Which Social Platform Should Your Business Use?

Which Social Platform Should Your Business Use?
Which Social Platform Should Your Business Use?

What’s your business plan? Let us rephrase that question and ask you again!

Do you have a business plan?

If you do not have any plan, you must know that there is something you can do to turn your business around.

You might have heard about the popular saying that content is king.

Businesses spend a lot of money on buying a domain and building a good-looking website.

However, you need to know that, a good website design will not help your business. Some start-ups cannot afford to buy a domain and they need alternatives.

How about social media to attract prospective clients? Just so you know, owning a website is not the only way to market your business.

Your prospective customers are looking for relevant content. Trying to lure them with an appealing website will not help.

This article shall cover all the important aspects you need to know – Which social platform should your business use to reach the top?

We are going to cover all that and more in this article.

The Best Social Media Platform for your Business

As a startup, you will have to face few challenges. You are on a tight budget and have limited manpower.

Have a look on :-

Tricks to increase facebook likes

You start your business with a laptop and a marvellous idea.

You do not have the wealth to shoot an advertisement with celebrities or get featured in a newspaper.

 The social media platform is the right place to advertise your business.

There is no charge for it and the whole world is using social media.

We have seen home bakers and fashion enthusiasts, selling their creations on Facebook and Instagram.

You need to understand your target audience. Whom are you selling your services/product to?

A study suggests that Facebook is the best social media platform to market your products and services.

Which Social Platform Should Your Business Use?
Which Social Platform Should Your Business Use?


Business marketing on Facebook is effective.
There are many active users on Facebook, who share content which they find relevant and interesting.

Place a link of your official website and let the world know about your products and services.

Gone are the days of cold calling and troubling people. You will reach your audience in a non-garish way.

There are more than 1.5 billion users on Facebook.

The social media posts that you place will be seen by people, who are following you.

They can share it with other people and that’s how your journey will start.

If you wish to reach a larger audience and target any age group, you should use Facebook.

Which Social Platform Should Your Business Use?
Which Social Platform Should Your Business Use?

It does not matter whether you are an online seller or you sell through an app, you can use Facebook to market the products and services that you are offering.

Facebook Marketing has a tool for you! You can create an advert or a page through Facebook which will connect you to 2 billion users.

Content is king 

It was in the year 1996, when Bill Gates wrote an essay on, ‘Content is king’. In today’s world, it has become a bible and all the businesses are using the strategy to reach the top.

If you are using social media to advertise your product, you need a Social Media writer, who can write alluring content to attract prospective clients. You need to create marketing strategies and placing relevant content on your website or social media is a part of it.

You can check here:-

Update Facebook and Twitter status via I-phone,Blackberry and other Costly Mobile /Laptops.

Business owners feel that they can create the content themselves and place it on the website. It is a big NO for businesses because you need an expert to do the needful.

The content has to be SEO friendly and needs to have relevant hash tags for social media posts.

Which Social Platform Should Your Business Use?
Which Social Platform Should Your Business Use?

How to hire the best writer for creating social media posts?

Your first step towards success is to hire a professional writer.

Where will you find an expert writer from? The answer is – Contentmart.com. 

Finding a good writer is a task and hiring a full-time writer for your start-up business, will cost you an additional paycheque.

How about hiring a professional freelance writer from Contentmart? It is one of the best sites to hire a freelance copywriter.

Which Social Platform Should Your Business Use?
Which Social Platform Should Your Business Use?

Final Verdict

We hope the article helped you to understand the basic strategies of content marketing through social media.

Quality content has a great impact on a business. If you are new to the industry and you wish to get visible on social media, you should hire a writer, who can write quality content.

Creating content is not an easy task and you need a professional. Creating relevant and trending hash tags is important for the growth of your company.

Your prospective customers are looking for specific products and services. With hash tags and right keyword placement, your services and products can get visible.

A writer will be able to do that!

Do not write the content yourself as that will lead to over-spamming. Google has become smart and it will give you a manual penalty for manipulating it.

Which Social Platform Should Your Business Use?
Which Social Platform Should Your Business Use?

Content marketing is reasonable which means you will save a lot. Also, posting on social media is a wise decision.

Do hire a writer because that will help you to change the face of your business. By investing a small amount, your business shall receive double revenue. Publishing exciting, plagiarism-free and fresh content on Facebook and website will help your business.

Your competitors are reaching the top and you have still not taken the first step. Hire a good writer and see your business grow! Best of luck!

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