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Xiaomi Mi band 2 heart rate not working How to fix it
Xiaomi Mi band 2 heart rate not working How to fix it

 Xiaomi Mi band 2 heart rate not working How to fix it

 Hello Everybody Welcome again to geeksacademy.net in previous article we are discuss about Xiaomi product that is Xiaomi Mi band 2. This product is so much good and impressive reviews of Xiaomi mi band 2. Mi band 2 has one bug report
(i.e it can't measure heart rate) by its sensor .So you don't worry about that bug or probleme. We are here to solve this probleme.One thing you all know that the heart beat can't measure by your gadget,it doesn't mean that your gdget(Mi band 2) has stopped working or its heart beat measure is not working.

 So let me confirm you it happens ,you all know that (Mi band 2 ) has an application named as Mi Fit, due to not update the application this probleme occured,due to coding change in Mi fit application ,So don't worry about it.

Solution for Heart rate not working

  •  If you haven't update your Mi fit application then quickly uninstall it quickly, after uninstall reboot or restart your smartphone.
  • Then simply go to play store for android user and app store for apple user download it from their.
  • Sign in using your previous id and password.
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  • Then you can measure your heartrte by opening the application or by clicking on the touch screen of the band.
  • This trick is 95% working and measure your heart rate.

NP:-  If this trick also not working then move your Mi band 2 to another side of your wrist ,then measure heart rate its 100% working trick.

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