Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Extract Windows 10 Backup Zip File with Latest BKF Recovery Tool

Posted by Venn Torrence
BKF Recovery Software is a unique software which has added another feather to its cap by launching extraction feature for zipped Windows 10 file. Based on the news, it has been said that this application is designed in such a way that every kind of user can understand it to recover backup data files and folders. The tool has become the talk of the town. It is said to be doing wonders in the international markets for its flawless performance. 

Reportedly, the tool is in-built with such a sound mechanism that easily views and extracts data from zipped backup files on Windows. Based on the updates it is said that it is compatible with Windows NTBackup & Symantec VERITAS Backup executable data files. The software comes with three scanning modes. Options to search within the repaired file items is also provided by the tool. The best part about it is that it does not puts any restriction on the size of file to be extracted or recovered. All these attributes make this tool worthwhile globally. Hence, this tool has the ultimate mechanism to extract backup files on Windows 10 from the drive in user’s system and then loads desired zipped folders into the tool to perform an efficient recovery process.

The Director of Product Development, Evan Swans was quoted saying,”I am aware of the fact that there are a variety of software range in the market to recover damaged backup files on Windows however, these tools do not come with the assurance of maintaining integrity of original data before and after the recovery process. And this feature makes it stand unique in the markets. As data loss issues mar the user’s faith in tools. So, we have added another fabulous feature to the tool i.e, extracting windows zipped backup files. Our BKF Repair Software puts rest to all the howling issues and problems faced by users while recovering corrupted files. It assures 100% precise results and requires no technical knowledge to perform.

The Lab Director, Allegen in a conference said, “A survey on all the trending software to recover backup files
was done and obviously we hit this list in the top. It is an earned victory for our products because we put our heart and soul into our tools. The tool is excellent at its job and is faster than the fastest. There are so many user queries regarding the process of taking backup of zipped Windows files and BKF Repair tool appears to be the only answer to all the searching minds.”
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Tuesday, 9 May 2017

G Suite Vs Microsoft Office 365: Which One is The Best?

Posted by Daniel Jones

Google Apps or Office 365 which is better, still confused? This is the most common question that comes to user’s mind. Which one is best for the business? All your searches end here. In this post, a deep comparison of G Suite Vs Microsoft Office 365 is done that can help you in selecting the best for you.

Google Apps and Office 365 (O 365) both are the business productivity suites perform the same task in the cloud. In 2016, Google Apps was renamed as G Suite and used in many business organizations. Moreover, G Apps is the toughest competitor of MS O 365. It is because both offer almost same services such as creating a document, presentations, online chat, spreadsheets, video conferencing and provides cloud storage also. Thus, G Suite and Office 365 has mostly same features with collaboration tools so, it becomes difficult for a user to select one of between them. In order to clear your all your doubts, which suits you best, a detailed comparison of G Suite vs Microsoft Office 365 is discussed in this post.

Comparison Between Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365

Whenever a user looks for a productivity suite for the business, both Office 365 and G Suite are the first two names that strike in the user mind. Thus, to make the selection wisely, a complete comparison of G Suite & O 365 is done on the basis of various factors, which are discussed below:

G Suite Vs Office 365 Pricing

Selecting Google Apps Plan is quite easy because it offer three plans only and all are discussed below:
Basic Plan $ 5 per user per month
Business Plan $ 10 per user per month
Enterprise Plan Price depend upon request from Google
There is a wide range of plans offered by O 365. Based on the requirement, a user can choose any of them.
Business Essentials $6 per user per month
Business $10 per user per month
Business Premium $15 per user per month
Enterprise E1 $8 per user per month (annual commitment required)
Enterprise Pro Plus $12 per user per month (annual commitment required)
Enterprise E3 $20 per user per month (annual commitment required)
Enterprise E5 $35 per user per month (annual commitment required)

G Suite Vs Microsoft Office 365 Features

As discussed above there are pretty many same features offered by both G Suite & MS Office 365. Therefore, in this segment, a comparison between the features of both is discussed.

  1. File Storage
  2. At the entry level, O 365 is better with its Business Essential plan, which offers 1 TB of storage. On the other side G Suite offer 30 GB of file storage in its basic plan. But, when moving further to another level plans Google Apps provides much better storage facilities. However, everyone first purchases the entry level plan only in which Office 365 with 50 GB inbox on the top of 1 TB of storage proven to be a more generous choice.

  3. Email
  4. Google Apps vs Office 365 can also be compared with each other's email apps. Gmail for the G Suite is really fast, with amazing search facility. But, it becomes really irritating sometimes because it does not allow sorting and grouping of emails. On the other side, MS Outlook is the key attraction of Microsoft Office 365. It provides two version i.e. online version & offline version with many advanced features such as sorting, grouping, labeling and proven to more flexible than Gmail.

  5. Applications
  6. In the case of applications, Office 365 is the no doubt winner between the both with so many applications such as PowerPoint, Word, Outlook, Excel, etc., that a user can download on the desktop and use it offline mode also. However, G Apps also have all such features such as Google docs, Google slides, Google Sheets, etc. But they are not as better as MS Office apps.

  7. Video Calls
  8. For Video calling, G Suite provides Hangout and Office 365 provides Skype. Both work great with good quality but when it comes to a number of the participant on the video O 365 is far better than G Apps Hangout. On one side where Google Apps allows maximum 25 participant in a video call, on the other side Skype of Office 365 allows maximum 250 participants in a video call.

  9. Syncing Local Data
  10. Office 365 & G Suite both provides desktop-based app i.e. SharePoint & Google Drive respectively to sync local data with cloud and vice-versa. Using this app one can save the data cloud that appears on the drive also. However, the SharePoint of Office 365 is more preferable compared to Google Drive because sharing a file with others directly is easy in Sharepoint.

  11. Mobile Apps
  12. As everybody knows there are mobile apps also for G Suite and Office 365 that allows users to access and edit the files. Both provide smooth working and easy-to-use. However, when there is a comparison between G Suite & Office 365, Outlook in the mobile app is a little bit disappointing them Gmail. Because Outlook does not allow sorting and grouping in that.

  13. Support
  14. Both G Suite and Office 365 offer 24 *7 email and phone support service. In addition, both support English languages and various other language support also depending on the country.

  15. User Interface
  16. In Google Apps vs Office 365 comparison, users are more preferable to sue MS Office Suite because they are familiar with almost all application of MS Office such as Word, Excel, etc. On the other hand, G Suite is also pretty much good but the user interface of Office 365 is easy to use than G Apps.

  17. Work Offline
  18. Both of them offer various apps to work in offline mode. But, if a user wants to differentiate between Google Apps & Office 365, Google is not as much good as O 365. Using the standard application one can easily work in offline mode in Office 365. However, in G Apps, one needs to download each file on the mobile device in order to access them.

Why Choose Office 365 Over Google Apps?

There are various reasons that why the users are switichng to MS Office 365 like:
  • Over G Suite, MS Office 365 plans come with desktop versions of the MS Office applications, which make this product much better for business purpose.
  • At the entry level file storage and email storage of O 365 is much better than the G Apps.
  • Outlook in Office 365 suite offers users the facility to sort & group mail, which is not available in Gmail of G suite.
  • Allows far more participant while video calling on the Skype over Hangout.
  • Many advanced options to manage phone calls in O 365.
  • One can easily share files using the sync app in Microsoft OneDrive compared to the Google Drive.
  • Provides advanced functionality such as virus protection, rights management, etc., in MS Office 365.

Observational Verdict

After the above deep comparison between G Suite vs Microsoft Office 365, it is pretty much clear that from user's perspective, Office 365 is more preferable than G Suite. Because it offers many advanced features and easy user interface than G Apps. Thus, if a user wants to select a business for its organization it suggested to go for the Microsoft Office 365 over Google Apps. As a result, there are various users who want G Suite to Office 365 migration, due to the facilities provided by Google Apps.

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Export Exchange 2013 | 2010 Mailbox to PST Using EAC Manually

Posted by Daniel Jones

Administrative of database may often need to export Exchange 2010 database into PST format. There are so many reasons behind this, but one of the common reasons is to extract data from corrupted or damaged EDB files & to access it with MS Outlook. Therefore, in the upcoming part of the blog, we will discuss the free method to export Exchange 2013 mailbox to PST using EAC. However, before that let us lean a brief note about EAC.

Exchange Admin Center (EAC)

The two terms EMC & ECP have been replaced by the term EAC in MS Exchange 2013 for the management of database. There are some more functions of EAC such as:

  • Migration of EDB mailbox to PST or any other server
  • Find all the devices that are connected to Exchange
  • Specifying & Setting of policies for MS Outlook on web

In short, EAC is developed for online & hybrid server setup. It also works as online management console.

Two Methods to Export Exchange 2013 Mailbox to PST Free

Users can perform the task of exporting EDB to PST format manually with the help following four different steps:

Step 1: Know the URL of the Server

To begin the process with the EAC, the administrator requires the URL of the server to login. Therefore, how users can find the URL:

  • Firstly, open Command Prompt & type in the below mentioned command:

'Get-ECPVirtualDirectory | Format-List InternalURL,ExternalURL'

  • Now, copy the link showed after ‘Internal URL’.
  • After this, open the browser & type in the link to begin the EAC.

Note: It is not possible to open this link in any web browser. Browsers that are supported are Internet Explorer versions 8 through 10 & later, Safari version 5.1 and later, Chrome version 18 & later, and Firefox version 11 & later.

Step 2: Make a Network shared folder & Grant Required Authorization

Before going ahead, make a new share folder on the network drive. In this folder, you can save the exported data. Make sure that this drive is different from your operating system drive. After the creation of the folder, give full access control to the ETC, this stands for Exchange Trusted Subsystem and for this follow these steps:

  • Firstly, right-click on the folder
  • Then, click on ‘Permissions’
  • After this, you need to click on ‘Shared’ & ‘Security’ levels & set necessary permissions.

Step 3: Give Import or Export Rights to Mailbox

As, by default, no mailbox has this permission therefore, we need to grant this manually. For this, proceed with the following steps:

  • Firstly, open EAC & click on the tab of “Permissions”, which is on the left-hand side panel
  • Now, choose “Recipient Management”, from the Admin Roles section
  • After this, select “Add” role, from section of roles available in the upper section of the screen
  • Click on “Mailbox Import Export”, in the ‘Select a Role’ page
  • Then, click on ‘Add’ button & then hit on OK
  • You need to Click on + sign to add mailboxes for the process of export.

Step 4: Export Exchange 2013 or 2010 Mailbox to Outlook PST

This is the final step of this process; you need to follow each step carefully:

  • To begin this, open EAC & now from the working panel, choose the tab of “Mailboxes”. With this the entire mailboxes will be listed
  • Now, choose the mailbox you desire to export to Outlook PST
  • Make a right-click on the mailbox & choose the option of ‘Export to PST’
  • After this, a page pops-up, displaying the selected mailbox. In case, the name is incorrect, you need to browse to choose the mailbox you desire to export.
  • Select if you want to export the data of the mailbox/of the mailbox’s archive and click on Next
  • Now, select the desired location to save the PST file & click on Next
  • Indicates a recipient to receive a notification once the process completes and click on Finish

After the completion of the process, the PST file can imported and opened in Outlook.

Failure of Manual Methods leads to an Expert Solution

The above-discussed EAC method is far better than PoweShell cmdlet, but this is not that easy to execute. Therefore, if users want to perform the whole task of Exchange EDB to PST Conversion simply, they can go for a third party utility. One such ultimate tool is EDB to PST Converter to convert Exchange mailbox to PST & for restoring mailboxes from the Exchange Server. The tool is capable to convert all EDB items i.e. public and private folder.

The Bottom Line

With the increasing popularity of Microsoft Outlook sometimes, users want to know the methods to convert Exchange EDB file to PST. Therefore, in the above article we have discussed the EAC method to export Exchange 2013, 2010 mailboxes to PST. We have also learned that this method is not easy to execute and a bit lengthy as well. Therefore, for users who want to perform it quickly and effortlessly we have come up with a third party utility, namely EDB to PST Converter. Users can opt for any of the method as per their comfort and need.

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Monday, 8 May 2017

Top 5 Best Free Backup Software Download For Automatic Cloud Backup

Posted by Daniel Jones

Backing up the crucial data is one of the most valuable tasks in today’s growing technology world. It can be possible users may encounter such type of issues like system failure, power crashed or some virus infections. Therefore, to safeguard the data it is necessary to maintain periodically backup of users accounts for future reference. The article has been aimed to discuss some of the most famous commercial backup software. Out of these top 5 free backup software, users can go for it. Consider the following scenarios that help to understand more clearly:

Scenario 1: Most of the time, users have faced internet connectivity issue and at that moment they were unable to access all important files, which are saved on the Web. To overcome this problem, hopefully, these 5 automatic cloud backup solutions will help to access the lost or deleted items safely and securely.

Scenario 2: Sometimes many users having issues while using the mail client, accidentally they have deleted their essential data from their account. So, they become helpless to recover their deleted or lost data again. At this situation, most of the users looking for an alternate solution. So to overcome such issues they can pick any one solution amongst all in an appropriate manner.

Reasons Behind to Take Backup

There are plenty of reasons due to which backup is required and some of them are mentioned below:

  1. Exceeding Storage Capacity - Sometimes, email account becomes over flooded with the unlimited messages and then, storage capacity is exceeded and leading to data loss.
  2. Unintentional Deletion - The users all of sudden may delete their important mail, which can be restored from a trash folder only within 30 days. It becomes quite complex to recover them later.
  3. Protect from Failure - Keeps the backup of required files for future reference. For an instance, sometimes due to some disaster, network fail at that duration users can keep the backup files where existing files are available for future use.

So, it is advised to maintain the backup of each email so that users can be easily recovered in any adverse situations.

Well, in below section the other substitute solutions discussed to backup users data on regular basis. This article covers a list of best 5 cloud backup solutions, considering the factor such as: Usually, most of the users are working with many mail clients but sometimes they cannot access their emails properly due to internet connectivity, system faults or virus attacks. Thus, to solve all such cases we have suggested 5 best free backup software for professional users. Just pick any solution that is most closely matches to your requirement

Steps of Yahoo Backup Application

The Yahoo backup software helps to how to take backup of Yahoo emails. Here, we are discussing the complete procedure of the software:

  • Step 1: First, you need to launch the Yahoo backup Software on the local machine
  • Step 2: Then, choose the preferred email formats out of these three PST/EML/MSG file type to export Yahoo email easily
  • Step 3: Now, click on the Filter option for selective backup emails folder
  • Step 4: In last, you can export any file type successfully

Steps of Hotmail Backup Tool

Now, we are explaining the step-wise process of Hotmail backup software. To follow the below points:

  • Step 1: You need to Download and Install Backup Hotmail Account emails to the source machine
  • Step 2: After this, select the email file out of these 3 PST/MBOX/MSG/EML formats and convert it into the desired file type
  • Step 3: Next, you will choose the filter Options for backup selective email folder
  • Step 4: Now, clicking on start icon to begin the Hotmail Backup process

Steps of Office 365 Backup Software

Here, the following steps to take backup of Office 365 mailbox by performing below-stated points:

  • Step 1: Initially, you need to Login the Office 365 suite and provide the required credentials which you want to take backup
  • Step 2: Now, select the mailbox items of Office 365 account those are essential for archive mailbox
  • Step 3: Browse the destination location in your system for saving Office 365 data item to hard drive or even in local server
  • Step 4: Select the PST file format, if you need to download Office 365 mailbox to PST Otherwise choosing the EML option to backup Office 365 mailboxes as per your choice

Steps of AOL Email Backup Tool

Let us follow these steps to maintain the backup of AOL email messages such as:

  • Step 1: First, you have to download & Install AOL email backup software locally
  • Step 2: Now, selecting the required file format like PST, MBOX, EML or MSG that you want to migrate
  • Step 3: Next, choose the Filter Options for selecting Backup Email Folders
  • Step 4: Finally, you can successfully export AOL emails to hard drive

Step of Gmail Backup Tool

Gmail Backup is the well-known software to backup entire Gmail account data within few steps. Let us mention some of the following steps of Gmail backup software to access emails:

  • Step 1: You must Install and Launch Gmail backup software on local machine
  • Step 2: Choose the particular format from the given 4 file type (EML, MBOX, PST, MSG) to export Gmail messages into it
  • Step 3: Now, selecting all data items like emails, contacts, calendars and document to take the backup
  • Step 4: In order, click on the start option to initiate the downloading of Gmail account data

After describing all such applications with stepwise procedure users enable to download and take backup of emails in an appropriate way. Moreover, users can use any procedure as per their convenience.


As a safety measure, many users are always advised to maintain the backup of each mail on regular basis. Generally, users prefer to backup the system data so that it can be useful for future reference in case of system failure, migrating to other computer or data loss. Therefore, in the previous section, we have covered top 5 free backup solutions like Gmail backup, AOL backup, Hotmail backup, Office 365 backup and Yahoo backup as well. All these software keeping the data safe and secure in an efficient manner. Users can use any approach to maintain the backup of data without any kind of data loss. Also, we have discussed each solution along with its complete step to run the software.

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