Imo video Calling App Review

What is imo?

Imo was originally an instant messaging app that managed a lot of your different social network accounts and your chat apps into one single app.

imo offers chat, video and voice calling, group chats, and photo sharing features.These features can be seen in most of the instant messaging apps but imo is locked in its own platform so friends and family will have to join in order to chat.

The app is cross platform so you can log into the service on Amazon, PC, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. It is also available on web browsers.

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When chatting with someone, imo secures all of your chats with SSL/TLS technology and video calls are encrypted, according to imo for privacy.

Since imo is its own platform, you will only be able to contact other people who have an imo video calling app account. You can’t access any third party messaging platforms like Twitter or Facebook anymore.

Knowing that all your chats and video calls will be encrypted is nice, but it’s a feature that you can also find in apps like WhatsApp or Google Hangouts.

Voice Calls and Video calls also work with cellular data or Wi-Fi so you can always make a call if necessary, but you will have to watch your carrier data usage and billing rates.

Since it has  changed ,imo is just another chat app looking for an audience now. Its usefulness was removed in 2014 when it stopped supporting third-party chat. Now all it’s doing is just a trying to find a place in the saturated messaging market with competitors that are offering the same features with a larger audience.

Its downside is that it has an interface that is just too basic and lacks some features that its competitors have.

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imo Features : 

imo offers unlimited free instant messaging over an online affiliation. rather like any other
ther app.

The main attraction is free unlimited high-quality voice and video calling, whereas poor conditions might render the calls in need of being top quality, there’s a perceptibly higher quality with video calls compared to alternative apps of variety. It’s positively higher on video calling than Viber.

The app permits you to share photos and videos. It additionally offers free stickers, that is that the craze of the instant on instant electronic messaging apps. this can be turning into quite a requirement wear these apps.

It offers cluster chat, however doesn’t have a separate tab for teams and also the cluster creation. The settings for teams area unit quite restricted.

imo permits you to attach with users of alternative networks.

Well, this can be to this point on behalf of me solely theory , i think it to be one thing nice to be ready to communicate throughout platforms. This way, you could, as an example, cash in of the standard of imo’s video calls and luxuriate in the presence of the large quantity of users in apps like WhatsApp and Skype. however United Nations agency has seen doors pass on front of it, as bit by bit, the large players with immense user bases eliminated the likelihood of third party apps to access their networks.

Some Pros and Cons of imo :


Provides Voice and video calls
Can Share photos
Can Group chat


Offers nothing new

Conclusion : 

So to conclude , imo for PC is a good app for instant messaging but as it has nothing new to offer you can’t expect much from it. But overall it’s a nice app for you to make Voice and video calls.

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