It is absolutely true that Microsoft Outlook is known for its email management features, but it has much more to offer like the scheduling management in the Calendar section of the organization tools. Multiple calendars can be created in Outlook to help in organizing, but sometimes the need may arise to merge Outlook calendar folders into one single calendar. This process will require that you export one of the calendar folders first and then import it to the second folder. Later after the task completion, the exported calendar in Outlook can be deleted.

In this blog, we are going to discuss that how to merge Outlook calendars. You can try both manuals as well as automated solution i.e. SysTools PST Merge tool to easily combine multiple PST files into one.
User Query 
“I am an Outlook User and have been organizing my tasks by creating multiple calendars. But now I need to reorganize and this involves to merge two calendars in Outlook. While I know the process to create multiple calendars, what I am not aware of is the method to combine Outlook archive folders or simply the calendar folders, if such a process exists. Could you please help me out through this process and suggest methods for the same.”

The Manual Process to Merge Outlook Calendar Folders

As mentioned earlier, this process involves two steps. Exporting one of the calendars first and import it into the second folder.
Export Process:
  • Select Calendar feature from the navigation pane of Outlook. 
  • Click on File tab -> Options -> Advanced -> Export button within the Export section. 
  • Here click on the Export to a File and then on Next
  • Now, click on Outlook Data file (*.pst) and then again on Next
  • Click on the intended calendar folder that you need to export. 
  • You can either opt for or opt out of the Include Subfolders option based on your preference to either include the subfolders in this export or later in the merge process. This option doesn’t matter if there aren’t any subfolders in the calendar folder that you need to export. 
  • Select the location for the export of your calendar folder from the Browse option. This can be saved anywhere as you will be deleting this exported folder after the merger process. 
  • Close the Outlook Options window after clicking on Finish.
Import Process:
  • Click on File -> Open -> Import -> Import from another program or file -> Next 
  • Click on Next after clicking on ‘Outlook Data File (*.pst) 
  • Navigate to the saved exported calendar location on the Browse section and click on OK 
  • Select the Do not import Duplicate Items and click Next
  • Now click on the calendar folder you want to import the exported one too. This calendar folder will be the other one that you are merging into. 
  • Click on Import items into the same folder and then lastly click on Finish.
With this manual procedure, you can easily merge Outlook calendar folders without any hassle.

Some Important Tips

  1. Rename calendars if you wish to by right-clicking on a calendar in the Navigation pane and then selecting Rename Calendar 
  2. You can use view two calendars simultaneously by laying them side-by-side or viewing them through overlay mode. Side-by-side viewing can be done by checking the boxes beside them in the navigation pane. The overlay mode is when you check the calendar box and click on View -> Overlay. In an overlay mode, events from both the calendars appear in a single location.

Limitations of Manual Method

The manual method to merge Outlook calendar folders comes free of cost & has its own limitations. One is that it is a very lengthy process. Secondly, a person needs to have a fair technical knowledge before he can start with the manual process. The manual process requires precision in the execution of the commands or step-by-step method execution failing which there is a risk of data corruption or loss which can sometimes be irreversible.

Commercial Solution

With the limitation of the manual method, the solution comes in the form of third-party tools like the best PST Merge Software. This utility tool developed by experts is very convenient and easy to use even for a novice user to merge two calendars in Outlook.


This blog discusses in detail the manual method to merge Outlook calendar folders. Also, it explains the limitations and how it can be overcome by the adoption of the third-party professional tool. It is up to the user’s discretion to decide on their preference based on the advantages and disadvantages of both the manual method and third-party tool.
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