Export Lotus Domino Mailbox to Outlook using Tried & Trusted Solution

Lotus Notes and Microsoft Outlook are two most popular email clients used in the organizations for the purpose of email communication. IBM Notes provides advanced level of security to the users. But, the changing technology and business needs are making users to switch their email application to MS Outlook. It is due to the reason that it provides more user-friendly interface and easy data management for the users. Lotus Notes stores all its mailbox data in NSF file format whereas Microsoft Outlook uses PST file format as its repository to store emails, contacts, calendar, etc. Therefore, most of the users are finding solutions for Lotus Domino to Outlook migration. In this article, users will get both manual and automated solution to transfer Domino mailbox to Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007.
Before directly going to the conversion process, we will describe the factors responsible for the users switching their email application. There can be multiple factors behind Lotus Domino Server to Outlook migration which may include job change, technology updates, change of location, cost effectiveness, organizational needs, etc.

Reasons Why Users Switch Domino Mailbox to Outlook

Many organizations are now switching their IBM Notes email application to Outlook. However, Domino offers better and advanced security features, still most of the users prefer Outlook over it due to its simple user interface and easy management.
  1. Microsoft Outlook is easy to use for technical as well as novice users. Its graphical interface is one of the major factor as it is easier to learn for users which in turn reduces training cost.
  2. Lotus Domino was designed while keeping in mind the requirements of the business users. It is suitable for those users only as the complex user interface and high maintenance cost is not feasible for home users.
  3. Microsoft Outlook requires low maintenance cost as compared to IBM Domino Server due to which it becomes more preferred email application.

Manual Method to Move Domino Server to Outlook

Users can take help of Notes connector to create connection between both the email clients. IBM provides DAMO (Domino Access for Microsoft Outlook) utility using which users can export their mailbox data. But, it requires administrative rights of the Domino server.

The steps to perform Domino to Outlook conversion are mentioned below:

  • In the setup window, enter the Domino server network details such as your name and Domino server’s hierarchical name. Then, click on Next button.
  • Enter the IP address in the field if it could not search the server by its name.
  • Mention the ID file location if it is not attached to the person document.
  • After that, enter the password & click on OK.
  • Now, the setup window will be displayed.
  • Click on Yes button in the window to make cross certificate. Now, click Finish.
  • When the setup process finishes, exit Outlook.
  • Now, start Microsoft Outlook again and choose the MAPI profile & enter the password in the window.
  • At last, you will get an email from the System administrator about the installation of DAMO utility.

Note – If the Domino MAPI profile prompt doesn’t show up, then you first have to create the Domino MAPI profile.

While using the above-mentioned manual procedure, there are chances that the users might face challenges during Domino Server to Outlook migration. By default, the user have option to get only 200M of emails. Users can increase the limit from Outlook Tools >> Options >> Domino Preferences >> Replication section. Here, users have the option to increase date range to 365 days and the predefined limit to 1600M. After increasing the limit, restart MS Outlook and let the messages replicate. Another challenge that the users will face is that they will not be able to read some messages in Outlook but can open them in IBM Domino.

Expert Advice to Export Domino to Outlook

With the increasing need of switching the email client application to Outlook, many professional experts suggest using a third party utility. This is because the manual method uses DAMO to successfully export the data files, which is a challenging procedure or many users. Also, some limitations are also associated with the method which can be more problematic. In such situation, using a professional tool is the best solution. An application like Mail Migration Wizard can easily migrate Domino to Outlook without affecting the data integrity and allows you access your emails in MS Outlook application. Even a novice and non-technical user can migrate Domino mailbox to Outlook in just simple steps, effortlessly, Additionally, many advanced features are also facilitated to the users.


Microsoft Outlook is a renowned email client application which does not need any introduction. Many organizations and single users are already using this application because of its advanced features. But for those who want to switch from Domino to Outlook, a user can refer to this article. All the possible solutions are discussed in this informative along with the most recommended and an appropriate solution.
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