Export Thunderbird Address book to Gmail & Transfer Contacts Easily

Both Mozilla Thunderbird and Gmail are renowned email clients applications which are being used or had been used by users over past several years. A user using Thunderbird application for exchanging emails and messages can encounter a situation where he may need to export Thunderbird address book to Gmail. Hence, the blog is on the same topic which covers the different situations and also a variety of solutions to achieve transfer Thunderbird contacts to Gmail. To begin with, let’s take a look at the user scenario.
Export Thunderbird Address book to Gmail & Transfer Contacts Easily
Export Thunderbird Address book to Gmail & Transfer Contacts Easily

“I have been looking to switch from using Mozilla Thunderbird application as my email client to Gmail. On this, the thing to worry is “How to export Thunderbird Address Book to Gmail Contacts”. Currently, there are thousands of user’s contact files stored in the Thunderbird address book and to export and import each file individually is a pain. Also, I am not a technical person so implementing all complex procedure is not my cup of tea. Therefore, can anyone please suggest me a simple and easy method to copy and transfer Thunderbird contacts to Gmail?”

“My current organization uses Mozilla Thunderbird as their default email client but due to some circumstances, they have asked me to switch back to Gmail. I personally have a heavy message and email flow throughout the day so my address book files are really important to me. I got to know that I have to import contacts from Thunderbird to Gmail account but the problem is – I don’t know how? I really need an expert advice on this which will help to copy Thunderbird address book to Gmail.”

Expert Advice to Transfer Thunderbird Contacts to Gmail

By understanding the need to export Thunderbird contacts to Gmail, experts suggest using a standalone tool that is specifically designed to transfer Address book. There are many tools available in the market for the same purpose, but the best and a highly rated tool is SysTools MAB converter software. The application is specially developed to simplify the export and import procedure and also to provide some advanced features. The utility not only exports Thunderbird address book to Gmail but also import Thunderbird contacts to Outlook 2016 and all below versions. Moreover, this is an apt approach for a non-technical user as it has a user-friendly interface i.e not difficult to utilize. All limitations associated with the free solution are also overcome by this automated method. Additionally, the manual solution is also discussed in the following section.

Methods used to Export Thunderbird Address book to Gmail

In order to Export Thunderbird contacts to Gmail, it is important that you first understand the workflow. This manual method is carried out in simple two – phases which are discussed just one after the another. The following steps will guide you the procedure of first exporting contacts from Thunderbird address book and then further transferring them to Gmail contacts.
Note: Before actually initiating the process to import Thunderbird address book to Gmail, a user is suggested to take the backup of Thunderbird address book. This is suggested because of the fact that the files can be affected during the implementation of the manual method. And the backup files can be used to restore the lost or damaged files very easily.

Phase 1: Export Contacts from Thunderbird Application

Now, In the first phase of the free manual solution you have to follow the below-mentioned steps:
  1. Open or Run Mozilla Thunderbird application on your system.
  2. Here, click on Address book button available at the top of the Thunderbird window.
  3. The list of user contacts will be displayed on the screen.
  4. Here select the contact file that you want to import into Gmail. Or you can select the entire address book, also called as a Personal Address book.
  5. Also, make sure there are no quotations marks around names and email addresses and if so, edit the data.
  6. Now click on Save As to store it on your desktop.
  7. Select the Save as Type – Comma Separated Value and hit the Save button.
Now, after the first phase of import Thunderbird contacts into Gmail procedure, the contacts files are successfully exported from Thunderbird application. Now you have to perform the Second phase.

Phase 2: Import Exported Thunderbird Contacts into Gmail Contacts

In the last phase you have to refer to the following step to execute the procedure. In the end of this method, the process to Export Thunderbird Address book to Gmail is complete.
  1. Open Gmail by logging in to your account.
  2. Click on Gmail to open the Drop-down menu.
  3. A contact window will appear where click on More button and select Import contact option.
  4. A dialogue box asking for browsing and uploading the CSV file will appear. Where you have click on Browse button and search for exported Thunderbird Address book from your system.
  5. After loading the files, click on Import button to initiate the actual export Thunderbird contacts to Gmail procedure.
  6. After completion of the procedure, you can successfully access Thunderbird address book into Gmail contacts.

Final Words

The manual method used to export Thunderbird address book to Gmail contacts will do the work for you but this approach too has some downfalls. Firstly for a non-technical or a novice user, the implementation of such steps can be difficult. Also, any improper execution can affect the data integrity and user will fail to transfer Thunderbird contacts to Gmail. In such situations using a professional tool is considered to be the best choice. This software is easy to use and require no technical knowledge for utilization. Moreover, a user will get faster and better results with no data risks. You can use these tools to import Thunderbird contacts into Gmail very easily.

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