4 Reasons to Follow Successful Blogger

4 Reasons to Follow Successful Bloggers

Success may leave clues but following successful bloggers will save you year’s worth of struggles. Unfortunately, most bloggers either try to wing it or follow the advice of failing, greedy, struggling bloggers, perpetuating their misery for months or years.
4 Reasons to Follow Successful Bloggers
4 Reasons to Follow Successful Bloggers

If you follow pro advice you will lay the foundation for a fun, thriving blogging career. Check out these 4 reasons why you want to follow successful bloggers.

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1: Cut Your Learning Curve by Years

Following the advice of pro bloggers cuts your learning curve not by days or weeks, but by years. Most bloggers have a helluva time building their online real estate because they follow terrible advice from – you guessed it – struggling bloggers. Even worse? Some new bloggers follow their own advice. How can you know what it takes to succeed if you have zero experience? Reading posts from established, successful bloggers clues you in to what works, helping you avoid the years of struggle, headaches and heartaches which plague the majority of bloggers who ignore pro advice. See positive results with your blog in weeks or months. Cut your learning curve by years. Follow successful bloggers. Hop scotch over the trial and error, scattershot approach subscribed to by most foolish, failing bloggers.
4 Reasons to Follow Successful Bloggers
4 Reasons to Follow Successful Bloggers

2: Gain Confidence and Clarity

Nothing feels better than knowing that you are engaging in a proven, smart, effective blogging strategy, especially when you have not seen many positive returns yet. Following top pros gives you the confidence and clarity you need as a new or struggling veteran blogger. Pros know. These established entrepreneurs have proven systems in place for driving traffic, for building a blogging community and for growing their blogging business to a full time level. If you listen to their advice and study their experience you naturally practice creating and connecting to build a thriving blogging business of your own. Surrounding yourself with new or struggling bloggers only makes your job more difficult because you lack confidence in their insights. Do they even know what they are talking about? Follow the blogging big dawgs. They are successful for a reason. Patiently and persistently stick to their blogging fundamentals through thick and thin to become a successful blogger.

3: Get Your “Pick Me Up”

Successful bloggers regularly share how they struggled during their blogging journey. New bloggers tend to assume successful bloggers were naturals from day 1. Not true. Many establish pro bloggers had a heckuva time building their blogs for years. If you are ready to quit blogging all together it helps to hear how the most successful bloggers on earth wanted to quit just like you. Feast on their inspiration. Get your blogging pick me up. Every blogger doubts themselves at times. Even top pros. Following the big dawgs of your blogging niche proves that these seeming blogging robots are human beings, just like you, and most likely went through worse struggles than you are going through. Top pros often fall the farthest but bounce the highest. Reading their stories gives you a burst of energy when you most need it.

4: Avoid Low Energy Muck

Failing bloggers surround themselves with low energy, negative muck. Their friends commiserate in this negativity, as all negative parties pull each other down by complaining, bickering, disproving, denying and failing horribly. Follow top shelf pro bloggers. Avoid the low energy muck that failing, struggling bloggers readily bathe themselves in. You cannot become successful by exclusively following failures. No offense; this is just your blogging career and life at stake. The eBook If you need a list of successful bloggers to follow buy my eBook:

27 Influential Bloggers You Need to Follow Your Turn What reasons can you add to this list?

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