View Contents of MBOX File Using Import/Export Add-on in Thunderbird

There are a numerous of email applications that save all the email messages in MBOX format like Thunderbird, Eudora, Entourage, etc. As it is important to have a backup of emails, people save their emails in MBOX file format. But, it becomes difficult to view contents of MBOX file because it stores emails in a sequential and concatenated manner. To open .mbox file type, you need to read the following write-up with all the queries asked by many users.
A user asked, “I am a Gmail user and I have saved my archive email folder in MBOX file format. Now, when I am opening MBOX file in Windows, I am unable to understand the contents of the file. I know that there are many email messages in a single file. Can anyone suggest me any method to open and view MBOX emails in a simple way? Thanks in Advance!!”. 
It is very important to know that MBOX file is a text file which includes all the emails but without attachments. Emails start from ‘From’ header and are linked in a concatenated way. Therefore, a proper solution is required to open and read MBOX file data.

View Contents of MBOX File Manually

To view all the email contents, one has to access MBOX file in Thunderbird email application. It is available online for free and can be downloaded easily. Install and configure it on Windows operating system. You need to install an add-on as well i.e. Import/Export Tool which is also available. Now, you need to follow some steps:
  1. Open Thunderbird and then, click on Tools >> Import/Export Tools menu.
  2. Click on Import MBOX File >> Import directly one or more MBOX files from Files MBOX Import.
  3. After that, click on OK to start Thunderbird import process.
  4. To import MBOX file with integrated subdirectories, click on Import one or more MBOX files from the subdirectory >> Ok.
  5. Browse the MBOX file from the saved location.
  6. At last, click on the Open button in order to import the MBOX file in Thunderbird.
Using this procedure, a user can easily open and view contents of MBOX file on their system with the help of Import/Export add-on in Thunderbird. If any user is unable to download and install this add-on, then he can read MBOX data by simply setting up his Thunderbird email account. After setting up the account, you need to find the local folders directory. Now, drag and drop your MBOX file and then all the emails in that file will get transferred to that local folder.

Limitations of the Manual Approach

There are certain drawbacks that won’t allow a user to try this option to view contents of MBOX file. Let’s discuss some of the limitations:
  • There is a need for both Thunderbird as well as ImportExport Tools add-on.
  • There is a need for technical knowledge to successfully complete the process. It is a bit difficult for non-technical users.
  • The process is quite lengthy and it may take a lot of time to view the contents of MBOX file if it is too large in size.

Automated Solution

There is another solution that can be used to overcome the limitations i.e. SysTools MBOX Email Reader that can help a user to open and view contents of MBOX file in a simple way. Its simple interface can help a non-technical user to open and read MBOX files on Windows OS. It can also be used for deep analyzing of emails as it shows the data of the emails in different modes. Therefore, this solution is more safe and secure.

The Last Words

In the following blog, we have discussed all the possible ways to open and view contents of MBOX file in a simpler way. A user with technical knowledge can go for the manual approach and for a secure solution, one can go for the mentioned solution. These solutions can make the operation more simple and effective. It takes very less time to read MBOX file of any size.

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