Top 10 best hd movies site for free

Hey friends , This article is for every one movie lover,who wants to watch movie in home, without purchasing any ticket from theater /cinema hall no tension , no need to buy a Cd , Dvd , Blueray Disc.

At home you can watch all the latest movie in hd for absolutely free. Are you shocking?? Yes friends Now this is possible .No need to tension when movie releases at same day you can download that movie.

Lets have a look on that type of site in which all hd movies are free.

According to our company we have a category of that sites.



This is a site in which you can find all Hollywood movie with full resolution (2k*1.2k). After releasing the movie within 7 days the movie is coming in this site. This site is for all Hollywood movie lover. All old and latest movies are in this site.

Movie download process is so simple. Just right click on that download button and download that movie.Movie size starting with 2gb. In this site 1500 movies are here.

This Site has worldwiderank /Alexa rank is :-62,920

                                                   Indian rank is:-3,260


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This site is also known as . IN this site all old hollywood movie you can found. The best thing is that in site is you can watch online movie either you can download this from that below download button.Size of the movie is up to size starts with 1gb up to 4-5gb . I think you all like this. In this site 1000 movies are here.

This Site has worldwiderank /Alexa rank is :-308111

                                                     Indian rank is:-83114



This is one of the best movie site in India, in this site a movie comes in 3 days after releasing all Hollywood, Bollywood, tollywood and Punjabi movies are there in 700mb to 800 mb. More beautifull on this site is you when you open a movie then its all category are there means 3gp,Mp4,Hd Mp4,Avi etc. etc. format are there then your choice you have to download what.Download is little difficult,because there are so many link.Just  click on that link and download occur. In this site 3500movies are here.


This Site has worldwide rank /Alexarank is :-315037
                                                                                Indian rank is:-32728


It is also a top rated movie site in India. Avi movies are found in this site .You can found Hollywood, Bollywood, Marathi, and all dubbed movies are found. Download process is simple. Just click on download now button. After that download will starts automatically. Here a special thing movies are in nice category and sequentially. In this site 4025movies are here.

This Site has worldwiderank /Alexa rank is :-156895

                                                     Indian rank is:-17917

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IMDB I think all of u know. This is a internet film database.Where you can find the latest movie rating, User review how is the movie.Before here all movies are here but now IMDB only post movie review and rating. In this site10000 movies review are here.

  This Site has worldwide rank /Alexarank is :-48

                                                     Indian rank is:-27



It is the best Movie site of India,Where when movie release on that day on that night movie comes here in full hd, with 700mb file Download is simple just search the movie name and click there and click on download now button.In this site all movies are in zip format.This site is top class site. In this site 6000 movies are here

 This Site has worldwide rank /Alexa rank is :-178687

                                                     Indian rank is:-15530


This site has good quality movie in 800-900 mb.You can  download movies from here by clicking on movies link. Approx 6000 movies are in here .When movie release after so many little hour you can find the movie from here.In this site So many advertising are there so it is irritating to the user.Here you can find Hollywood, Bollywood,and Tollywood movies are found 

This Site has worldwide rank /Alexa rank is :-34949  
                                                      Indian rank is:-5345



   This site is famous for movies site. All movies are under 200-400mb.Download is simple just click on that movie you want. About 2500 movies are you will found here. This site is worldwide.All Hollywood ,Bollywood ,Telugu and Tamil movies are found

  This Site has worldwide rank /Alexa rank is :-14048
                                                        Indian rank is:-2248



 This is the king of the movie site because in this site you'll find 300-400 mb movie file for laptop/Pc. In 300-400 no other site can give movie with high definition, here i think you will find all movie about 8000 moives are here.Download is just critical 4-5 steps to download movie from this site.

This Site has worldwide rank /Alexa rank is :-3150
                                                      Indian rank is:-403



 This is another mobile movie site where you can found All movies are under 250-300 mb.Hollywood,Bollywood,Tollywood , WWE and latest another movies are found.Download is so simple you open and just do download. About 3000 movies are here. Best site for mobile 
This Site has worldwide rank /Alexa rank is :-16313
                                                 Indian rank is:-1924

Here all about this article for top 10 best hd movies site for free If you like this then sure comment.





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