Google Apps or Office 365 which is better, still confused? This is the most common question that comes to user’s mind. Which one is best for the business? All your searches end here. In this post, a deep comparison of G Suite Vs Microsoft Office 365 is done that can help you in selecting the best for you.

Google Apps and Office 365 (O 365) both are the business productivity suites perform the same task in the cloud. In 2016, Google Apps was renamed as G Suite and used in many business organizations. Moreover, G Apps is the toughest competitor of MS O 365. It is because both offer almost same services such as creating a document, presentations, online chat, spreadsheets, video conferencing and provides cloud storage also. Thus, G Suite and Office 365 has mostly same features with collaboration tools so, it becomes difficult for a user to select one of between them. In order to clear your all your doubts, which suits you best, a detailed comparison of G Suite vs Microsoft Office 365 is discussed in this post.

Comparison Between Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365

Whenever a user looks for a productivity suite for the business, both Office 365 and G Suite are the first two names that strike in the user mind. Thus, to make the selection wisely, a complete comparison of G Suite & O 365 is done on the basis of various factors, which are discussed below:

G Suite Vs Office 365 Pricing

Selecting Google Apps Plan is quite easy because it offer three plans only and all are discussed below:

Basic Plan $ 5 per user per month
Business Plan $ 10 per user per month
Enterprise Plan Price depend upon request from Google

There is a wide range of plans offered by O 365. Based on the requirement, a user can choose any of them.

Business Essentials $6 per user per month
Business $10 per user per month
Business Premium $15 per user per month
Enterprise E1 $8 per user per month (annual commitment required)
Enterprise Pro Plus $12 per user per month (annual commitment required)
Enterprise E3 $20 per user per month (annual commitment required)
Enterprise E5 $35 per user per month (annual commitment required)

G Suite Vs Microsoft Office 365 Features

As discussed above there are pretty many same features offered by both G Suite & MS Office 365. Therefore, in this segment, a comparison between the features of both is discussed.

  1. File Storage
  2. At the entry level, O 365 is better with its Business Essential plan, which offers 1 TB of storage. On the other side G Suite offer 30 GB of file storage in its basic plan. But, when moving further to another level plans Google Apps provides much better storage facilities. However, everyone first purchases the entry level plan only in which Office 365 with 50 GB inbox on the top of 1 TB of storage proven to be a more generous choice.

  3. Email
  4. Google Apps vs Office 365 can also be compared with each other’s email apps. Gmail for the G Suite is really fast, with amazing search facility. But, it becomes really irritating sometimes because it does not allow sorting and grouping of emails. On the other side, MS Outlook is the key attraction of Microsoft Office 365. It provides two version i.e. online version & offline version with many advanced features such as sorting, grouping, labeling and proven to more flexible than Gmail.

  5. Applications
  6. In the case of applications, Office 365 is the no doubt winner between the both with so many applications such as PowerPoint, Word, Outlook, Excel, etc., that a user can download on the desktop and use it offline mode also. However, G Apps also have all such features such as Google docs, Google slides, Google Sheets, etc. But they are not as better as MS Office apps.

  7. Video Calls
  8. For Video calling, G Suite provides Hangout and Office 365 provides Skype. Both work great with good quality but when it comes to a number of the participant on the video O 365 is far better than G Apps Hangout. On one side where Google Apps allows maximum 25 participant in a video call, on the other side Skype of Office 365 allows maximum 250 participants in a video call.

  9. Syncing Local Data
  10. Office 365 & G Suite both provides desktop-based app i.e. SharePoint & Google Drive respectively to sync local data with cloud and vice-versa. Using this app one can save the data cloud that appears on the drive also. However, the SharePoint of Office 365 is more preferable compared to Google Drive because sharing a file with others directly is easy in Sharepoint.

  11. Mobile Apps
  12. As everybody knows there are mobile apps also for G Suite and Office 365 that allows users to access and edit the files. Both provide smooth working and easy-to-use. However, when there is a comparison between G Suite & Office 365, Outlook in the mobile app is a little bit disappointing them Gmail. Because Outlook does not allow sorting and grouping in that.

  13. Support
  14. Both G Suite and Office 365 offer 24 *7 email and phone support service. In addition, both support English languages and various other language support also depending on the country.

  15. User Interface
  16. In Google Apps vs Office 365 comparison, users are more preferable to sue MS Office Suite because they are familiar with almost all application of MS Office such as Word, Excel, etc. On the other hand, G Suite is also pretty much good but the user interface of Office 365 is easy to use than G Apps.

  17. Work Offline
  18. Both of them offer various apps to work in offline mode. But, if a user wants to differentiate between Google Apps & Office 365, Google is not as much good as O 365. Using the standard application one can easily work in offline mode in Office 365. However, in G Apps, one needs to download each file on the mobile device in order to access them.

Why Choose Office 365 Over Google Apps?

There are various reasons that why the users are switichng to MS Office 365 like:

  • Over G Suite, MS Office 365 plans come with desktop versions of the MS Office applications, which make this product much better for business purpose.
  • At the entry level file storage and email storage of O 365 is much better than the G Apps.
  • Outlook in Office 365 suite offers users the facility to sort & group mail, which is not available in Gmail of G suite.
  • Allows far more participant while video calling on the Skype over Hangout.
  • Many advanced options to manage phone calls in O 365.
  • One can easily share files using the sync app in Microsoft OneDrive compared to the Google Drive.
  • Provides advanced functionality such as virus protection, rights management, etc., in MS Office 365.

Observational Verdict

After the above deep comparison between G Suite vs Microsoft Office 365, it is pretty much clear that from user’s perspective, Office 365 is more preferable than G Suite. Because it offers many advanced features and easy user interface than G Apps. Thus, if a user wants to select a business for its organization it suggested to go for the Microsoft Office 365 over Google Apps. As a result, there are various users who want G Suite to Office 365 migration, due to the facilities provided by Google Apps.

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