Suddenly your Microsoft Outlook slow to open emails? You are realizing that application is interrupting the work in one or the another way?
So, here is the solution for your problem. We are going to tell you tips and tricks for how to enhance Outlook performance. These measures should be taken as prevention from any error occurrence state in Microsoft Outlook. So, let’s get started.

  1. Regularly Update Your Windows: There are majority of computer users who ignore Windows update or does not realize these kind of updates. There might also be a situation where updates are hidden and a person is unaware from the same. Users have to set system settings in a way that all things get updated timely. Now a question arises why? There could be a chance that Microsoft automatically updates Exchange. This update result in break in communication between Outlook and Exchange. So, check that Outlook, Exchange, and other applications on your PC are up to date or not.
  2. Completely Download All Items: In order to resolve issue on how to enhance Outlook performance, make sure that you are properly connected with IMAP or POP3 account. Completely examine that you have configured account properly in Microsoft Outlook. Things are to be done in a correct manner without affecting the existing data.
  3. Archive the MS Outlook Inbox: It is quite obvious that the inbox size of MS Outlook is continuously increasing and users are unaware from the same. This is not a thing to ignore! Users have to focus on this fact and hence, set auto archive feature to retain specific portion of the messages. Either one have to use this feature or once in a while use Outlook Split PST product to timely archive database file of Outlook in small size. The application will be beneficial in speeding up Outlook performance without any hassle.
  4. Enable Cached Exchange Mode: The Outlook settings are made in a way that it effectively extract the file from server and then, cache it on local machine. This procedure is quite long for enhancing Outlook app performance because program does not read data file over the network. Microsoft Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, etc., all reads the storage file locally.
  5. Point to be Noted: The measure will be applicable only when Outlook users are connected with the Exchange server.

  6. Compress Outlook Data File: With increase in usage of Outlook file, the size of the database also increases. It might be possible users delete unwanted messages but, PST file size remains the same. For Outlook 2010 users, one can click on Account Settings >> Data File and then select file that is to be compressed. When the file selection is finished, click on Settings >> Advanced >> Outlook Data File Setting >> Compact Now. Now a question arises that what about other versions Outlook users? Not to worry, there is one of the well known Compress PST file software. This product is designed to reduce size of overall Outlook storage file on different parameter. Now it will become easy to execute solution of how to enhance Outlook performance.
  7. Repair Outlook PST File: A situation may occur in which Outlook files get corrupted because of virus attack or any other reason. Therefore, Microsoft team offered a free utility to repair less corrupted PST files i.e., Inbox repair tool. Now a question arises that what if the Outlook database file is severely corrupted? Don’t get tensed, still we are having approach for the same. An individual can go for anyone of the product available in internet market to repair PST filee in Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, etc. The software will not only repair your files but also enable you to again retrieve a corruption free PST file.
  8. Reduce Published and Shared Calendars: It seems easy to publish & share calendars data with others. But, the issue is that more the activity you are performing, it is impacting on Outlook. The numerous Outlook data that is being shared and downloaded from the Internet, slows down the performance. Well, this is fine when it is all about one or two sharing calendars. But, when it is about dealing with bulk calendar then, this is going to slow down connection in Outlook.
  9. Deactivate or Disable RSS Feeds: The question i.e., How to enhance Outlook performance ? is very common in today’s date. MS Outlook comprises of many functionalities within it. One such is that it automatically syncs the RSS feeds from the Internet Explorer. In case, there are numerous RSS feeds then, it is definitely going to crawl MS Outlook. Therefore, it is recommended to users that they should disable this feature just by changing few default settings. Go to Options >> Advanced option and uncheck both the options under RSS feeds.
  10. Remove add-ins For Better Performance: While working with Outlook users might find different add-ins enabled in Outlook. Yes, it is true that add-ins provides more functionality while working. But, it slows Outlook performance. This is the reason why experts recommend to disable unwanted add-ins and hence, a solution to the discussing problem.
  11. Resolve ShoreTel Integration in Win 7: This is for the user who is using ShoreTel communicator. One might have noticed some issues while opening and using Outlook in presence of this communicator. Basically, this issue occurs due to incompatibility between ShoreTel and Windows 7. To resolve this problem, open Task Manager and then search for Agent.exe. Now right-click on the same and click on Properties >> Compatibility. Now select ‘Run this app in compatibility mode for’ option and choose Windows XP (Service Pack 3).

Any Other Tip or Tricks?

Well, the main fact is that there is no specific reason why this issue occurs. This means that a particular solution on how to enhance Outlook performance is not available. But, all possible measures or prevention tips are suggested in this blog, which one can utilize for enhancing the performance of Outlook.

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