we now a days don’t use  Compact Disc or digital video disks (CDs or DVDs ) to boot our system .It very much time taking as compared to the booting process with the help of ISO files and other image files.But only having an ISO file is not enough to boot the system .we have to create a bootable USB in order to boot the system .You can also write a DVD in order to boot a system but it takes so much time compared to the pendrives  in case of both creating a bootable drive and also in case of booting a system.

Advantages of creating bootable USB

1.easy to create  and delete from drive
2.Multiple OS can be installed at a same time
4.Fast booting

There are various types applications for creating a bootable.

1.Power ISO
2. Power2go
8.YUMI(your universal Multiboot Installer)

So here i am going to show you how to create a bootable USB for booting a system from an ISO file with the help of Power iso application.

Things needed 

1.A computer
2.An ISO type Image file
3. Pendrive as per the size of the image file

Steps to Create Bootable Pendrive With Power ISO-

  • Inorder to create a bootable pendrive first of all you will need a proper tool so click here to get the Power ISO software.
  • Now extract and install the software.
  • The open the software after installation.
  • Click on the option which says “Tools”.
  • Then Select “Create a bootable USB”

  • Then Select the proper ISO Type Image File .
  • Then in the second drop down section select the PENDRIVE.
  • Don’t the other options .
  • Then select “START”.
  • Then conform the pop UP.
  • The process will start .
  • After some time a pop Up window will appear saying “Task is successfully completed.”
  • Follow The Video Tutorial Bellow.

Steps To Create A Bootable pendrive With Rufus-

  • First of all click here to get the RUFUS Tool.
  • No need to install the software .
  • Just Run the software you just downloaded.
  • Then select the proper USB drive.
  • Then select the proper image file.
  • The image file should be a valid bootable image file.
  • You should keep your USB in NTFS Type file system.
  • First Rufus scans the image file before writing it to any drive.
  • Then clisk the start button to start the process.

Steps To Create A Bootable Pendrive With WINTOBOOTIC-

  • It is a basic tool with minimum options .Very easy to use .
  • Click here to get the tool.
  • Just drag and drop the iso image file or click on the option to select the ISO type image file .
  • It automatically detects the USB .
  • Otherwise select the USB manually.
  • Then click on the option “DoIt”.
  • It is easy to Use no need to install .
  • But it does not support the Linux OS.
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