How to set pattern lock on Windows Operating System (Windows Os 7,8,8.1,10)

Set pattern lock for Windows Os
Set pattern lock on windows os

Now adays every people needs security and Privacy at many places. According to me there are so many software for android user for your security and privacy but can u think that in this world is there any software for windows operating system (Windows OS) in which you can make your Windows Operating system more safe means full of privacy. In android phone there are so many pattern lock software for your mobile privacy, but have you ever think that is any present for windows os for pattern lock. The answer is yes there is a software only for windows in which you can put pattern lock for your old and latest windows os [i.e:- You can put that pattern lock to your old and new os(Windows  XP, windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8,Windows 8.1,Windows 10).

So let us know that what’s the software name and what’s the feature in which you can put pattern lock for windows os.

The name of the pattern lock is Eusing Maze lock

What is Eusing Maze lock and what is the features of it?

Eusing maze lock is a windows software in which you can lock your pc/Laptop screen as lock as android phone. In eusing maze lock there are three types of grids are found (i.e 3X3, 4X4, 5X5).Whenever you work in your computer and due to some work you have to go then no need to worry about that means you can use eusing maze lock for your laptop and computer so nobody can’t use your pc/laptop, it’s lock is now as like as android pattern lock.

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So let us see how to use pattern lock on your pc/laptops by following stpes.

Step 1 :-Download this software from here.(Download here)

Step 2 :- After downloaded install it.

Step 3 :-Then you can find this software icon at system tray at the right bottom of your computer.

Step 4 :-Then right click on maze lock icon and simply select configure or just press ( ctrl +C).

Step 5:- After that it shows the configuration menu. Then there a default lock present ,your work is to change that lock by using reset pattern.

Step 6 :- After reset pattern you have to save that pattern by clicking backup pin and there you can svae that pattern as a BMP image.

Step 7 :- Then go to general there are so many options .There you choose after ho many time you lock your computer.

Step 8:- Then go to background, there you can change your background of pattern lock.,by clicking change image and you can also add effects.
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