Find who has unfriended you from Facebook

Social networking is a great part of our life now a days. In social networking we can connect with thousands of people for making friendship. But none of the social networking sites offer any feature by which we can know who has unfriended us and when.

So we are unable to recognize who are our true friends and who are not. Hence we have brought to you a trick using which you can get notified about the person who has removed you from his/her friends list.

Follow these simple tricks.
First of all go to the url bar and type
Ok lets see these following steps and try this.
Step 1:- Simply go to .

Step 2:-Then search for Click on it.
Step 3:-Then the website is open and then click on the blue button “Facebook login/sign in”.
Step 4:-Then a pop up window will come and you have to permit it, ok. Here unfollower website connects with your Facebook account and it will track your friend list to notify you when it has been changed & who is that person behind it.

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