Tuesday, 5 September 2017

New iPhone 8 reveals Apple Shokes

Posted by Neil Cool

   New iPhone 8 reveals Apple Shoked

                             With the presumptive introduction of the new iPhone in more than a week, almost everything is known to Tim Cook, the tenth anniversary of the phone. It is unlikely that this is a real "thing more" to surprise the crowd, but Apple's latest smartphone is still able to provide a shock. Every $ 1200 of a shock.

New iPhone 8 reveals Apple Shokes
New iPhone 8 reveals Apple Shokes

Although there are several different options for setting up and pricing the device, the consensus is three store options and a price for the eyes. The current data point in the price list comes from Benjamin Geskin and supports the widespread view of the price of the iPhone. The entry-level 64GB model of the iPhone 8 is expected to reach $ 999 plus taxes, an intermediate level model from 256GB to $ 1099 and a higher level from 512GB to $ 1199.
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 Although this is a new line for an iPhone that meets the options of the iPad Pro. Apple likes to repeat patterns, so it is another nod to the iPhone 8 to be the smartphone "Pro" of the wallet. As always, Apple has maintained a $ 100 separation between the store levels, resulting in the curious situation of the first increase in storage of 192 GB, which costs the same increase as the second increase of 256 GB. Probably Apple would not be too rude to say "buy still 192 GB, get a 64 GB free bonus", but the thought is there.

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Without a doubt, Apple will also be the profit margin of the iPhone 8, generally accepted between thirty-five to forty percent, but consumers will wonder what they will receive when they pay Apple's price. Many of the new features that Tim Cook and his team will present on the iOS ecosystem are common features on high-end Android devices. OLED screens, curved glass, dual-lens cameras and wireless charging are manufactured on the phones from the competition. Some of these features are limited. The wireless charging system can be based on the Qi standard, but it seems that Apple is blocking the iPhone hardware to accept only one charge from third-party devices licensed by Cupertino.

I expect a lot of media entertainment from the audience especially at the Steve Jobs Theater when the iPhone 8 was unveiled on September 12 while talking about Apple's existing technology and "perfection". Does that mean the conflict of $ 1200 labels for a smartphone? For some members of the geekerati, yes, it is a price that is worth paying. For the general public, the iPhone 8 may seem too expensive for what it provides.
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