Borderlands 3 is in the Making, Gearbox CEO Teases

The next main entry into the acclaimed Borderlands series has been awaited for a long time. Fans have been talking about it ever since 2012, and although they did get a new entry in the shape of an awesome new Pre-Sequel, the thirst to move forward and expand on the story after Handsome Jack’s death has certainly not been quenched.

Borderlands 3 is in the Making, Gearbox CEO Teases
Borderlands 3 is in the Making, Gearbox CEO Teases

Borderlands 3 has to be one of the biggest rumored titles of present times, and while the signs from the studio have not always been very precise, Gearbox Studios’ Randy Pitchford has started to share more detailed information about their upcoming project. Let us keep in mind that the Borderlands 3 game has not been confirmed yet, but the hints suggest that the game is well underway.
The most recent one involves a tweet from Pitchford himself, in which he posted a picture of himself coupled with a very interesting text status. In the picture, one can see him in some kind of motion capture gear. The text attached to it says that he is currently shooting for the part of a psycho bandit in an unnamed video game. Now while realistically speaking the game in question could really be anything, what struck us was the tongue in cheek way that Pitchford seemed to tease it. Moreover, a psycho bandit sounds like exactly the kind of thing one would expect from the Borderlands series. So yes, we do not really know if the game that is in the works in actually Borderlands 3, but the project would obviously be big enough to rope in some high profile cameos. In this case, this mysterious game also involves motion capture contributions from the renowned pair of magicians, Penn and Teller.

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We admit that this is certainly not proof enough to conclude that Borderlands 3 is in development, but there are other major revelations to support it. The most important one in this respect came early this year during the Game Developers Conference, during which the Gearbox CEO showcased new technology that he said could be used to build the next Borderlands game. But Pitchford’s hesitation to actually mention the term Borderlands 3 did nothing to dampen fans’ hopes. This is because much earlier when Borderlands 3 was still an idea, Pitchford had said that the next Borderlands game might not be called Borderlands 3 at all. In fact, it might just be called Borderlands 4, for there were already three main installments in the series, including Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.
Now coming to the GDC 2017 demo, Pitchford revealed a video that aimed to showcase new non realistic artistic style currently in the works. But those who have played the Borderlands games immediately recognized the similarities with the series’ art style. That is not all, for besides the barren landscapes and other technical showings, the video also featured a character. This was a female clad from head to toe in a suit so that her face could not be seen. But her Borderlands roots were unmistakable.
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After seeing these, fans immediately started to speculate that Borderlands 3 Game was indeed in development, and the video used for the technical showcasing featured parts of the upcoming game in progress. Moreover, many were of the opinion that the character could be a returning one from the earlier games and that her face was deliberately covered to protect her identity. Now while all these are mere speculations, it appears that the studio has planned these little teases to gradually build up hype for the new game without giving much away.

Pitchford’s most recent tweet actually makes us tempted to believe that Borderlands 3 is in the making, and if that is the case, we can’t wait to see an actual reveal. 
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