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The executive of a bank had ringed me up and asked me to email him my company’s payslip of last 3 months. This is demanded for the processing of credit card because I have applied for it. Since I am using Microsoft Outlook 2013 as my official email client, therefore, all my payslip emails come in it. To fulfill the demand of executive, now I want to print Outlook messages as PDF. But, the problem is that Microsoft Outlook does not render any add-on to do the same. With lots of hope, I am posting my problem here to get a solution to convert Outlook 2013 email to PDF. Is there any expert who can provide me with a workaround for this?

Alike the above query, many Microsoft users have shared this kind of problem to get the solution to export PST file to PDF. It has become a major problem because Outlook does not render any add-in for saving messages in PDF file format. This is the reason why we are here to equip solution on how to save multiple Outlook emails as PDF with attachments.

What Makes PDF More Beneficial in Comparison to PST?

Before proceeding further, let us learn reasons that why today’s crowd prefer to print Outlook messages as PDF instead of any other file format? Below-mentioned points will help users in getting an answer for this query:
  1. The PDF file is a portable document that can easily be shared through emails without any manipulation.
  2. An Adobe portable file is easily accessible on multiple platforms like Android, Mac, Windows, iOS, etc.
  3. Attachments in PDF file gets smoothly opened and viewed with the help of their supportive program.
  4. A .pdf is supported as the standard legal file format. Forensic investigators prepare documentation of their entire case in PDF file format.

Workarounds to Print Outlook Messages as PDF

It is possible to export PST emails to portable document both with manual as well as automated approach. The manual approach is applicable in following two conditions:
  • When you want to save less number of Outlook emails to PDF format.
  • There are no attachments to be exported in selected PST email.
Well, there are no conditions in an automated approach to convert multiple Outlook emails as PDF with attachments. In the following section, you will find a description of both these approaches with each and every step.

Export Outlook Emails to PDF Manually

The manual procedure requires a complete installation of Microsoft Outlook and Word program. Following manual steps will help you in converting a single Outlook email in PDF:

  • Launch Microsoft Outlook on your PC and click on the message, which is to export in .pdf format. Go to File >> Save As.

    • A saving wizard appears in which you have to save the file in HTML format. You can choose HTML format by expanding Save As Type menu.

    • Move towards the path where the Outlook HTML file is saved in above step and right-click upon it. Choose Open With >> Word (desktop) option.

    • A Microsoft Word wizard gets opened where you have to hit on File >> Save As.

    • Explore the Save As Type menu and select PDF option from it. Click on Save to proceed with the procedure to convert Outlook email to PDF with attachment.

    • At last, you will find that your chosen Outlook message is archived in PDF format. The path will be same as it was in Step (5)

Automated Way to Print Outlook Messages as PDF

The solution exports all Outlook emails to PDF collectively in a single cycle. This approach not only converts messages but also saves attachments in Adobe portable document file. Following steps will help you in converting multiple messages to PDF with attachments:
  1. Launch Outlook PST to PDF program on your machine and click on Add File button.
  2. Enable the Folder mode and browse folder having all PST messages to be exported in PDF.
  3. All the Outlook messages will be loaded with their attachments and attributes in software panel. Click on Export button to continue the solution of saving PST emails as PDF.
  4. Select all Outlook folders whose emails are to be printed in a portable format. If you want to customize resultant files then, click on Advance Settings button.
  5. Hit on Browse button for instructing the location where output PDF files are to be saved.
  6. Finally, click on Export to start the major procedure of exporting files.

Time to Conclude

It is well-known fact that the Microsoft users are not provided with any free add-in to print Outlook messages as PDF. Therefore, an accurate measure is needed to convert multiple Outlook emails to PDF with attachments. Most of the enterprise users utilize an automated approach to perform migration. It is so because there is a very rarer situation where one wants to save a single message in portable document format. So, to complete today’s generation needs, the suitable workaround is to use the automated solution. This will be offering bulk conversion with 100% guarantee of no data loss.
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