If you are a frequent user of MS Outlook, then no doubt you will be familiar with data files of Outlook. OST and PST files are the two data files associated with MS Outlook. The entire data including mails, contacts, etc. data items of Outlook get stored within these files. When these files due to some reason are corrupted, there are inbuilt tool i.e; SCANPST.EXE available with MS Outlook, which can repair these files. If we precisely talk about PST files, the inbuilt utility scanpst.exe that can repair the PST file and can bring it back in a healthy state. However, the situation gets critical when this Inbox repair tool stuck at phase 7 or does not work. What do you think you can do when you cannot repair Outlook PST file with scanpst.exe also? Read on to know more about the solution to this problem.

Variation Of Outlook PST Files

There are two types of PST files aka Personal Storage Table that are used to store copy of Outlook data-ANSI and UNICODE.

ANSI type PST file format was the default file format for Outlook 2002 and previous versions. The maximum size of the ANSI PST files was limited to 2 GB and exceed in the limit would lead to generation of certain errors such as .pst has reached maximum size limit.

On the other hand, UNICODE is he default file format for Outlook 2003 and the later versions. The maximum size of the UNICODE PST files was increased up to 20 GB. Although ANSI PST files are supported in Outlook 2003 and later versions, it is not true with UNICODE PST files. These files are not supported in the older versions of Outlook.

Factors Leading To Scanpst.exe Stuck at Phase 7

Before moving on to the section that enlists the solution that one should adopt when one repair PST file with scanpst.exe, let us first have a look on the reasons that corrupt PST files and leads to scanpst.exe stops on step 7:

  • The most dominating factor that leads to corruption of PST file is exceeding the size limit of the PST file. If the size of the ANSI PST file is increased beyond 2 GB, the PST files gets corrupted and may lead to deletion of the data residing in the file. It is the case with UNICODE PST files as well. If the UNICODE PST file size increases beyond 20 GB, it will also experience the same issues.
  • In order to access the PST files from another location the Outlook user needs to access the file over a network from the mail client. It is advised to avoid accessing the file over a network as this can lead to corruption of PST files.
  • Other factors, which contribute to the PST file corruption, are hardware damages like damage to the hard drive in which the PST file is stored. In addition, abrupt closing of Outlook due to power surge or user negligence can lead to corruption of PST files.

Technique to Fix Inbox Repair Tool Stuck at Phase 7

As already discussed above that there are the situation arises due to which scanpst.exe freezes at Phase 7 while performing the recovery process. Therefore, to overcome from this situation, there is an advance Outlook PST file repair tool that makes easy for users to resolve Scanpst hangs on step 7 of 8 error and repair corrupted or inaccessible Outlook PST data files in a healthy form and provides various file formats to store it, i.e. PST, EML, and MSG. The utility supports hard deleted email recovery without any file size limitation. The software is programmed in such a manner that it retrieves the data from password protected PST files as well.

Highlighted Features

  • No Outlook installation required
  • Recover Deleted email data
  • Supports all Windows OS
  • Maintains the data integrity

How to Use the Utility to Resolve Scanpst Stuck on Step 7?

There is a systematic procedure that makes easy for users to utilize the software by following the mentioned steps:

Step 1: Download and launch the Outlook Recovery software on your machine. Once the application is launched, click on Add file option to add the files on the application.

Step 2: Now, browse the data from its stored location to perform the process and select the advance mode to choose the advance ode recovery procedure.

Step 3: Once the scanning is completed, the software will upload all the Outlook data files on the software and it can be previewed accordingly.

Step 4: Now, click on desired file or choose an export button, which is there at the top corner, a screen will appear. Choose the desired file format, enter filters if required, and then, select the desired location to save the data files after exporting on the system.

Step 5: Once the process is completed, the software will give the completion message on the screen.


Sensing the instability issues in PST files, Microsoft has introduced inbuilt tool for repairing corrupt PST files. However, sometimes Inbox repair tool stuck at phase 7 to overcome from this, we have discussed a solution so that it is easy for users to recover Outlook PST file in trouble-free way.


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