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5 Most Exciting Features of the New iOS 11

           iOS 11 has come with a bang as it has brought with itself a number of new features which will change how we use iPads and iPhones. Multi-million dollar tech giant Apple unveiled its latest operating system at the WWDC 2017 event in June. And since then, gadget freaks have been scouting every detail in order to know everything they can so that they are ready when the operating system is launched in September this year. So, let us go through some of these new features.

5 Most Exciting Features of the New iOS 11
5 Most Exciting Features of the New iOS 11

•    Customizing Control Centre

The Control Centre will be getting a makeover with new functionality in iOS 11.It will enable users to customize the screens of their device as per their needs with the help of extra buttons or widgets. For instance – a button for Apple TV or a home control which can dim the lights.

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•    Safe Driving

iOS 11 is going to make sure that you drive safe as it will keep a watch on you while you drive. The new operating system will feature a ‘Do Not Disturb While Driving’ mode that will sense when you are driving and as a result will shut off all notifications. However, if someone messages or call you during this time, it will tell the messenger or caller that you are driving. In order to ensure that you are not distracted in any way, the screen of your iPhone will stay black the entire time while you drive.

•    New Changes to Mapping

Indoor mapping is getting a whole new revitalization in iOS 11. The company will be incorporating indoor mapping to Apple maps so that you can scan through building floor plans. And not only this, you will get to see a list of all the individual shops and their locations in a shopping mall. In order to help you easily make your way to the right gate for your flight, it will show you the position of security in airports. At the launch of the operating systems, the service will be pushed out across multiple cities across the globe.

·          Multi-lingual Siri

Apple’s own AI based digital assistant Siri will be more diverse with the advent of iOS 11. The all new Siri will enable us to ask it how to say certain English phrases in Italian, German, Spanish, French and Chinese. It will also come with two new voices – a male voice and a female voice.

•    Augmented Reality

 A new kit by the name of ARKit will be introduced by the tech giant in iOS 11. It will enable developers to build the next generation of augmented reality apps for its smartphones. As a result, more and more game, social apps, etc., will embrace augmented reality. This has kept the fans excited as this was one of the highly anticipated features that fans were expecting out of the new operating system.

Wrap Up

 iOS 11 undoubtedly will surpass the performance of all previous operating systems by the company. These features are among many other features that iOS 11 is bringing with itself. iPhone and iPad users are eagerly waiting for iOS 11 Download. It seems fans will not be disappointed when they finally get their hands on the latest operating system by Apple in September this year. 


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