Top 5 best android applications for students.
Top 5 best android applications for students.

Hello guys.This is “”. Today I am here coming a great useful thing that every modern student must have. Every people now a days mostly use android means android phones. All should know about internet, basically all students have an marvellous idea about internet.All should know about play store app. Most people know it as android app store. Basically students are downloading android games and playing,some of students don’t know about android devices or android phones. So all people just buy android phones for camera,4g,3g,more storage and large
display with quality looks and for brand. But students are easily use google android phones. Android developers are made android OS easily so that all people should understand easily. Here is the topic about that best and top 5 android application for students. These applications are very useful to the students whom are graduated or not graduated,and it also useful to others in their daily life. Every students must install these top five applications in their android smartphones. So let us discuss about what is the name of applications and how these are useful for students and also for other people, You can just go to google play store and download from them.

So let’s knowing about those android applications.


News hunt is an android application in which you can see 80+ regional news paper with 12+ different languages 175+ Publications, 1.2 lakh +  article published daily with no cost ,any time and anywhere you can access and read news paper.Students and other people must have this application because no need to buy a news paper and with free of cost you can read it easily


Wikipedia is an encyclopedia,it consists of millions of topics related to students study,so most of students use guide teacher as WIKIPEDIA, so here you can found all topics in one application and just there a search option then you can search here which topic you need.


Google translate is mostly usefull thing to all students and other ,you can translate any unknown laguage to known language.It is so much usefull to students,because now a days learn english language is a big issue so they can learn english by simply this application named as google translator


Everybody should refer dictionary for knowing then accurate meaning of word,most of students follow dictionary to stoke some words in theri mind,but dictionary is a heavy weight book and it is not comfortable in any place to read,so in Dictionary android application you can search millions of word in one just a little bit of time and in dictionary app you can easily understand that word which you want



My class schedule is an reminder application where you can manage your up comming classes,exams,and also students can manage their time by create a new schedule,Time is precious so every student should use this application to utilize their time properly.

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