Both OST and PST file is created by MS Outlook and it seems to be similar if the seeker is unaware about these files. In this situation, it is difficult to decide which file is used for which purpose. That is why, in this article, we will compare OST vs PST. On further reading, users must have a good idea of both file format individually and users can decide which is best for them. First, let’s know about Microsoft Outlook. 

What is Microsoft Outlook?

Microsoft Outlook is the part of the Microsoft Office suite, which is originally intended as an email application but it also has several other features like task, contact manager, calendar, journals, notes and web browsing. There are two ways to save files in MS Outlook: through the OST or the PST files. In addition, Outlook is a web-mail provider that allows configuring with other web-mail providers such as G-mail, Yahoo, etc. 

There are two ways to setup MS Outlook program according to user’s needs and requirements.

  • MS Outlook as a Standalone application 
  • MS Outlook with Exchange Server environment 
Stand Alone Application: In this, a user needs an e-mail account to set-up MS Outlook, as it is a web-mail provider. Thus, the account is configured with MS Outlook becomes the default account. If more than one account can be configured in Outlook, then one is being the primary account & others are called secondary. 

With Exchange Server Environment: In this, connect your Microsoft Outlook program to an Exchange Server that enables the settings of your account. After doing this, you are able to work even you are not connected with the server. Thus, you can access your messages, contacts, etc., and make changes to it, which will be updated automatically once the connection with the server is retrieved.

Types of Outlook Data Files (OST vs PST)

  1. For Stand Alone Application – PST File (Personal Storage Table)
  2. For Exchange Server – OST File (Online Storage Table) 

Personal Storage Table (PST) File in Detail 

The PST file folder is a personal folder which is used to create the copies of messages, contacts, calendars, etc. but, it is not recommended to use in an exchange setup. However, PST files are stored on the client hard disk and servers other than the Exchange Server. It is also used by the HTTP and IMAP and files that are attached to them can be delivered and stored in also the PST file folder. Other information or data such as calendar, contacts, and tasks which are locally stored in the computer are placed in PST file folders.

Outlook Storage Table (OST) File in Detail
An OST file is a storage area that works in offline mode and it depends upon the account configuration. It creates an offline copy of every Outlook files that exist on the mail server. Moreover, it is used in an exchange environment by using the Microsoft Exchange Server. It also allows users to do several work on data items like editing the data, saving mails in the draft, deleting or adding items etc. even in offline mode. Data that are stored and updated in OST files will be updated and synchronized when the user goes online. You can fix various OST inaccessibility issue with the help of Exchange OST to PST Converter tool.

Comparison Between OST and PST: OST vs PST

  1. The PST file is a personal data storage which is used for locally stored Outlook files while the OST file is an offline data storage that can be used without any internet connection. 
  2. An OST file permits users to work like read, edit, delete, synchronize and compose the mails even in offline mode. But, PST file folder does not have this feature. 
  3. A PST file may be used with an Exchange setup, but it is not recommended. It is compatible with other servers also unlike the OST file which works only with the Microsoft Exchange Server. 

Summing Up
In this write-up, we have compared OST vs PST and got an idea about both file formats in details. Both Outlook files are very important because they contain a lot of crucial information. So, people want to save it from corruption. In case, if a user faces corruption in these files, then they can use Outlook Recovery Tool to recover Outlook data files.

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