Split Outlook contact group with easy manual ways. Also, find the quick methods to divide large Outlook contact groups using Best PST splitter.

Learn How to Split Outlook Contact Group in a Seamless Manner?

Contacts in MS Outlook are really important for anyone. But, when it starts growing unnecessarily large, then it creates a problem for the users. Sometimes users become frustrated because of inconvenience in managing a large sized Outlook contact group. It becomes really difficult to look for any particular contact from the group. Thus, in this post, we have covered a quick and easy way to split Outlook contact group. 

Quick Fix: A quick, easy, and reliable approach to divide contacts group of MS Outlook is with the help of Split PST software. It is one of the top-selling tool popular among the users to split Outlook PST file which provides satisfactory results. 

“I am MS Outlook user from past 3 years. In my Outlook profile, I am having a specialized contact group of my friends. As the number of members is increasing day by day in that particular group, it becomes difficult for me to search for any particular member. Therefore, I am looking for a solution to break Outlook contacts group in the simplest manner.”

Manual Solution to Divide Outlook Contact Group

In order to split Outlook contact group using a manual approach, follow the steps mentioned below:
  1. First of all, open MS Outlook application and go directly to the Contact pane 
  2. Then, from the navigation pane, click on Contact folder from which the required contact group need to divided 
  3. After that, from the center part, double-click on the Contact Group and open it 
  4. Now, a new will pop-up. From the Actions section, click on Forward Group button. Then, select the In Internet Format (vCard) option from the displayed drop down list 
  5. Then, a new message window will appear. Here, the contact group info is saved as a TXT file in the Attached Filed. You can easily double-click on file and open it in the Notepad 
  6. Now, to check multiple contacts in a convenient way in the Notepad interface, hit on the View >> Status Bar. As you move cursor at the end of a particular email address, the line number id displayed in the status bar 
  7. After that, delete the Contact Group and Members line to place the contacts list on the top of the main screen. Then, choose the desired contacts that you want to split and hit Ctrl + X to cut them 
  8. Next, you need to return back to the Outlook Contact pane. Then, from the Home tab, click on the New Contact Group button
  9. Now, in this new window, click the Add Members button and choose From Outlook Contacts option from the drop down list 
  10. Then, in the Select Members: Contacts window, you must look for the Members field at the bottom. And, then click in the blank box just next to it. Hit Ctrl + V keys from the keyboard to paste the all copied contacts 
  11. Now, click on OK button and move back to the New Contact Group window. Specify a name for it and hit on the Save & Close button 
  12. You can repeat the above steps to complete the process of splitting the large contact group. After that, you just need to delete the large group.

Alternative Solution to Split Outlook Contact Group

The manual solution discussed has some limitations like the process is complex and time taking. So, to split large Outlook contact group in an efficient manner, a user is advised to use a third-party tool named as Split PST tool. It is the simplest approach to break large size PST file into smaller parts. It provides four different option while splitting Outlook PST file containing contacts i.e., by size, by date, by year, and by folder. Moreover, the software is compatible with all versions of MS Windows and Outlook.


Large size PST file containing contacts are always prone to corruption and creates lots of issues for the users. For example, looking for particular contacts becomes difficult in large Outlook contacts group. Therefore, considering users requirement, we have discussed both manual and professional solution to split Outlook contact group. A user can go for any of them based on his or her requirements.

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