How to open MBOX files on PC? Are you also looking for a solution to open MBOX file extension? But do not know, how to perform this. Then no need to worry as this blog describes the best possible approaches to open and view MBOX files. Read this blog in detail to view contents of MBOX file in a simple and effortless manner.
MBOX is one of the most common universal file formats. It saves entire emails along with attachments in the encoded format. One can easily open and view the emails using MBOX file to read its contents. Moreover, there are various situations, when users are required to examine MBOX files. Then the first question comes in users mind i.e. how to open MBOX file? So, Thunderbird email application being the prominent choice of the users because it can be accessed easily. As a result, many users experience hindrance while reading MBOX format. The users are constantly searching for a solution to find out how to open and view MBOX files in windows 10, 8, 7 and all below versions. In the following section, you will get to know the complete step by step method for Opening MBOX Files.

There are various MBOX users who are facing many issues when they open MBOX files on their systems. Once a user asked a query in forum site, “I have stored so many MBOX files on my PC. And, I want to read some of the important MBOX files. But, I do not know how to access MBOX files. So can anyone tell me the solution for the same? Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

How to Open MBOX Files in Windows Manually

Here are mentioned “How to Open MBOX Files in Windows” Steps. A user needs to follow the given set of instructions to View MBOX files. So, let's have a look :
  1. Firstly, you are required to open Mozilla Thunderbird on your PC.
  2. Once, you open the Thunderbird on your system, then go to tools and select import/export tools option from the list.
  3. Now, you can select Import MBOX file from the list.
  4. After completing this, MBOX file Import window will pop up on the user’s screen, then choose the option to import multiple MBOX files.
  5. Next, you click on the OK button to start the process to open MBOX files to Thunderbird.
  6. If you need to view MBOX files along with it's all subdirectories so, then you can easily select the import one or more Mbox files with their subdirectory option and then click OK.
  7. Next, browse MBOX files from the particular location on the hard drive.
  8. Finally, click on the open option in order to open and view MBOX files extension to Mozilla Thunderbird.

Limitations of the Manual Approach

To open MBOX file extension in Mozilla Thunderbird, the manual method is not considered as the perfect option because these manual approaches always have some limitations associated with them. These are:
  1. It is time-consuming
  2. Non-technical users not perform
  3. The manual approach is lengthy and confusing also.
  4. Thunderbird Installation is necessary to open MBOX files.

Experts Solution to Open MBOX Files

As already discussed above, all these disadvantages of the manual approach, users are advised to go for automated tools such as SysTools MBOX Viewer. According to the professionals, it is the best solution to view multiple MBOX files emails along with the attachments. Furthermore, it is an independent tool which does not require the installation of any another supporting email client. It offers some of the unique services that makes it different from other available products are:
  1. MBOX File viewer application to open various MBOX files along with attachments
  2. The Tool facilitates the user to quickly preview the .mbox file emails
  3. Installation of any supporting email client is not necessary to open for .mbox files
  4. Supports MBOX files created in Thunderbird, Mac Mail, Google Take outs etc.
  5. The software loads all the file items currently present in MBOX file and display the item count
  6. MBOX File viewer is compatible with Windows 10 and all other below versions

The Verdict

It happens frequently that Mozilla Thunderbird application is installed in the system but, users are unable to view MBOX file. In such situations users search the answer to the question how to open MBOX files? Therefore, both manual and automated methods to perform the same are introduced in this blog. In the manual method, installation of the supporting email client is mandatory. That is why users are always suggested to go for the automated solution.

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