4 Tips for Aspiring Bloggers

Blogging feels equally exciting and terrifying to most newbies.
I was in the same boat.
As an aspiring blogger nearly a decade ago I eagerly dove into the blogging game with 1 part joy and 1 part horror.
I had no clue in hell what was doing.
After my first day, I even considered quitting blogging.
Thank goodness I saw this blogging bit through.
Follow these 4 tips if you are an aspiring blogger to start things from the right space.
6 Tips for Aspiring Bloggers
6 Tips for Aspiring Bloggers

1: Blog for Fun

Blog predominantly for fun.
Detach some from outcomes.
Start your blogging campaign with the right energy.
Most aspiring bloggers make the common error of blogging mainly for money.
You cannot succeed if you desperately emit a getting energy.
If you begin blogging with a predominant giving energy (following your passion, blogging with love, giving of your time and talent to blog with fun, learning blogging, practicing, promoting other bloggers) you will become wildly successful in your blogging niche.
Blogging for fun makes the work of blogging the reward. Traffic and profits will feel like extra, or a bonus. This is the perfect energy to cultivate as a newbie blogger.

2: Invest in a Premium Blogging Course

Imagine trying to become a professional in any niche based on filtering, processing and
studying free information?
This would be a highly difficult endeavor.
If however you pay money to buy a premium blogging course it’s like paying tuition to learn blogging in a structured, properly formatted setting.
Spend money on a premium blogging course to set up an effective blueprint for your blogging campaign. Courses walk you step by step through the process of building a successful blog from day 1 of your online career.
Shop from the library of your favorite one or two blogging mentors. Think like a pro blogger. Act like a pro blogger. Invest in your blogging present and future.

3: Invest in Premium Blog Coaching

Spend money on premium coaching to begin your blogging career on a solid foundation.
Following top bloggers from your niche is not enough. Although you can discern solid free information through this strategy you cut your learning curve by years via live, 1 to 1 coaching offered by established pro bloggers.
Pay up to play up.
Pros in every niche have coaches.
If you want to become a pro blogger you should hire coaches to point out your blind spots and to cut your learning curve by years.

4: Buy Your Domain and Hosting

Buy your domain and hosting to brand yourself effectively.
Convey a professional image. Own your online real estate.
Avoid the horrible mistake of using free hosting solutions. This is like building your blog on quicksand because the host can pull your blog at any time. Using free hosting also sends off an unprofessional, unclear message to readers. If you cannot afford $10 a month to buy your online real estate what does this say to people who want to follow your blog?
Own your cyber real estate. Buy your domain and hosting as a new blogger to start off on the right foot.
 Another interesting things are here buy now.
The eBook
If you’re an aspiring blogger buy my eBook:
Your Turn
Are you as an aspiring blogger?
What tips can you add to this list?
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