windows 9
Windows 10
  • Microsoft is preparing the next generation of windows ,the WINDOWS 9.
  • It is making  some changes to the Windows and bringing back some old features.
  • It is also putting some new features in it.
  • Here's what we know so far from a leaked video. 

Multiple Desktop

Multiple desktop
Windows 10
  • Multiple desktops have become more important  feature with windows 10.
  • It provides the bast use of the screen and makes an OS more useful.
  • Microsoft is finally putting this feature to Windows 10.
  • The user interface looks very much similar to the other operating systems of windows .

Notification center

Notification center
Windows 10
  • In the leaked video ,it looked like a huge  list of shortcuts for  different apps and notifications in the Notification center .
  • Lets wait for Microsoft to lunch the windows 10.


Windows 10
  • The voice assistant of Microsoft named "CORTANA" is set for its first appearance on the windows PC.
  • Microsoft has tried to make the CORTANA more significant than the "SIRI" of MAC OS .
  • It is now going to stay in our Windows PC for ever.


Start menu
Windows 10
  • Microsoft  introduced the Whole new start screen With Windows 8,in place of START MENU.
  • The new User Interface  provided a whole new look to the Windows 8 OS,But the start Menu of windows of previous versions was  missed by the users. 
  • In the Windows 10 OS,Microsoft has brought the start menu back for us.



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