Why should buy Xiaomi Mi band 2

Why should buy Xiaomi Mi band 2

Why should buy Xiaomi Mi band 2
Why should buy Xiaomi Mi band 2

Hello Guiz welcome again to Geeksacademy. Today’s topic is Why should buy xiaomi Mi band 2. You all know exercise ,workout,are so much needed for a human life, without workout or any physical work out our body becomes fatter and fatter and there are so many diseases like high blood pressure,diabetics have more chances to happen.Sorry,It’s a technical blog and I don’t want to suggest you.SO main reason to buy Xiaomi Mi band 2 is

.It’s an exercise band and best fitness band for running,workout etc. There are lots of features in xiaomi Mi band 2.
Before Mi band 2 ,Xiaomi releases Mi band 1 & 1s .They are good but Mi band 2 is so much good as compared to another band at that amount of price. You can wear it in your left or right hand, design is so much impressive.

It has 0.42″ inch OLED display a small display in where you can see , date,time, hoe many distance covered in a whole day,how much calories burn,how many steps you have walk,and main thing us heart beat measure.In this device,Xiaomi use high quality pedometer which measures how many steps have you travel or how many distance have you travel,then it calculate how many caloies burn. Xiaomi applied a latest technique in heart rate calculation.

Main thing is its strap means where it can be put by a belt which is known as strap is basically in silicon material, and it is very much comfortable to wear.

It is IP67 certified which is splash resistance, dust resistance,corrosion resistance.

It tested under 70°C Celsius for 128 hours, -20°C for 128 hours but not any bad effect on it,so you can easily wear it any where at any place.


  •  If you are sitting any where from a lot of time approx 1 hour then it vibrates and reminded you that you have to walk or some tea break.
  • You have to download the android app named as “Mi fit” from here and ios app from here, to know the details workout, steps, calories burn, sleep time, heartbeat measure.
  • When you wear your Mi band then no need of password on finger print to unlock it. Just get closer to the phone unlock it.
  • Your band will vibrate when incoming calls,whatsapp message and any notification comes then it vibrates and informing you that what is coming.
  • In this “Mi fit” application you can set your weight goal,activity goal,steps goal.
  • You can put an alarm to remind you and vibrate the band.

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 Over all the band features are so much impressive at that amount of money.

  • It’s costs 2k only in India.
  • So I think it is the best fitness band at low price.

NP:-Heartbeat can’t measure from this band due to software updated version ,but don’t worry about it we are here to fix that issue also. 

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