Friday, 27 June 2014

Update Facebook and Twitter status via I-phone,Blackberry and other Costly Mobile /Laptops.

Posted by Diptesh Kumar Bhakat

 Hello Every one. You all using Facebook and Twitter regularly. You Upload photo and Post regurarly.
But there are no mention in which mobile or Laptop
you update your status .But in every problem has so many solution. We have a solution, it is a simple tricks in which you can update your status via I-phone,Blackberry,Lumia,Sony experiaZ,Samsung galaxy S5, Apple laptops andmany more devices.
Ok so lets see how to update.

STEP 1 : First go to GOOGLE.
STEP 2 : Then go to
STEP 3 : After that you can see so many option on that page,You have to choose one like (Update via Blackberry)

STEP 4 : Then you Click on that after that drag the page at the middle of the page an option is found like “Update via Blackberry”then click on that option.

STEP 5 : Then a pop up Window is come a few second  wait and the page is loading.

STEP 6 : After loading the page you can update your status and click on share option.

STEP 7 : Then you can see your status, and say to your friend ,You have Brought a new mobile Phone or Laptop.