Learn to Switch Google Apps to Office 365 – Import G Data to O365

Switch Google Apps to Office 365 Easily

Why companies are switching from Google Apps to Office 365? Is this question arises in your mind as well. Google Apps and Office 365 both are the advanced platform that provide so many facilities for its users but still there are technical folks are moving towards Office 365 setup. The reasons for this transferring is because the security and annual cost that Office 365 pertains is much more appreciated. More over the Microsoft Office 365 provides the users with 50 GB storage along with 1 TB additional space.
Depending on your size and budget, user get the options of manual migration as well a/ps an automated solution where they handle swap in-house, or third-party migration. For smaller migrations and do-it-yourselfers, Office 365 offers a migration wizard for email, but it won’t migrate contacts or calendars.

Import Google Mail into Office 365 Manually

Migrating the data manually us only helpful if the user is having a limited number of data in their Google Apps account but if the user is having an enormous amount of data then this method won’t help as there can be some problems of data loss. Without any further let’s start the procedure of Google Apps to Office 365 migration:
  1.  Verify your Account
  2.  Add users to Office 365
  3.  Create a list of Gmail mailboxes to migrate 
  4.  Connect Office 365 to Gmail
  5.  Create a migration batch and start migrating Gmail mailboxes Optional: Reduce email delays
  6.  Update your DNS records to route Gmail directly to Office 365
  7.  Stop synchronization with Gmail
  8.  Users migrate their calendar and contacts
All of these steps are explained in very brief but if we get into the actual process then it would be a lot more difficult to understand and manage. If still you need to go through the process of Google Apps to Office 365 then you can refer this section of G Suite to O365 migration manually.

Automated Tool

In order to make this process a lot more easier we would suggest you to use SysTools Google Apps to Office 365 Migrator. Switch Google apps to Office 365 through this tool is a lot more easier. This utility is having a simple and interactive GUI and user just need to provide their details of both the account and with faction of minutes user can migrate their email data, calendars events and contacts from G Suite to Exchange Online.

Working of Google Apps to Office 365 Migrator

  • Run the G Suite to Office 365 Migrator tool in your system. 
  • There are two options for the migration process:
    Single User: Provides option to migrate individual user of a Google Apps
    Domain User: Provides option to migrate multiple users
  •  Enter Email Address and click on Register.
  •  Select With Impersonation if you are the admin of the Office 365 domain else the Non-impersonation will work. 
  • Then select categories that is mail, contacts, calendars that you want to migrate form Google Apps to O365.
  • Use the date filter option if any particular date segment is needed and then start the process.


This tool has made the switching from Google Apps to Office 365 much more easier and understandable. The exact reason why companies are switching from Google Apps to Office 365 still remains a mystery but migration of Google data into Office 365 does remains to be a mystery any more.

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