“Yesterday, I opened MS Outlook like every other day to check new emails. When I tried to open a new email, MS Outlook stopped responding. I waited for some time and closed Outlook. When I relaunched it, I faced the same issue. Kindly tell me hot to solve this error?”

MS Outlook is a popular desktop-based email client, but it is also known for its errors. MS Outlook users often report facing different types of errors. This post will discuss one common error known as “Outlook not responding”. The situation occurs when Outlook email freezes, hangs or stops working completely when users try to access the email or send an email. Outdated Microsoft Outlook and Windows OS, large Outlook mailbox, corrupt OST file, virus infection, etc., are some of the reasons that may cause this error. Whatever may be the reason, users need to follow certain techniques to resolve “Outlook stopped working” error. Here we will go through top seven ways to fix Outlook not responding error.

How to Fix Outlook Stuck at Processing Error

There are a number of techniques that you can try to get rid of this Outlook not responding issue. We will share some of the frequently used methods to solve this problem. Let’s begin with the technique that you may use if you are stuck at the screen that says processing.

Solution 1: Open Outlook in Safe Mode
  1. If your Outlook stopped responding and showing “Processing” without any progress, close Outlook at first.
  2. Now open Outlook in Safe Mode and follow the steps depending on your OS version.
  • For Windows 10, click Start>> type Outlook.exe /safe in the search box>> press Enter.
  • For Windows 8, go to Apps menu and choose Run, type Outlook /safe and click OK.
  • For Windows 7, click Start>> type Outlook /safe in “Search programs and files box” and press Enter.
  • Now close MS Outlook again and open it normally (not in safe mode.)
If this does not solve the problem or “Outlook is stuck on Processing” does not show up on your screen, try the next steps.
Solution 2: Close Dialog Box if Open

Often Outlook displays different dialog box to which we have to respond. If we do not respond to those dialog boxes, Outlook stops responding and does not allow users to do anything else. To solve this MS Outlook not responding issue, check if there are any Outlook dialog box open on your system. Users can press ALT + Tab keys together to see all the windows. If you see any dialog box then close it. If there is no dialog box, go to the next technique.

Solution 3: Confirm that Outlook is not in the Middle of a Long Process

If Outlook is engaged in a long process, for example, deleting or copying a large number of emails, it may stop responding. The process takes time and during that time, Outlook will remain stuck. You need to make sure if Outlook is in the middle of any process or not. If yes, then give it some time to finish and try later. Otherwise, go to the next method.

Solution 4: Update Windows OS and MS Office

To get the best out of Outlook, you need to have the latest Windows and Office updates installed. It keeps the system up to date and helps you avoid Outlook errors. Install latest updates of Windows and MS Office on your system to fix this error. If the issue still occurs, go to the next solution.
Solution 5: Repair MS Office Programs

Repairing other programs of MS Office can also solve “Outlook stopped working” error. Perform these steps to fix any Office program error.

If any Office program is running, stop it.
Go to Control Panel and choose Programs and Features.
Find Microsoft Office from the list of applications and select it. Now, choose Change option to repair it. If repairing does not work, create a new user profile.

Solution 6: Create a New Outlook Profile
Creating a new profile on Outlook may solve Microsoft Outlook not responding problem. The steps are: 
  1. Close MS Outlook and go to Outlook profiles by using these steps –
  • For Windows 10, click on Start. Now, type Control Panel>> press Enter. From there click on User Accounts>> Mail>> Show Profiles.
  • For Windows 8, click on Control Panel>> Mail>> Show Profiles.
  • For Windows 7, Click on Start>> Control Panel>> Mail>> Show Profiles.
  1. Select Add and type a profile name in the Profile Name box>> click OK.
  2. Enter the credentials of primary Outlook email and follow next steps to create the new profile.
  3. After the new profile has been created, choose Prompt for a profile to be used on “Show Profile” option.
  4. Start Outlook and choose the new profile.
If this resolves Outlook is stuck issue, delete the old profile. If the problem still persists, repair Outlook data files.
Solution 7: Repair Outlook Data Files
If none of the solutions work then users must repair Outlook data files. Corrupt OST file often causes “Outlook stuck at processing” error, so repairing it is a good idea to resolve the error. OST Recovery Tool works wonder when it comes to repairing OST data files. Any type of corruption or damage in the Outlook OST data files can be fixed using this Recover OST File utility. Using this program, users can easily solve “Outlook not responding” problem.
Final Words
“Outlook not responding” or “Outlook stopped working” is such kind of errors that completely prohibits users from using MS Outlook. Many Outlook users want to know the solution to this error. This post discussed seven ways to resolve Microsoft Outlook not responding error. Users should apply these methods to fix their problem.
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