Monday, 12 September 2016

Top 5 best android applications for students.

Posted by Neil Cool
Hello guys.This is “”. Today I am here coming a great useful thing that every modern student must have. Every people now a days mostly use android means android phones. All should know about internet, basically all students have an marvellous idea about internet.All should know about play store app. Most people know it as android app store. Basically students are downloading android games and playing,some of students don’t know about android devices or android phones. So all people just buy android phones for camera,4g,3g,more storage and large display with quality looks and for brand. But students are easily use google android phones. Android developers are made android OS easily so that all people should understand easily. Here is the topic about that best and top 5 android application for students. These applications are very useful to the students whom are graduated or not graduated,and it also useful to others in their daily life. Every students must install these top five applications in their android smartphones. So let us discuss about what is the name of applications and how these are useful for students and also for other people, You can just go to google play store and download from them.
Top 5 best android applications for students.
Top 5 best android applications for students.

So let's knowing about those android applications.


News hunt is an android application in which you can see 80+ regional news paper with 12+ different languages 175+ Publications, 1.2 lakh +  article published daily with no cost ,any time and anywhere you can access and read news paper.Students and other people must have this application because no need to buy a news paper and with free of cost you can read it easily


Wikipedia is an encyclopedia,it consists of millions of topics related to students study,so most of students use guide teacher as WIKIPEDIA, so here you can found all topics in one application and just there a search option then you can search here which topic you need.


Google translate is mostly usefull thing to all students and other ,you can translate any unknown laguage to known language.It is so much usefull to students,because now a days learn english language is a big issue so they can learn english by simply this application named as google translator


Everybody should refer dictionary for knowing then accurate meaning of word,most of students follow dictionary to stoke some words in theri mind,but dictionary is a heavy weight book and it is not comfortable in any place to read,so in Dictionary android application you can search millions of word in one just a little bit of time and in dictionary app you can easily understand that word which you want



My class schedule is an reminder application where you can manage your up comming classes,exams,and also students can manage their time by create a new schedule,Time is precious so every student should use this application to utilize their time properly.

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Thursday, 8 September 2016

Disadvantages of an iPhone 7

Posted by Swaviman Kumar
Reading the title you must be thinking that this is again another blog of appraisal for iPhone 7 with just a catchy title. But NO!!..Today we will debunk some of the serious flaws or demerits of the newly launched iPhone 7.  Some shortfalls in this iconic device that most of us probably miss at the first glance.
iPhone 7 features

And before we start, here is my take.
"There are many remarkable features in the iPhone 7 that can make you fall in love with this iconic master-piece, but it has many shortfalls as well which if were taken care of , could take the third world market by storm as it does in the West. "

 Now if we look by the marketing perspective then there has always been a gap between what exactly a customer wants and what they get from the manufacturers. Perhaps that is the sole reason for today's so many smartphone makers flourishing. 
But we here, as committed before, will not be discussing what makes an iPhone 7 an iPhone 7. Rather here are some of the areas of imperfections that we found which if added could make a device a complete next gen gadget.

  #1. Camera:

           Though the iPhone 7 houses a spectacular 12 MP primary camera, but taking a look at its competitors, this may not be as impressive. Yes. If you are a diehard fan then you may argue about it's clarity and colour reproduction, but then a more is always better. Devices like Samsung's can produce better images at a considerably lower price point. So 12MP in an iPhone like device is a little bit uncool in today's market.

#2. No Memory Card Support:

         As we have been becoming more and more dependent upon electronic gadgets these days, keeping reliable back ups becomes more and more essential. And here is where a memory card comes in handy. You can always keep a back up of your contacts, bookmarks, accounts and 'apps' to a memory card, which will be of great help if in case you accidentally have to format or erase your device. Now, there can also be an argument that we can use cloud back ups. This is true, but in most of the third world countries (like India) a 24X7 unlimited and high speed internet connectivity has not been possible till date, and there being a lot of iPhone users, cloud back up may not be a reliable option. It can be, if you stay mainly in an urban area. 

#3. No Dual SIM:

       This is arguably a point where Apple could make an improvement. Almost everyone these days keeps at least two SIMs for multiple reasons. So having no option for dual sim was not very impressive to our reviewers. Again, if one can compromise with a single SIM card, then it seems a fair deal.

#4. LED Backlit IPS Display:

In this area, though I would not say that this is bad, but there are already plenty of players in the market who provide much lively and colorful experience in terms of smartphone displays. For example, an OLED display would have been more adequate in terms of environment friendliness as well as experience, a segment which is mainly dominated by brands like Samsung, Gionee etc. 
Colour reproduction and viewing angles in the new iPhone 7 was pretty impressive. Screen was well lit and quite responsive. But obviously not the best in its class.

#5. SLOWER Download Speed:

Yes, you read it right. This is a major issue that we found in case of 3G. 3G downloading speed was not very impressive in this device. It recorded an average of 1 mbps in 3G. The performance was not bad in 4G LTE though. Yet again, this could be a case only with the particular device tested, but we recommend readers to crosscheck this feature before buying and comment their experience if they contradict with this.

#6. Non-removable Battery, No Output for TV:

We listed these points at the end, because these majorly are not decisive factors while buying a smartphone these days. So if in case anyone wanted these features in their device then iPhone 7 is just not for you. You can not replace the battery by yourself if in long run the battery performance degrades. Also you don't get an option to connect your phone to TV for viewing medias in a larger screen. But you can always use some third party apps to solve this purpose. 

               These were the best worst points we could find in the all new iPhone 7. A 2 GB of RAM and 32GB of ROM may be a shortfall for some users but this is not a factor to worry about for a majority of buyers. So we didn't cover that in our main portion. 
                Hopefully our effort helps you making a better and aware decision while going for an iPhone 7. If you find this review reasonable then do support us by liking and sharing this post with your friends. Comment below to let us know your views and suggestions. Have a nice day. :) 
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Saturday, 3 September 2016

Gmail Backup to Outlook PST: Best Tool to Create Backup of Gmail Emails

Posted by Daniel Jones
Gmail has become the most widely used email service as it provides an efficient and interesting features for communication. It offers many features like emailing, chatting, virtual conference facility, which have attracted millions of users worldwide. Since the Gmail account stores a large amount of important information in the form of emails, every user rely on it to access the shared data. Many Gmail users opt to backup the Gmail data on the local system so that it can be used in case of adverse server condition or migrating to other email client. A number of Gmail backup tools are available in the industry which tends to provide complete backup solution for Gmail account.
One such software is Gmail Backup to PST tool, which aims to backup complete Gmail account including emails, contacts, calendars and documents into required multiple file formats. It offers backup support to Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Apple, etc. Our data experts have examined this backup tool in order to evaluate it on the basis of quality, efficiency, performance and reliability. The licensed version of this backup tool has been tested in the following working environment:

Operating System: Windows 8.1
Installed Processor: 1 GHz
Mounted RAM: 512 MB

The following post aims to provide an honest review of the Gmail backup tool depending upon the outcome of software testing.

Remarkable Features of Gmail Backup Software

Some of the features offered by the tool, which tends to differentiate it from other competing backup tools available in the market include:

Backup Gmail File
The Gmail backup tool allows an easy and efficient backup of the user account. User just need to enter the correct Gmail credentials in the user interface login window. It provides complete data backup assurance.
Gmail Backup to Outlook PST: Best Tool to Create Backup of Gmail Emails
Gmail Backup to Outlook PST: Best Tool to Create Backup of Gmail Emails
Multiple Account Backup
The software provides assistance to backup the data from multiple Gmail accounts. It requires credentials for all Gmail accounts and saves them in CSV format. It will backup the data items from each account.

Gmail Authentication Feature
The tool aims to provide authenticity to its users, by an in-built feature which asks user to login to the Gmail account. The user needs to click on Accept to allow the Gmail backup tool have an access to its data items.

Backup Selected Items
The backup tool provides a backup solution for various Gmail data items such as emails, contacts, calendar, documents. The user can choose multiple data items, which needs to be saved as a backup file.

Multiple Format Backup
To provide wider range support, the Gmail backup tool offers its users to backup the Gmail files in any of the required file format: EML, MSG, MBOX, PST format. The user can choose any of the format according to choice.
Gmail Backup to Outlook PST: Best Tool to Create Backup of Gmail Emails
Gmail Backup to Outlook PST: Best Tool to Create Backup of Gmail Emails
Choose Preferred Destination
The backup tool provides an option to save the backup file at any desired location on the system. The browsing utility of the tool helps the user to move though various folder and choose a suitable location for backup file.

Time based Filtering
To easily sort the emails, the tool offers email filters using which the user can view and export the selected emails for a particular time period. The user just needs to specify the time period for which the emails need to be filtered.
Gmail Backup to Outlook PST: Best Tool to Create Backup of Gmail Emails
Gmail Backup to Outlook PST: Best Tool to Create Backup of Gmail Emails
Selective Folder Filter
The automated Gmail backup tool provides a folder filter so that the user can choose to backup only the selected folder i.e., option to backup all emails from several folders like inbox, sent box, drafts, junk mails etc.

Limit Internet Bandwidth
To provide flexible internet usage, the tool has been designed to let user specify the internet bandwidth to be used by the tool using Internal Bandwidth option. The user can also specify time for CPU utilization using Time Slot Setting.
Gmail Backup to Outlook PST: Best Tool to Create Backup of Gmail Emails
Gmail Backup to Outlook PST: Best Tool to Create Backup of Gmail Emails
Efficient Gmail Backup
The backup tool provides an efficiency in backup procedure in terms of: data integrity in documents, no data loss encountered, no corruption of the data files is faced during backing up the Gmail data.

Available Versions of Gmail Backup Tool

The Gmail backup to Outlook PST tool can be availed in the following two versions:
  • Demo Version- The free Gmail backup to PST tool allows user to backup the data from a single Gmail account and export them into required file format.
  • Licensed Version- The paid licensed version can be availed from company’s website for a reasonable amount. It provides multiple Gmail backup service and save the data into desired format.

Specifications of Gmail Backup Tool

This backup tool has been designed to work well under the following specifications:

  • Operating System- The software supports Windows 10 & all below versions
  • Supported Processor- Minimum 1 GHz processor is required for tool installation. However, experts advise to use 2.4 GHz processor for faster backup.
  • Mounted RAM- Minimum 512 MB RAM is required. However, 1 GB RAM is recommended for large storage.
  • Hard Disk Space- The system must have 15 MB free hard disk space for proper installation of Gmail backup tool.
Note: For Gmail backup to PST, it is compulsory to have MS Outlook installed on the system.


  1. It supports feature to resume the data backup according to user requirement.
  2. It maintains incomplete download history in case of unexpected system shutdown.


It provides complete backup of the selected folder(s), but there is no option to choose the emails individually.


After using the Gmail backup tool under different hardware and software specifications, our experts refer it as an amazing tool to backup Gmail data conveniently. One can completely rely on this backup tool to export the data items at the local computer. It can be awarded 9.6 out of 10 as it does not offer to choose the emails individually from the Gmail folder.

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Saturday, 27 August 2016

Solved Outlook Error – Archive.pst is in Use & Cannot be Accessed

Posted by Daniel Jones

Problem Statement

While user tries to access their Outlook profile, a very common error occurs, i.e. Outlook PST in Use and Cannot be Accessed. It stops the functioning of Outlook and hang up the application. The following error message is displayed:

“C:\Users\user name\AppData\Local\Microsoft\user name\username.pst is in use and cannot be accessed. Close any application using this file, and try again”.

Causes Related to Error

  1. Corrupted Outlook PST File: The main reason for inexplicable behavior of Outlook is that PST files have been corrupted/damaged that may lead to this error.
  2. Abnormal Shutting Down of PC: Accidentally, if the system is shut down due to no power backup within PCs or any other reason, then it may lead the Outlook application to its freeze state.

Troubleshoot the Error:

Sometimes, end-user restarts their systems to troubleshoot this problem. It may help resolve the error or it may not. Not all users can restart their system since they may be performing some other important tasks on the system.

To get rid of this problem, end user should go for below-mentioned two measures:

Measure 1: Using Manual Measure

One way is to go for one of the three following technique that can be performed on your PCs itself:

Technique 1: Terminating Cached Exchange Mode
  1. If Outlook application is running, then close it.
  2. Go to Control Panel, click on Mail
  3. Select Email Accounts >> Email.
  4. Highlight mail address, which is in .pst extension and not working on Outlook, then click on Change button.
  5. From the box appearing in front of you, uncheck the Use Cached Exchange Mode and then click on Next >> Finish.
  6. Now restart the Outlook application.
Technique 2: Terminating Processes Related to Outlook’s
  1. Right-click on task bar and click on Task Management
  2. From the task management window, click on Processes tab
  3. Find the processes related to Outlook like Lync, unmapi, Outlook, etc. Select them and quit it.
  4. At the end, Open Outlook on your PC.
Technique 3: Repairing PST File using scanpst.exe Tool
  1. Go to Program files>>Microsoft Office>> Office14
  2. Search for SCANPST, right click on it, and Run as administrator.
  3. A message box will display on your screen, Click YES.
  4. Click on Browse, select the corrupted PST file and then click on START.
  5. After that, internal processes take place that includes scanning of the file in 8 phases.
  6. After scanning of the selected PST file, a dialog box will appear which notifies whether any corrupted files exist or not. If not, then click on CANCEL.
  7. Fix broken PST files by first backing up the scanned file before repair and deciding the path where the backup is to be stored which will be with the extension of .bak.
  8. Click on Repair option to fix broken PST file and once it is finished with the repair option it displays a message box reporting that the file has been repaired, click OK.

Watch step by step instructions to Run Inbox Repair Tool

Limitations of Manual Procedure

The procedure cannot be applied if the files are majorly corrupted. If something went wrong during the procedure, then it may affect functioning of other applications of the machine.

Measure 2: Using Additional Software

Another method is by using third party tools, which are being initiated for repairing and recovering data from corrupted or damaged PST files. One such tool is an Outlook recovery that is being developed to repair major as well as minor damaged Outlook PST file. It extracts the data from corrupted file and archive them into the desired file format like PST, MSG, and EML. Moreover, it has many attractive features embedded into it and can easily be accessed by users.


Although, we have a manual procedure for handling this problem, but as discussed above it has some limitations. Therefore, it is reliable to go for Outlook recovery tool, which can easily be accessed by any users and helps in resolving any issue related to Outlook without any limitations.

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Monday, 22 August 2016

How to View MSG Files & Attachment Without Outlook Environment

Posted by Venn Torrence

Do you know how to view MSG files if you are not Outlook email application user, it is most common situation where user has multiple MSG files but he cannot open these file because MSG file are only used by Outlook email client, so in this blog we will explain How to open MSG files without Outlook email application. Microsoft Outlook is a most popular desktop based email client that provides the facility for users to manage multiple email accounts in it. The Outlook email client using PST file extension to store entire data of Outlook, also used some other file extensions like to store single Email Outlook use MSG file. The MSG used to store a single email of Outlook but it is not a simple plain text file. The Outlook email application automatically generates MSG file when the user receives a new message into Outlook.

Scenarios Where user needs to access MSG file without Outlook

MS Outlook has widely used email application mainly in organizational areas for communication. It is essential in corporate level because in this areas every user makes the communication more feasible by using desktop based email application so Outlook is most popular email application in organizational level but many other email clients are also available like Mozilla Thunderbird, Eudora, Entourage, etc. Outlook email application and other email client use file formats to store data, one of the common extension are MSG, but it is not a text file always require MAPI application to open it. If you are not Outlook email application user you can face difficulties to view MSG file because other email application not able to open MSG file. Another situation is if Outlook does not work properly means due to some errors you cannot access Outlook in this case you also not able open and view MSG files.

Manual Way to view MSG files

In the manual method, you need to change the extension of MSG file from .msg to .html. After changing the extension of MSG file you can easily open & view the file in the browser. Follow the given steps to change the extension of MSG file – Select email file which you want to save in HTML format, then click on the file and select “Save as” option, and choose .html format. By using the manual way you can view MSG files but after changing the extension of MSG file into HTML extension then view the content of Outlook emails, but remember with the help of manual trick you cannot convert their attachment and not able to view attachments. You can view the content of Outlook emails (like head, the body of MSG file) by converting their extension into HTML format.

Solution to View MSG files with attachment Without Outlook Environment

With outlook email client application you can easily open MSG files just using drag-n-Drop method, but you think about that without Outlook environment How to open MSG file, it is difficult for every user.

After performing the above manual solution you can understand open &view MSG file with attachment without Outlook is difficult because MSG file is not a simple text file, but this is not an impossible task, you can easily open, view and read Outlook emails without using Outlook email client application if you know the correct solution. In such situation MSG file Viewer is exact and the only solution to open MSG files without outlook, the user can view MSG files into multiple views like Attachment view, Hex view, Properties view, Header view, MINE view,HTML view, RTF view.

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Saturday, 20 August 2016

Store PST Files on Cloud - User Guide to Migrate Outlook Data File

Posted by Daniel Jones
Microsoft Outlook stores the data associated with various Outlook items in a proprietary file format i.e. PST(Personal Storage Table). The Outlook PST files are stored at a local location and can be accessed by the users to view Outlook emails and other data items in an offline mode. As the PST file is stored at local system, it is not associated with Outlook mail size limit. In Outlook 2010, the PST files are stored in Documents\Outlook files folder. However, many organizations prefer to store PST files on cloud, so that the PST files from different users can be accessed from a shared network. The following article is aimed to discuss the scenarios, which makes user think about storing PST files on cloud. Various methods for the migration are also discussed.
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Friday, 12 August 2016

SQL Data Recovery Tool to Repair Corrupt MDF File [Review]

Posted by Daniel Jones

As the SQL Server is capable of managing huge amount of data, it is mainly used by organizations at the enterprise level. The SQL Server Database is mainly associated with MDF and NDF files. Like any other files, these files are also prone to corruption or damage that could lead to loss of important data stored in it. Understanding the need of recovering the data from such files, many tools has been made available in the market. One of the most reliable software for the same purpose is SQL Data Recovery Tool, on which we will be discuss and give review in this article.

Introduction of SQL Data Recovery Tool

The tool is a reliable solution that helps user to repair corrupt MDF file and NDF file. It has the ability to recover complete items in database files and export them to either SQL Server Database or Compatible SQL scripts. The software can work smoothly on Windows 10 and all its below versions.

Available Versions of the Tool

  • Demo Version
  • This version of SQL Data Recovery Tool can be availed from the company’s official website without any cost for the trial purpose. It is mainly aimed to make user aware of the working and basic function of the software. It will only allow user to preview the recovered items and does not support export option.

  • License Version
  • In order to use the export option after the recovery of the items in SQL database files, License Version of the tool can be purchased. This version of the tool can be bought at the affordable cost of $129 at the company’s site to get benefits with the complete features.

Striking Features of the SQL Data Recovery Tool

The Software has been incorporated with many advanced features that differentiate it from other recovery tools of similar type such as:

  • Complete Data Recovery
  • The tool allows recovery of all the items in MDF and NDF Database files such as tables, stored procedure, functions, views, triggers, etc. User can select either all the data or only the selective items for the recovery.

  • Dual Scanning Modes
  • The Software has been inbuilt with two scanning modes Quick (For minor defect) and Advanced (For major corruption) to repair corrupt MDF file. User can choose any of the modes according to the condition of their files.

  • Recover Deleted Data
  • User can take advantage of the SQL Data Recovery tool to recover SQL table’s data from the MDF and NDF files, which has been deleted by mistake or knowingly. This feature is most useful in repair of files to recover lost data.

  • Export to SQL Database
  • This Export Option allows user to export the recovered data into Live SQL Server Database. User only needs to provide the database credentials for the export procedure of database.

  • Export as SQL Scripts
  • Another export option facilitates user to export the data as compatible SQL Scripts that will help user to store the SQL Server data in scripts and use it later to restore them on any SQL Server version.

  • Schema with/without data
  • The tool has the capability to export the database with only schema of the selected table, view or procedure, etc. Alternatively, it also allow user to export tables with both schema and data in it.

  • ASCII & Unicode XML Data type
  • In addition SQL Data Recovery Tool support various advance data types such as sql_variant, geography data types, etc. to recover from SQL database, the software also supports ASCII and Unicode XML Data types.

  • Export in both SQL Server Database or SQL Scripts
  • Support Advance Data Type to recover from Database
  • Only One Database File can be Recovered at a time
  • Cannot recover password protected SQL Database

Observational Verdict

After thorough analysis on the features of the SQL Data Recovery Tool, we have observed that the software provides seamless recovery of all the items from damaged SQL Server Database files. Along with the ability to recover the deleted SQL data, it also supports export of database with only schema or with schema & data. Therefore, SQL Data Recovery can be rated as 9.7/10, as it does not support bulk file recovery at a time.

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