Reading the title you must be thinking that this is again another blog of appraisal for iPhone 7 with just a catchy title. But NO!!..Today we will debunk some of the serious flaws or demerits of the newly launched iPhone 7.  Some shortfalls in this iconic device that most of us probably miss at the first glance.

iPhone 7 features
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And before we start, here is my take.

There are many remarkable features in the iPhone 7 that can make you fall in love with this iconic master-piece, but it has many shortfalls as well which if were taken care of , could take the third world market by storm as it does in the West. 
 Now if we look by the marketing perspective then there has always been a gap between what exactly a customer wants and what they get from the manufacturers. Perhaps that is the sole reason for today’s so many smartphone makers flourishing. 
But we here, as committed before, will not be discussing what makes an iPhone 7 an iPhone 7. Rather here are some of the areas of imperfections that we found which if added could make a device a complete next gen gadget.

  #1. Camera:

           Though the iPhone 7 houses a spectacular 12 MP primary camera, but taking a look at its competitors, this may not be as impressive. Yes. If you are a diehard fan then you may argue about it’s clarity and colour reproduction, but then a more is always better. Devices like Samsung’s can produce better images at a considerably lower price point. So 12MP in an iPhone like device is a little bit uncool in today’s market.

#2. No Memory Card Support:

         As we have been becoming more and more dependent upon electronic gadgets these days, keeping reliable back ups becomes more and more essential. And here is where a memory card comes in handy. You can always keep a back up of your contacts, bookmarks, accounts and ‘apps’ to a memory card, which will be of great help if in case you accidentally have to format or erase your device. Now, there can also be an argument that we can use cloud back ups. This is true, but in most of the third world countries (like India) a 24X7 unlimited and high speed internet connectivity has not been possible till date, and there being a lot of iPhone users, cloud back up may not be a reliable option. It can be, if you stay mainly in an urban area. 

#3. No Dual SIM:

       This is arguably a point where Apple could make an improvement. Almost everyone these days keeps at least two SIMs for multiple reasons. So having no option for dual sim was not very impressive to our reviewers. Again, if one can compromise with a single SIM card, then it seems a fair deal.

#4. LED Backlit IPS Display:

In this area, though I would not say that this is bad, but there are already plenty of players in the market who provide much lively and colorful experience in terms of smartphone displays. For example, an OLED display would have been more adequate in terms of environment friendliness as well as experience, a segment which is mainly dominated by brands like Samsung, Gionee etc. 
Colour reproduction and viewing angles in the new iPhone 7 was pretty impressive. Screen was well lit and quite responsive. But obviously not the best in its class.

#5. SLOWER Download Speed:

Yes, you read it right. This is a major issue that we found in case of 3G. 3G downloading speed was not very impressive in this device. It recorded an average of 1 mbps in 3G. The performance was not bad in 4G LTE though. Yet again, this could be a case only with the particular device tested, but we recommend readers to crosscheck this feature before buying and comment their experience if they contradict with this.

#6. Non-removable Battery, No Output for TV:

We listed these points at the end, because these majorly are not decisive factors while buying a smartphone these days. So if in case anyone wanted these features in their device then iPhone 7 is just not for you. You can not replace the battery by yourself if in long run the battery performance degrades. Also you don’t get an option to connect your phone to TV for viewing medias in a larger screen. But you can always use some third party apps to solve this purpose. 
               These were the best worst points we could find in the all new iPhone 7. A 2 GB of RAM and 32GB of ROM may be a shortfall for some users but this is not a factor to worry about for a majority of buyers. So we didn’t cover that in our main portion. 
                Hopefully our effort helps you making a better and aware decision while going for an iPhone 7. If you find this review reasonable then do support us by liking and sharing this post with your friends. Comment below to let us know your views and suggestions. Have a nice day. 🙂 
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