Consolidate PST Files into One to Resolve Outlook File Size Error

The blog is going to help users who want to consolidate PST files for the management ease. Generally, this is going to be a worthful article for clients who were using older Outlook editions and are now working with the latest edition. 
No computer applications are perfect whether it is Outlook or any other. Well, Microsoft team puts its best in fixing all bugs and providing users a hassle-free environment while working. Every Outlook user is aware of one thing that in the older versions of Outlook, PST files were bounded with the size limit. The files used to work properly until and unless their size does not exceed. But, when the size increases it causes disastrous issues like corruption, program performance degradation, etc. 
Thankfully, the Microsoft experts team has resolved the problem in latest Outlook editions like 2016, 2013, 2010, and 2007. This means that there is no file size limitation issue in UNICODE PST files. But, still, the problem is not yet resolved! Actually, previously users create multiple PST in old Outlook version to be safe from the file size issue. Therefore, this now leads to demand for an approach to merge multiple Outlook data files into one.

How To Combine Outlook PST Files in Outlook 2016, 2013 & 2010 Manually?

If you want to consolidate PST files to collectively access them in recent Outlook versions then, utilize below-mentioned instructions :

Step #1: Generate a New Outlook Data File

a) Open Outlook program on your PC and hit on New Items

b) An options list will appear where you have to click on More Items >> Outlook Data Files 
c) Move towards the location where you want to store new Outlook file, give it a name, and hit on OK button
d) Till now, you have created a new PST file, which will get listed on LHS of MS Outlook screen.

You are completed with the first step to combine Outlook PST files. Now, it is the time to proceed with Step (2) that is the last merging procedure of Outlook files.

Step #2: Move All PST Files Data in New File

1. Launch Microsoft Outlook and click on File >> Open & Export >> Import / Export
2. An Import and Export wizard appears where you have to select Import from another program or file option and click Next
3. From the ‘file type to import from’ section, choose Outlook Data File (.pst) option and click Next
4. Hit on Browse button to proceed with solution to consolidate PST files into one
5. Move towards the location where source PST files are located, select any one of them, and click Open
6. Now you will be moved back to the Outlook screen where you can hit on Next button. This is required to continue with consolidating of multiple Outlook PST files.
7. Customize the file import setting, as per the need and after doing this, click on Finish button
Note: Repeat Step (2), till the time all Outlook files are not moved in new PST file.

Is the Manual Way Risk-Free?

The manual procedure to consolidate PST files sounds to be easy but, when it comes to implementation then, users are going to face one or the other hurdle. It is quite simple only if the execution is done in a diligent manner. It is so because there are high chances of the error occurs when a single thing goes wrong at the time of execution. Besides all this, it is going to be a big challenge for users who are unaware of Outlook wizards, add-ons, and other technical terms. Now what? Don’t worry we are still having an alternative measure, which is described in the upcoming section.

Alternative Approach

A simple, quick, and efficient measure to combine Outlook PST files is to opt for a professional tool i.e., PST Merge. The application is a do-it-yourself product, which enables users to consolidate PST files in a systematic and user-friendly manner. It enables users to merge all items of Outlook like emails, calendars, contacts, journals, etc., without manipulating the existing data. The MS Outlook PST file merger provides an additional option to remove duplicates from browsed files. There is no limitation of file numbers or size, which is imposed on this product for consolidating Outlook data. The software does not require any deep knowledge of Outlook for working with it. Even a novice user will be able to join numerous PST files with the help of this tool. With all such astonishing set of features, the software is considered under one of the best PST merge tools in this digital market.

Time to Wind Up

This is an every hour need where users are searching for the solution to consolidate PST files. It is possible to attempt the task both with manual solution as well as the third-party tool. The steps of the manual workaround are thoroughly illustrated in this blog, which might help a person in troubleshooting the issue to combine Outlook PST files into one. Since there is no guarantee of data integrity maintenance in a manual way therefore, an alternative measure is also suggested here.

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