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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 The Thing You Don't Know

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 The Thing You Don't Know

                                     The thing no one has ever told you ... "is my occasional column touching a tangential but interesting detail that has been lost or misinformed in the news Sometimes it is a floor breaker, sometimes only one can be a dinner conversation Samsung's approach to design development is different from that of Apple not only because Apple usually launches an iPhone on an annual basis, Samsung has two top ranking prominent mobile phones in their Galaxy, S .
Mark, so can design specialties like eg tilting screens are more frequently refined.
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 The Thing You Don't Know
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 The Thing You Don't Know

Three years ago, Galaxy Note Edge introduced us the idea of a screen with a hang so you could see the light from the screen, even if the screen was on top of your desktop.

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 There was only one slope on this phone. However, if you want a higher Galaxy phone, these days are the only option: you can have any number of oblique edges, provided there are two.

Features have arrived in the past, as the brilliant border application of an earlier phone, which disappeared by telephone or two, came back however.
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 The Thing You Don't Know
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 The Thing You Don't Know

It is included in the S8 and Note8 with additional features in the QuickTools border feature which also includes a compass and a flashlight.

And the new Note8 has several design extensions. It is true that one thing we wanted to change was that Samsung had not changed - the placement of the fingerprint sensor next to the camera - but at least the introduction of a dual-sensor camera had at least the effect of distancing the lens from his big finger for a little.

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Note8 is the first note that has the 18.5: 9 screen review presented by the Galaxy S8 earlier this year. This means that the phone manages to squeeze on a six-inch screen without stretching the average hand from all out of shape.

It is a great step forward. So what is this key design development? This is the curvature of the edges of the screen. "Oh, come on," I hear him impatiently, "I've read about it. Of course, but what I just told you, and what I'm talking about is exactly what changes the game is that this small fit fails.

The slope is something that has changed on every phone since Samsung introduced it. The S6 rim was bent at the front, almost flat at the back. It was ok, but not comfortable.

Things looked with the S7 edge and were more practical on the S8. But now in Galaxy Note8, the edges are steeper, with snugger curves that glide directly into the back of the phone.

This has two effects, the two transformers are silent. First, the screen loses the distortion that it had on the ear earrings, so it looks better. Secondly and most importantly, it is fantastic. This makes the phone much more manageable than a six-inch screen never seems to be possible, and it's a much more fluid experience than the previous Galaxy phones.

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