How to install Whatsapp for pcLaptops.

WhatsApp on Laptops/Pc

1) WhatsApp is the best messaging application,in which you can send Message,Video,Music,Photo at free of cost.
2)About 300 Million people now used Whatsapp,about 20 milion people are used in India.3)WhatsApp is Compatible with Smatphone like (Android Smart phone ,Apple iOS,Windows Phone,Blackberry,and Asha Phone,Symbian)

4)Good news for you now whatsapp is available for pcLaptops.

  In your mind how I install WhatsApp on Pc??? WhatsApp install on pc is Very Simple and Easy. Just Do the Following steps.

WhatsApp on Laptops/Pc

 Requirement for WhatsApp on Pc

1st is the Laptop/PC which Contain Windows Operating System (Windows Xp,Vista,7,8,8.1)

2nd thing is the Laptop/PC must working Internet connection.

How to Install WhatsApp on Laptops/PC:

  • 1st is Download and Install WhatApp on Laptops/PC using Bluestacks.
  • 2nd one is Download and Install WhatsApp using wassapp.


Free Download and Install ShowBox for PC / Laptop-Windows 8.1 /8 /7

 So lets Do how to download and Install Whatsapp using BlueStacks

WhatsApp on Laptop/Pc

  • Step 2:After finishing download of “Bluestack” Right click on the application ,then Run As Administrator,then install Bluestack.
  • Step 3:Now Download “WhatsApp Apk” file

                        “DOWNLOAD WhatsApp Apk”

  • Step 4:After Download completed Double click on “DOWNLOAD WhatsApp Apk” application.
  • Step 5:Now WhatsApp will install on your Laptop/PC.
  • Step 6:Now open Bluestack(Double click on you Desktop Icon).
  • Step 7:Open Bluestack then click on My Apps.
  • Step 8:Now in My App you can see WhatsApp, then click on it.
  • Step 9:Agree/Accept Term and conditoin.
  • Step 10:Type your Mobile Number on accurate field

      (Note: First type your Country code like +91)

  • Step 11:Now WhatsApp will verify your number,but it shows fail message.
  • Step 12:Now click on Call Me ,then you receive automatic message or call ,then copy that verification code and paste that.

           Then Enjoy WhatsApp On your Laptop/Pc

Try another method Download and install WhatsApp on PC using Wassapp Just do following Steps 

  Wassapp is a unofficial Whatsapp client and It works for like the Android Emulator on Windows OS running PC. In the second method, we will be using Wassapp to install Whatsapp on PC. 

Just do following steps

  • Step 2:After install wassapp ,open wassapp and login using user name and password.If you don’t have an account then Sign up quickly.

  • Step 3:After signup ,Now provide your Phone number and Password.

      Note:Note: For an Android phone, the password will be same as its IMEI number. You can find the IMEI Number at the back of Your Android device under battery or by typing this code : *#06#

  • Step 4:Now you choose verification method using phone calls or sms or press request code.

  • Step 5:Now if you have selected SMS then you will get a SMS from Wassapp with a code and if you have selected phone call then you will receive a computerized call with unique code, Note it down.
  • Step 6: Put the code you received by SMS or Phone call in Wassapp client and now you will get a computer-generated password and  you can use that password for login.

Enjoy WhatsApp 🙂

  • That’s it! Now you can use Whatsapp on PC and can send and receive SMS and messages for the added contacts. If you face any problem then let us know in the comments and don’t forget to share this with your friends!


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