Enterprises are consistently setting them up to be as quick in their communications. Thus, if users are still using Lotus Notes as their email client then, it is time to give it a thought. Today, almost corporates prefer MS Outlook due to its user-friendly interface and easy operating procedure. Users are avoiding Lotus Notes because of its complex GUI and high maintenance cost. Also, users can access their Outlook profile from multiple machines where IBM Lotus Notes does not allow this. The rising popularity and easy operating procedure have forced users to migrate Lotus Notes to Microsoft Outlook. However, there are many Lotus Notes users who have some common queries like that how to import .nsf file to Outlook or can Outlook open NSF file? Users face these dilemmas because they are aware of Lotus Notes NSF but, not with Outlook PST. In the further section of this article, we will resolve all such kind of queries and introduce users with some easy workarounds to open NSF file with Outlook. However, before going to the solution section, let us take a look at a user query related to the same issue: 

“One of my clients has been sent me some NSF files and I use MS Outlook as my email client. However, NSF files cannot be imported directly into Outlook program. To execute this task, I used many third-party tools yet, they either require Lotus Notes installation on the machine or are prohibitively expensive. Is there any manual workaround or best NSF to PST Converter software to import NSF files into Outlook?” 

Outlook stores all its mailbox items in Personal Storage Table also known as PST file. This file can only be accessed via Outlook because it is the proprietary file format for Microsoft Outlook. Thus, if users are required to open NSF file in Outlook then, they have to convert Lotus Notes to Outlook PST and then, the mailbox data can be accessed. 

Techniques to Open NSF File in Outlook

Can Outlook open NSF file? Well, the answer is, Yes. In this section, we will describe some simple tricks to convert Lotus Notes NSF file to Outlook PST. After this, users can easily access the data of NSF file from Outlook.

#Manual Approach

Important Note: Before executing the below-mentioned steps, it is suggested to take backup of mailbox data because no manual technique is 100% reliable and safe.

To execute the NSF to PST Conversion manually, users have to go through two major steps. Now, follow the steps sequentially:

Step 1: Export NSF file from Lotus Notes 

  1. Launch Lotus Notes email client and open NSF file that you need to convert. 
  2. Now, click on the File tab and select Export option from opened menu list. 
  3. Enter the file name and go to the location where the file is saved. 
  4. Go to Save as type box and select Comma Separated value or Structured Text option. 
  5. The opened dialog box will depend upon the selected file format. 
  6. Make the selection as per your requirement and hit OK button. 
  7. After completing NSF export process, the next step is to import this file into MS Outlook. The next step will certainly resolve the query of users i.e., can Outlook open NSF file? 

Step 2: Import Resultant file to MS Outlook

  1. Launch Outlook program and hit a click on the File tab. 
  2. After that, click on Open >> Import. 
  3. Now, the Import and Export wizard will appear. 
  4. Choose Import from another program or file option from the opened menu list and hit Next button. 
  5. From Import a file window, choose CSV (Windows) option and click on Next to open NSF file in Outlook. 
  6. Click on Browse button for selecting that file you want to import.
  7. Some option list will appear now that includes “Replace duplicates with items imported”, “Allow duplicates to be created” and “Do not import duplicate items”. Choose the desired option and hit Next button. 
  8. Select the destination path to save the imported file.
  9. Eventually, hit the Finish button and process will be completed now. 

Demerits of Manual Method

As the manual method is available for free of cost, however, it comprises some serious disadvantages that will make users think twice before using them. Some drawbacks of the manual method are following:

  • Prone to failure 
  • Time-consuming 
  • Lengthy procedure 
  • High probability of data loss 
  • Requires technical expertise 

#Professional Approach

To overcome the limitations of the manual method, we recommend users to utilize a trusted third-party solution i.e., NSF to PST Converter Tool. The tool is designed on highly programmed algorithms that make the conversion very simple and reduce the chances of data loss. The software allows to convert whole Lotus Notes mailbox in a single attempt that can save a lot of time and efforts. Also, the tool is completely secure to download and operate. 

To Summarise 

Lotus Notes is losing its popularity due to various reasons and users are inclining towards Microsoft Outlook. However, migrating data from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Outlook is not an easy task. This migration generates many negative issues such as data conflicts, complexions in migration, time-factor etc. These conditions arise queries like can Outlook open NSF file? In order to resolve the same query, we have compiled some easy solutions in this article. Now, users can opt any method as per their requirement and preferences.

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