Background text in a PDF file is embedded so that file can no longer be edited or misuse. Unlike word document or .txt files, the embedded text in PDF cannot be modified and is meant to be read-only. But, many times this background text in PDF affects the user readability & hence not allowing them to perform any changes. Therefore, it is needed to remove background text from PDF documents. So, considering all things in mind, this write-up provides the online, manual & automated approach i.e. PDF Watermark Eraser tool to remove background watermark from PDF.

Online Solution to Remove Text Background From PDF

1- A website based online PDF watermark remover tool demand the file to be browsed and uploaded in order to delete the watermark.

2- Online tool asks for the email address so that they can send the file after removing the watermark. But, there will be a great possibility of receiving a large number of spam messages; from the service providers of PDF watermark remover online or any of their other online businesses.

3- Even though these online solutions remove background text from PDF files, but there is not any guarantee of it, letting you eliminate watermark from as many documents as you please to.

4- It is needed to select the checkbox stating “Terms & Conditions” in order to proceed which, on many sites, clearly states the following:

a) The Online PDF Watermark Remover websites cannot be held responsible if the file gets corrupted or damaged in the watermark removal process. The owner of the file is responsible for whatever the consequences are.

 b) The terms and conditions can be changed or updated at any given time without the PDF watermark removal online website being liable for updating about the same.

5- The uploaded PDF document must be of particular size because the heavy document may consume extra time to delete the watermark.

Note: We have read that the online solution remove text background from PDF files. But, they had some limitations i.e. they are not safe and secure because it requires uploading of PDF document. There might be a possibility of file damage or corruption. So, a user can also try manual techniques to remove background watermark from PDF.

Manual Approach to Remove Background Text from PDF

Basically, the watermark is used for security and identification purpose. But, at times it is needed to remove text watermark from PDF files. Adobe Acrobat Pro provides the functionality to remove text background from PDF documents, this can be done by using some useful steps:

  • Open the Adobe Acrobat Pro application
  • Click on File option to open the watermarked PDF file
  • In the next step, user have to click on the “Document” menu
  • Select the “Watermark” option
  • Now, click on “Remove”
  • Click the OK button if you surely want to remove text watermark from pdf
  • Save PDF by clicking the “Save” icon in the top toolbar.

Note: With Adobe Acrobat Pro users can easily eliminate any image or text watermark from PDF files. But, it is mandatory to have the full version of Adobe Acrobat Pro.

Professional Solution to Remove Background Text from PDF

The above online and manual solution has some drawbacks. Therefore, users should take help of a commercial solution i.e., PDF File Watermark Eraser Software which is specially designed to remove text background from PDF in a safe and secure manner. Also, it provides different features like delete watermark from multiple PDFs, eliminates logo, signature watermark by maintaining file integrity. Moreover, it has a user-friendly interface that even a non-technical user can use it without taking any extra time and effort.


In this blog, we have explained different solutions to remove background text from PDF document. So, one can go with the online, manual or automated solution according to their knowledge base. But, to get the results in an easy way it is preferred to use the professional software that are third-party tools like the one described in this blog.

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