files to the wizard

You need not work hard to load OST files from your system to the software wizard. You just need to hit the browse button and can manually load OST files from your system. The whole path of the files will be clearly shown on the software screen.

Step 2. Clear screening of selected OST files
After adding OST files to the software screen, you can view them clearly with each of their components. You can choose any folder from the left pane and get an easy view of the data files which is contained in the folder. This will help you in knowing the number of messages contained in them.

You can save any of the messages in HTML/MHTML format using right click on the file.

Similarly, calendars can be saved by right click on them in ICS format.

Step 3. Several export options
If you want to export your data files in PST format, you can choose ‘Convert to PST’ option. Similarly, you can export to any of the given formats such as – EML, EMLX, MSG, MBOX, VCF, HTML, MHTML and calendars in ICS format.

Step 4. User-defined output location

After above three steps, the next step is to set the desired output location for saving of converted items. You are free to save the converted data files in a new folder or some existing folders.

Once all the four steps are done, you just need to move your cursor to ‘convert now’ button to execute and complete the whole process. The process gets started after hitting ‘convert now’ button and will take only a few minutes to give you successful results.

Wrapping up
If you want quick and accurate results, you should once try OST to PST Converter for easy conversion of OST files. The software not only converts OST file but also repair, recover corrupt OST files. The size of OST file does not matter in conversion.

You have the full rights to choose either manual or software method but when you can compare both. You will get software method more reliable and have many advanced options. OST to PST Converter simply supports all Outlook versions. You can run this application on any window editions.