Know who has unfollowing you from Twitter
Know who has unfollowing you from Twitter
Twitter is the 2nd most popular social networking site in the world. It was launched on 15th July 2006.Twitter is using 200 million people.
A blueprint sketch, c. 2006, by Jack Dorsey, envisioning an SMS-based social network.
Jack Dorsey, a co-founder and the chairman of Twitter, in 2009

In twitter all celebrities and cricketers are there. Twitter is the medium to directly connect with celebrities, cricketers, Entrepreneur, and many more people.

Know who has unfollowing you from Twitter
Know who has unfollowing you from Twitter
In twitter you can only follow him/her and twit. But if you have a twitter account then you should know who is following you and whom you are following. If you want to know who is your consistent follower and who is not just read and practise these tips and your job is done.

Ok let see how many people are following you and unfollowing you.
Step 1:-Go to
Step 3:-Then click on the button “twitter sign in”
Step 4:-Then allow to access your twitter account using “yes” button.
Step 5:-Then wait a minute your twitter profile will load .
Step 6:-After loading your twitter profile you can see who are unfollowing and following you.
This is fully secure.

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