In present arena, migrating data from Lotus Notes to Office 365 is very common. The need for Microsoft Office 365 is rising within the enterprises due to various reasons. Some of these reasons include its cost-effectiveness, ease of use, and higher business productivity. However, users get stuck in some points such as, is it possible to migrate IBM Notes to Office 365 keeping the data safe? Will it be cost-effective? Though it sounds so simple, it a complicated procedure. Therefore, it is important to perform this task with a proper strategy. Users need to manage Lotus Notes to Office 365 migration project plan for safe and accurate conversion. These are best possible practices for moving IBM Lotus Notes to Office 365 account for planning & managing it perfectly:

  • Select the Way to Go: According to your company, pick any approach from Cutover, Hybrid, or Staged.
  • In case, the organization is small & you wish to move all uses at once, then it is suggested to use a cutover method. You can use the method even if the organization is huge, but you wish to migrate some specific teams.
  • You can use the Hybrid method if the company is dispersed and in case you wish to transfer users in phases & simultaneously co-exist with legacy platform.
  • Get the Right Team: Now, having the right team on board for supporting Office 365 migration procedure is important for the success of the project. Using a well-planned approach and with perfect on board, you can perform a smooth transition. A breakdown of any Cs- Co-ordination, communication, and collaboration could obstruct the process in between.
  • Keep Licenses or Subscriptions Up Date: Pick one subscription plans with Office 365. Moreover, it is important to review your needs frequently and plan for the growth at the same time.
  • Go About the Rollouts: Phased rollouts have always an upper edge. When, you perform the migration in the phased manner, based on region, business Unit or location, you take the steps towards steady transformation. This migration could fall out in case, you are not aware of groups that to be moved or if groups have high Line of Business programs to be integrated.
  • Collaboration with LOB: Moving the emails to Microsoft Office 365 and collaborating, them with the present LOB application is required and may look simple to accomplish. Nevertheless, the reality is another way around and it is not so straightforward. You need to check the limits, which includes mailbox storage, address book, and size of the attachment. This practice will make sure that your new platform is performing as the way you wish it to.
  • Check Your Network: This is one of the important factors to execute the migration on time. Your conversion time totally depends upon the network connectivity. If you have a smooth network then the procedure of exporting the data from Lotus Notes to Office 365 becomes very easy and quick. However, if the network capacity is not so good then you have to spend a lot of time for such migration.
  • Follow Authentication and Authorization: You need to make sure that the governance, as well as the security policies, are in line with industry and county particular need. It is suggested to assign owners to ensure good compliance and simpler management of Microsoft Office 365.
  • Prepare for the New Change: This is also very important to prepare your enterprise for a new journey, the way to adopt the change after its completion, etc. Preparation will let your organization to use new the environment easily without affecting organizations work.
  • Note the Accurate Facts: After all these above-mentioned practices, you have to make sure that you have the accurate mailbox numbers that to be moved along with the mail types within mailboxes to enhance the migration of data. It will help in the optimization of the migration speed. For instance, a 2GB- mailbox with 200 items, each of 10 MB attachments, will have the greater rate of conversion as compared to 2-GB mailbox with 100,000 minor items.

Wrapping It Up

Lotus Notes and Office 365, both have their own importance in the management of data and sustenance of business. However, Microsoft Office 365 is comparatively more popular. As a result, various users want to move from Lotus Notes to Office 365. Considering this, in the above blog, we have learned the proper project plan that needs to be followed for migration. Moreover, to export the mailbox users can opt for Mail Migration Wizard, which is designed for migrating Lotus Notes database to Office 365.

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