Shortcut virus is a big problem now a days. Many of the computers are affected with these viruses.I have seen many of the computers  having antivirus but still having shortcut virus problem. It is because of some anonymous malware. When we put a Pen drive , Hard disc , Memory card and Mobile Phones get infected by that shortcut viruses. Here we give you the ultimate guide to remove shortcut viruses from your pc(Personal Computer) /Laptop.


Remove shortcut virus from your laptop/ PC and pendrive.
 Remove shortcut virus from your laptop/ PC and pendrive.

Types Of Shortcut Viruses :-

There are two types of Shortcut viruses
1) Flash Drive Short cut viruses.
2) File and folder shortcut viruses.

Remove shortcut Virus
Remove shortcut Virus

1) Flash Drive Short cut viruses.

 When we put a flash disc (Pen drive / Hard disc/Mobile) the icon of a flash drive change and shows shortcut file.It is due to purely trojan .The type of the icon of flash disc is “Shortcut.exe”.

2) File and folder shortcut viruses.

 File and folder shortcut viruses are replicates your file and turns into “.exe”. It is due to the trojan and worm. In this shortcut viruses the bad thing is that when it once open it starts to make duplicate files and in after few many days it jams your computer it works slowly and the process of computeris down due to that type of mallicious software and also steal your important data , debit card and credit card information.

      What you should have not to do :-

1) All antiviruses could not detected the shortcut viruses. So the best thing is that when you enter a flash disc in the computer you have to forget to open the flash disc through auto run and from My Computer.

2) When you open your flash drive or hard disc then you should have to open right click explore or write the driver letter address in the bar to protect any script running.

Method 1:-

How to remove shortcut viruses from the simplest method from Microsoft security Essential (Windows 7) Microsoft Windows Defender (Windows 8) 

These two softwares are already inbuilt in all laptops and computers. But some computer and laptops don’t have these software.
So download these software from here

For Windows 7 User Download your Microsoft security essential from here.

For Windows 8 User Download your Microsoft windows Defender from here.

NOTE POINT:- Before you install you have to uninstall your antivirus because if you don’t uninstall your antivirus then   (Microsoft security essential / Microsoft windows Defender) could not install . And if install after install it shows some error. So better you have to uninstall your antivirus.

Lets see how to remove:-

Step 1 :-

Download your Microsoft security essential / Download Microsoft windows Defender and install .

Step 2:-

 After that you have to update the virus & malware database (if you don’t update your data base then the windows defender find the shortcut virus.)

Step 3:-

It will automatically detect the shortcut virus or you have to scan the removable disc or flash drive.

Step 4:-

After complete your scan then there shows how many shortcut viruses your pc/laptop have them there an option to clean laptop/ pc then you have to clean your pc/laptop.

Method 2:-

This is the ultimate method to remove shortcut viruses is command prompt.

If you are suffering from shortcut viruses then don’t take tension , every probleme has a solution.

So follow my steps:-

Step 1 :-

Open Command Prompt (Run as Administrator).

Step 2 :-

 Write below command -h-s-r-a/s/d(Then name of the flash drive /hard drive):*.*
                  Example :- -h-s-r-a/s/dM:*.*

 Step 3:-

Then Hit Enter Button.

Step 4:-

After doing these steps in the flash drive or hard drive the files and folder are in normal and after doing these steps you don’t open these folder and delete easily.

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