Best file sharing apps for Android [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you are an Android user, you already have an idea of how important it is to share files from one device to another. To solve this problem, earlier people were using Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth is used to share files from one device to another wirelessly.
But the main disadvantage of using Bluetooth is that its speed is very slow and transferring large sized files takes a lot of time.
To cope up with this, we use special apps called File Sharing apps which use wireless connection to share files from one device to another.
In this infographic, I am going to tell you about five amazing file sharing apps which you should definitely use. Do not forget to download Shareit for Laptop

Best file sharing apps

So from this article, we conclude that Shareit is the best file sharing app for Android followed by Xender, Zapya, Superbeam and xShare. By the way, do you know that you can use jiofi.local.html as the default login page for your Jiofi Devices.

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