The accompanying information area depicts about the EML file format and systems to open EML files without Outlook Express.
What is EML file format?
EML format is the default file format used to in order to save the email message in the Outlook Express Application and many more email client programs. These EML files are as per MIME RFC 822 standard format.
The EML file format comprises of the ASCII text format for the header format. The main body of the message may contain hyperlinks and attachments.
Presently, There have been numerous situations in which the client requires to view the EML files without using outlook or any email client program. Some of the situations users faced are:
"Is it possible to view all my EML file contents. Is there any manual method available to view the EML files without Outlook Express. Please Help!!! “
– Katherine, USA
"Is there any other manual method to access EML files without Outlook Express client installation. How can I create the backup for all my EML files. Please suggest a manual method!! "
– Samantha Williams, UK
As per above-mentioned queries. These queries have been seen by multiple users on multiple user forums. So, we have defined stated both the manual and automated solution available for the users.

The Manual Solution – Open EML Files Without Outlook Express

While following a manual approach. The most simple and feasible methodology while keeping in mind the end goal to get view/access EML records without Outlook Express. The EML file can be changed over to some other email file format that can be viewed very easily on the computer system. The procedure has been characterized as takes after:
  1. Firstly move all the EML files into a folder. Once the folder is accessed, Click on the “Tools” button on the Top menubar and click on the “Folder Options”.
  2. Now, Click on the “View” tab, Just to scroll down to the Option “Hide File Extensions for Known file types”. Also, make sure that the check-box is also checked.
  3. Click on the “Apply” button. If the button text is not active or not highlighted, Then click on the “OK” button.
  4. Now, Access the folder containing all the MSG files. The file extensions would be visible, Right Click on the EML file records and change the extension and pick rename option and rename the file to “.mht”.
  5. Click on the “Next” button. Once the process is complete, all the files can be accessed very easily. All the files will be now directly accessible in the web browser.
The specified procedure is to convert the EML files to the MHT file format. MHT is a Web page archive file format. Web archive file is in the MHTML file format. This file can very easily incorporate all images, applets, flash animations into HTML documents. The mentioned steps can be followed. It may often lead to corruption of the original EML files. It is suggested that the user should go for a third party solution for the same task.

The Automated Solution – The Third Party Software

To perform the required task at hand without any issues. It is recommended that the user should go for a third party software. Once such effective utility is from the brand “SysTools”. It facilitates the following features:
  • Generate views of all the EML files along with attachments.
  • Converts all the EML files to PDF documents for data portability.
  • Performs quick scan and auto load EML files to generate previews.
  • Comprises of the similar windows Explorer style to access and navigate among the folders from within.
The utility is can be utilized in order to access and convert EML files to PDF. It can very easily convert all the emails to Adobe Portable Document Format very easily. The software is completely effective and efficient. It can perform the task very easily. It is one of the best alternatives for the users to consider. When the manual can deliver the desired result.


In the mentioned informative article, We have discussed the EML file format. We have also discussed two methods i.e. manual and automated solution to Open EML files without Outlook Express. The user can very easily access the EML files along with all the attachments without the installation of Microsoft Outlook express.

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