“I have got a very irritating problem here. I have a user, who is using Lotus 7. The user reported that actually there are 12 unread emails in the inbox. But, the counter reports that there are 13. I have tried many measures. Also, I have selected all emails and marked read. But still, the problem persists. Please, can anyone help me regarding Lotus Notes read emails showing as unread? Any help or suggestion would be greatly appreciated.”

Are you also looking answer to the same problem? Does the query seem familiar to you? If yes, then do not need to worry. The post describes the best possible solutions for fixing the issues of incorrect unread mail count. So, let us begin.
The count of unread emails is utilized to track the unread email count display in each folder. But, it usually happens that the counter displays the number greater than the actual number of unread items present in the folder.

Cases Which Result in This Error

The error when Lotus Notes marks incorrect unread can be classified into two categories and it depends on the Lotus Notes editions. A user has to seek the option of whether soft deletion feature is activated or not. The different scenarios are being discussed here:

Lotus Notes Version: 6.X and 7.X
Even when the soft deletion is not enabled, users can observe that glitches regarding the wrong unread emails in Lotus Notes display prevail.

Notes Versions: 6.0.3 – 6.0.4 Notes 6.5 – 6.5.2
Here, the issue is concerned with the use of soft deletions and it is important in the incidents where soft deletion is activated and the emails are deleted from the respective folders. In general, it happens that when a message is temporarily deleted, it is marked in the category of read messages. But, exceptions are always there. Two situations are discussed in the upcoming section to understand the situation in a much better way.
Both the scenarios account for the incorrect count for the messages. The actual unread email count does not comply with the number of unread emails displayed. This will result in the error Lotus Notes read email marked as unread.

#Illustration 1
In the release versions, where the architecture of mail prototype depends on the 6.0.3, 6.0.4, 6.5, 6.5.1, or 6.5.1 model, the error is more likely to occur when any user deletes 350 emails or more all at once. After the removal of messages, it can be observed that the count of unread messages will not be updated. Now, if the user deletes one more message, the number will not change.

#Illustration 2
In some cases, it occurs that the mail structure file is bottomed on Notes 5.0x or from 6.0 to 6.0.2, the design of the architecture has been upgraded to the architecture file of version 6.0.3, the issue is reported. Nevertheless, the issue will not persist if the architecture files having a design based upon notes 5.0x is not assisted by Lotus Notes with versions 6.0.3 or later.

A Solution Offered to the Above Problem

Notes 7.x and 6.x
The error can be eliminated by marking all the messages in the Lotus Notes database as read. By doing this, the error Lotus Notes mark as unread will not show up and the user can get rid of the problem for a temporary interval of time. To mark all the messages in the inbox database of the Lotus Notes as read, a user has to follow the given steps: 
  1. Launch the email file, switch to the section view for all the documents 
  2. Choose the options in this way: View|Show| Unread only 
  3. This option is only used to display the emails that are unread in the view 
  4. Then, choose an option of Edit | Unread Marks | Mark all read 
  5. This option will make all the messages disappear 
  6. Now, exit the database of Lotus Notes application 
  7. In the next step, relaunch the Notes database and navigate folder of unread messages 
  8. Afterwards, you are required to select the following options: Edit| Unread Mark| Mark selected unread 
  9. Now, the option of unread counter will exhibit the correct count ; Notes 6.0.3-6.0.4 &Notes 6.5-6.5.2 Versions

If the user has database working on Lotus Domino server, then it is demanded to update both the client and server versions. In order to repair the username.nsf database which shows up the error of Lotus Notes read emails showing as unread, you can create a replica of the existing database. If the problem still exists then, go through the other solution mentioned below when Lotus Notes read email marked as unread.

Another Solution When Notes Read Emails as Unread
The user can follow these set of instructions when Notes read messages showing as unread:

  1. Open the trash folder in the database where all the deleted emails are present. From here, mark any particular email as read.
  2. Move away from the deleted messages by following the given set of steps: File| Replication| Settings| Space Servers
  3. In the next step, a user has to activate the status of remove documents in the past XX days to zero 
  4. Warning: Do not select the checkbox regarding the property
  5. Exit the Notes application and then relaunch it 
The Final Words:
The methodology discussed above provides the adequate way of fixing the issues when Lotus Notes read emails showing as unread. No doubt, Lotus Notes provides some outstanding features but, there are some issues associated with this platform. It sometimes happens that the users want to migrate from Lotus Notes to Outlook application. This can be done with the help of best NSF to PST Converter professional utility.
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