How To Root Your Android Device Easily

How To Root Your Android Device Easily
How To Root Your Android Device Easily

                                          So guys let's know what is android device rooting.Android device rooting means to unlock the os(operating system) of the android mobile or android tablet.So that we can use unapproved android apps by android market and also Google.Android mobile os(operating system) is like a linux os(Operating system) and root user is an
administrator,which have access all the permission to do.Android root is like a jail break in Apple ios device,that allow to use all the android application from unknown sources.In root user access you can get so many extra features like you can run a firewall in your android device,manually app backup setting,enable tethering internet and many more feature.You can also do this trick on your android tablet.After rooting you can get a best android phone which have a lot of extra features.

Lucky Patcher without root

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Before Root Your Android Mobile What Should Know These Basic Things

    • If you do root of your android device then you lose your warranty for all days,you won’t claim your warranty status.
    • Google and manufacturing company doesn’t allow you to root your android,if you do such type then your android os is more and more weak and all android applications are working.
    • If you do root then you have to loose privacy of the mobile means you have an account on that phone and account have so many money,if anybody want to hack your account then easily he/she will do.
    • After root your android mobile you should back up all data from mobile,if something happen wrong then you can restore or factory reset of the phone and then it comes to normal mode and the android version is working as smoother than previous one.
    • When you try to root your android device if error occured then no need to worry just unplug the USB cable and restore your mobile and transfer the back up file from the place you saved before.

    So these are the  basic things you need to know.

    Let See In How Many Easy Process And What Are They That We Can Root Our Android Mobile. 

    There are a huge types of process we can root our android mobiles.But we choose the world’s simples and easiest process ever.You can also check your android device from XDA DEVELOPER FORUM which is supported or not.

    There are two types of software in which you can root your android device easily.

    1)Kingo Root
    2)Towel Root

    • 1)Kingo Root
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    • Kingo root is a software in which you can easily root your android device.
    • It’s an easy tool and it supports most of android mobiles to root.
    • You can check kingo root is supported or not by clicking below.

    •                                    CHECK  HERE(link)

    • If your device is not in list then you haven’t worried about that it means your device may or may not be supported.
    • Kingo root is a windows application,you can download that application form here.(link)
    • After download that application connect the USB cable to your phone.
    • After connect the mobile then in mobile open USB debugging and enable USB debugging.
    • Open kingo root application from your computer and it will automatically root your phone.

                      Another Process

                      • You can also download the android app from here.
                      • After download when you want to install that application then their shows that you have to use from unknown source.
                      • Go to setting then security then enable application from unsource.
                      • It is the 1st Process
                      Towel  Root 

                      Root Your Android Device Easily
                      Root Your Android Device Easily
                      • Towel Root is an Android Application in which we can also root our android device.Just download  the application from the website and install it on android device.

                      • After install there are so many few steps that you have to do.

                      How to To Unroot Android Device After Rooting

                      By factory reset or restore you can use your previous operating system,and it works when you works on previously.

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