Efficient Solution to Migrate Domino NSF to Office 365 with Ease

Are you looking for a solution to transfer Domino to Office 365? If yes, then you are at the right place as here you will get the methods to execute Lotus Notes NSF to Office 365 migration. Although, this conversion process includes transferring a desktop-based email client to the web-based email services.
As the technology is increasing rapidly, Microsoft O365 has gained immense popularity. It provides a lot of benefits to the users whether they use it for personal usage or organizational usage. Moreover, O365 is not only easier to manage as compared to Lotus Domino but also has less complications and issues also. That is why, a lot of users want to migrate Lotus Notes to Office 365.
When we talk about Microsoft Office 365, it has the functionality to manage emails and other tasks in an efficient way. Both the email clients use their own file format to store their mailbox data because both of them are different email clients. Therefore, a user cannot access data of one email client in some other email client. Some technical expertise is required to transfer NSF to Office 365 in a proper way. Thus, in this blog, users can find out the methods to perform Domino to Office 365 migration in a reliable and secure way.

Why Users want to Transfer Lotus Domino to Office 365

The tremendous popularity of cloud-based storage is one of the major reasons for NSF file to O365 conversion. The complex management of Domino Server can be another major reason behind the users switching their email application. More common reasons are discussed in the following segment:
  • Continuously rising maintenance cost of Domino Server.
  • User should have technical knowledge to run Lotus Notes.
  • Complete access to Exchange data & less transfer time.
  • Cost effective Exchange environment.
  • Lower chances of data corruption as data is stored on cloud.
  • Better and advanced features provided by Office 365.

Manual Way to Perform NSF to Office 365 Migration

Users can simply use the IMAP connector to carry out the conversion process. The entire procedure consists of 4 steps which are mentioned below:
Step 1: Create backup of Lotus Domino

The users are suggested to first have a backup of NSF file for all the existing mailbox of users. This step will be helpful in scenarios when any data loss occurs during the export process. It is because there is not a single manual method which is 100% secure and reliable.

Step 2: Create New Mailbox for Each User

After having the backup of Lotus Notes file, create a new mailbox for every user who has an existing profile in IBM Domino email client.

Step 3: Turn on IMAP TCP / IP Port for Each User

Now, the user’s next step is to enable the IMAP TCP / IP port for every user having profile in Lotus Notes. Execute the following steps to do the same:
  1. Open Domino Administrator in Lotus Notes application.
  2. After that, navigate to Configuration tab.
  3. Then open the Server document for the server which executes the IMAP service.
  4. Now, navigate to the tab in the mentioned sequence: Ports – Internet Ports – Mails tab.
  5. Enable the default TCP / IP port. Change the “TCP / IP port value status” to “Enabled” in the Mail column.
  6. At last, click on Save button and then exit.

Step 4: Synchronize with IMAP Connector
Finally, users can use the IMAP connector to synchronize emails in O365 account which are available in Lotus Notes account. The NSF to Office 365 migration will be completed successfully after performing all the above steps.

Challenges Faced while Using the Manual Method

There are some challenges associated with the manual procedure which are mentioned below:

  • It becomes difficult to connect to Internet when the Domino is behind the proxy server and firewall.
  • The IMAP connector has the limit to export only 1 GB of data.
  • Requires technical knowledge to carry out the entire process carefully.

Efficient Method to Execute Domino Mailbox to Office 365 Migration

The alternative for the manual procedure is to use a third party application i.e. SysTools Mail Migration Office 365 which makes the entire conversion process efficient and reliable. It makes easier for the users to export multiple NSF files without putting much efforts. Moreover, it doesn’t compromise with the integrity and original formatting of the mailbox data. The software enables users to transfer emails, contacts, calendars and other mailbox items.


With the increasing demand of migrating from desktop based email client application to web-based platform, sometimes user’s needs to export Domino to Office 365. This can be achieved by either using a manual method or by using an automated solution. When talked about experts suggestion, using a professional tool is the most recommended solution. The procedure involves Lotus Notes to Office 365 migration in very simplified steps that too without any loss of data. Also, it is best suited for accurate and quick results.
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