There can be several reasons for corruption of Microsoft Outlook Data file. Some of them can be virus attacks or malicious tool installed in the Outlook, terminate Microsoft Outlook abnormally, etc. Other reasons may include hardware failure, improper system shut down, etc.
This error occurs when MS Outlook tries to open more than one 'Personal Store Folders' using single Outlook PST file. Another reason for this error message may be that the Outlook data file is registered but the path is not correct or the original Outlook PST file does not exist.

Solution to Outlook PST File Error

Solution to repair Outlook PST file and the mentioned problem is very easy. Just follow the underlying steps to rectify the issue.
  • If Microsoft Outlook is open, then first close it.
  • Restart your machine.
  • After restarting your PC, start MS Outlook application. If “This Personal Folders file (PST) is already in use with this profile” message appears again, then ignore it.
  • Right click on the Personal Store Folder item >> choose Close "Personal Store Folder" option. Leave the primary Personal Store Folder >> close all Personal Store Folders that are in use. Now close Outlook.
  • Open Microsoft Outlook and check if the error has been resolved or not.

Above steps are very persuasive for Outlook PST File repair. If the error “This Personal Folders file (pst) is already in use with this profile” still appears, then it may be possible that the path to the primary Personal Store Folder is wrong or Outlook PST file does not exist at all.
To resolve this issue, set the path of your Outlook PST file correctly.

Set Path of Outlook PST File:

To set path of Outlook data file correctly, please follow the below steps.
  • Detect the target Outlook PST File. If you do not know the path, you can search it by using Windows option and Copy the path of the file in Notepad for using in further steps.
  • Open “Microsoft Outlook” >> Click right on the “Personal Store Folder”.
  • Select “Data File Properties” for Personal Folders option in the context menu.
  • Under the General tab, hit on “Advanced” option.
  • In the Filename box, type the path of the target Outlook PST file which you copied in Notepad.
  • Click twice on “OK” button.

Final Conclusion:

Sometimes the above steps may prove incapable of fixing the issue. In such case, one can manage in Microsoft Outlook with a PST file repair tool efficiently in a safe manner. This utility is compatible with MS Outlook 2013, 2010, 2007 and below versions.

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