With each passing day, the demand to save and convert PST to PDF Adobe Acrobat is rising. Moreover, the Microsoft Outlook experts are addressing the queries involving to export Outlook mails to PDF with attachments every minute. It is great for the users that Outlook mail application and Adobe Acrobat software provides plug-ins in order to store mails from Outlook to Adobe PDF. But, the main concern is regarding the email attachments. Users have to face huge problems which acts as the obstruction in front of the users and avoid them from storing the attachments while save Outlook emails as PDF files. In the present era of technology, attachments are of utmost importance, as they are very essential to preserve several industrial projects. In the below-discussed blog, the need and the solution to export PST files to PDF are explained in detail.

Need to View & Convert PST to PDF Adobe Acrobat

In the present day scenario, people have become very workaholics and also have ongoing to grow the requirement of travelling with their work and data wherever they go. But, carrying around email data is somewhat problematic because there is a probability that users might not get the same email application every time and everywhere.
Adobe Acrobat PDF files are commonly known for saving the data in a versatile and secure manner. The PDF document formats are very safe in order to save data as text, image, hyperlink, etc. because it provides users with two types of password protections- Owner password and User password. The User password totally protects file whereas owner password just places different types of restrictions over the Adobe PDF file contents including edit, copy, print, and extract restriction.

How to Export PST Files to PDF with Attachments?

Two ways can be executed for migrating emails from MS Outlook to Adobe PDF format file. The first one recommends doing it manually, i.e. without using the software while the second suggests the usage of third party utility.

Manual Method to View & Convert PST to PDF Adobe Acrobat

  • Download and install Microsoft Outlook on your machine. 
  • Select the particular email that is required to be converted to PDF. 
  • Select File Label >> Save As >> Select the location to store the data. 
  • Choose “Save as Type” by clicking the drop-down menu. 
  • Choose HTML file format >> Click Save
  • From the chosen location, choose the file and open it in Microsoft Word
  • From the file label, select Save As option to store the data in PDF format.

In case of a huge number of data files, the technique fails to perform the data file conversion because it takes a lot of time to perform the conversion process. Proper technical knowledge is required to execute this process. Moreover, the above-stated technique is quite lengthy and confusing as well to convert PST to PDF Adobe Acrobat.

Professional Alternative Solution

Instead of going for a lengthy and time-consuming procedure, users can go for the third-party professional approach as these alternative approaches can perform the conversion task more effectively. One such tool is FreeViewer PST Viewer Pro Software. This utility is completely secure and safe to execute the conversion process. This tool is capable to convert PST to PDF Adobe Acrobat with attachments. It is compatible with all the Windows and Adobe editions. No other supporting application is required to execute the migration procedure.


  • Capable to export PST files into PDF format without any limitation. Users can easily batch convert PST to PDF Adobe Acrobat. 
  •  Users can work with the software in an effortless manner because of the simple conversion procedure and user-friendly interface of the software. 
  • Batch conversion of MS Outlook emails to PDF along with attachment regardless of the file format which contains the number of attachments
  • PST files of all the Outlook versions are compatible without any complications.
  •  Damaged or corrupted PST files can easily be converted to PDF as this tool offers Advanced scanning for corrupted files in order to repair the files before proceeding with the conversion process.


In the above-discussed blog, we have come up with the both Manual and Alternative Professional third-party approach to view & convert PST to PDF Adobe Acrobat. Both the techniques have their own advantages as well as disadvantages. But, due to the Manual Approach limitations stated above, it is very clear that most of the MS Outlook users prefer to go for the Professional approach instead of the Manual Approach to move Outlook to Adobe PDF.
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