Many of us wish to have a 3 or 4 digit likes in his/her status update  on FACEBOOK or in the uploaded pics. After getting a number of requests from our readers we decided to write this post. It describes "How to increase likes on FACEBOOK 
status & photos". Here we have listed some working tricks that many professional Bloggers follow to drive a huge traffic to their blog.
So we are damn sure that if practised properly then it will surely bring you more and more likes and shares to your FACEBOOK posts.

Before you start that,you make sure that your profile have follower (Subscribing) feature is must turn on.
 So lets see how to turn on that feature on FACEBOOK .

After subscribing turn on you must have to post your profile as "Public"
Lets see how to post your profile as public.
Go to privacy setting and change "Who can see my stuff" to public

Ok see now your post is visible to everyone.
Basic Tricks for Facebook To increase your Post and Picture likes.
See these tricks:-

1)When you upload your picture or update your status,see how many friends are online.Upload your picture in FACEBOOK when more people are online in your Facebook Account.

2)Tag is most important thing.Means when you upload then you tag your friends alternate means 1st you tag 50 friends then after 1 hour or 2 hour you remove all tags and tag other friends,who are not tag in 1st time.

3)In that Picture you uploaded or ststus you should increase your comments during many of your friends are online.

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4)You must like your own photo.If you like your own photo then in your friends newsfeed it shows,then they like your photo.

5)Another trick to increase likes in your picture or status is to use AUTOLIKER. It gives you thousands of likes with in a few minutes. As you can't buy facebook fans to like your posts so these are among those killer tricks which if implemented properly will surely work for you.
One more thing is that Mark Zukerberg also follows these steps to increase his likes.

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