1 Successful Blogging Mantra: Easy Does it

I paged through one of my eBooks today:
I wrote the eBook after spending 6 weeks in the remote jungles of Costa Rica.
My wife and I observed a sloth during our stay in the wilderness. I dubbed him “Slothy.”
He would slowly and steadily move from tree to tree over hours, taking his time, never rushing.
Chapter 1 of the eBook titles itself: “Easy Does it.”
This is a successful blogging mantra for the ages.
But don’t get it twisted; my definition of “easy” is not what you may be thinking.

1 Successful Blogging Mantra: Easy Does it
1 Successful Blogging Mantra: Easy Does it

Easy Does it

“Easy” means simple, clear, powerful, fun and sometimes, highly uncomfortable.
Most bloggers skip out on the “highly uncomfortable” part. Which is why most bloggers struggle horribly.
But the few bloggers who become successful take simple, clear, powerful, fun and sometimes highly uncomfortable steps persistently to become rocking bloggers.
Successful blogging is easy but uncomfortable. Doing stuff that scares you is not difficult. Just uncomfortable. Still pretty easy though.
You are physically capable of hitting a “Go Live” button on your phone to do your first Facebook Live Broadcast. Incredibly easy from a physical perspective.
But bench pressing 400 pounds if you never lifted a weight in your life would not be easy at all. Such a Herculean task would be highly difficult, and likely impossible.
See the difference between easy and difficult?
Virtually no blogging task is difficult because you are physically capable of doing any blogging task. Ego/mind likes to cling to fears and say “No! Blogging is difficult, and it ain’t easy at all!”, which is not true.
Uncomfortable? Hell yeah, sometimes.
But physically, blogging is do-able and quite easy.
Uncomfortable and difficult are 2 different concepts.
Blogging becomes easier physically and mentally if you dive into your deep fears daily.
This is why the ultimate blogging mantra is “easy does it.”

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How to Honor the Mantra

Do simple things daily backed by a loving, fun energy.
Follow 1-3 top blogging tips bloggers. Read their posts, Take notes. Study the notes.
Write 1000 words daily in a Word document, for writing practice. Turn one of those writing sessions into your blog post for the week, publishing your work to assist your readers.
Take your time. Go slowly. Go patiently. Remember; easy does it. Meaning you will do simple things every day for years to see blogging success over the long haul.
Read 1-3 blog posts from your niche daily. Write a 3-4 paragraph, personalized, genuine comment on each post. Easy does it. Go slowly. Be patient. Get out of Survival Mode, focusing on your results from today. Lay the foundation for future success.
Successful bloggers simply did simple stuff day in and day out for years. Slowly. Patiently. Persistently. Simple wins. Simple always wins.
Promote top bloggers from your niche:
     On your blog
     Through social media
     To your email list
     Through video
     On your podcast
Promoting top bloggers is the simplest, most powerful way to build friendships with pros. Building bonds with pros are the simplest, most powerful way to get connected.
Connected bloggers succeed because they have huge, loyal tribes supporting them, endorsing them, hiring them and buying their premium products.
But it takes years of simple, basic, quite easy promoting of other bloggers and publishing of blog posts to become friends with top bloggers, to become connected and to build a large, loyal tribe.
Easy does it.
Day after day.
Year after year.
Follow the lead of Slothy the Sloth.
Go slowly, patiently and deliberately, doing a few basic things daily.
When things feel uncomfortable, and you get scared, take a deep breath. Feel the fear. Go even slower.
The fear feelings will pass.
Then you can proceed.
Easy does it.

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