In order to remove duplicate emails from Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010 or any other version of MS Outlook, we must have a reliable solution, so that we can delete unnecessary copy of Outlook mailbox data. This duplicate data results in degrading the overall performance of Outlook, due to which, we begin to get less productivity in Outlook. So, to remove duplicate emails in Outlook, let’s learn an easy and effective way.

Factors Responsible for Duplicate Emails in Outlook 2016, 2013, 2013 & 2007

1. Incorrect Outlook Rules Configuration
If rules are configured incorrectly by mistake or any reason, this might confuse user and lead to face data duplication in Outlook.

2. Corrupt Email
If by any chances, there is corruption in emails, it might result in generating multiple copies of messages in Outlook.

3. Improper Account Setup
Sometimes users keep creating multiple user names for the same account, which results in duplication in Outlook data.

4. Poor Internet Connection

Everytime an email is delivered, an acknowledgement is sent to the sender. This message is not received when there is slow internet connection, instead it makes Outlook think that email is somewhere between the transaction. So, in every send/receive cycle, it keeps sending it again and again causing data duplication.

5. Add-ins Like Anti-Virus Scanner
If you have installed a third party application like Anti Virus scanner on your system, it might interrupt the Send/Receive request in Outlook.

Solution to Remove Duplicate Emails in Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010 & 2007

1. Properly Configure Rules

To eliminate any confusions, make sure your Outlook Rules are configured properly, in order to remove duplicate emails from Outlook 2016.

2. Inbox Clean Up

MS Outlook provides one inbuilt utility to filter your Outlook mailbox, that is Clean Up. It can be run manually to delete duplicate emails from Outlook.
Go through the steps below:
1. Run MS Outlook
2. Choose the Inbox folder containing duplicated emails
3. Navigate to Home and select Clean Up option. Also, select any one option, as cause for showing up the replicated items.

  • Choose Clean Up Conversation option. This will remove the duplicate email messages residing in the conversation to Deleted Items folder
  • Clean Up Folder option allows you to remove duplicate email messages from a specific folder
  • Clean Up Folder and Subfolders will clean up folders along with subfolders

4. Now, right-click on Deleted Items >> Empty folder to permanently delete the duplicate Outlook mailbox

3. Anti- Virus Application

Although Anti-Virus Program is protecting our system from several threats, we can’t compromise with our system’s security. So, as a wayout, just know the way to disable email protection by visiting anti-virus instruction manual and disable it.

4. Expert Solution

SysTools Outlook Duplicates Remover is a genuine solution to delete Outlook duplicates effectively. It improves the performance of Outlook by removing junk data from MS Outlook. This software is a complete package to remove duplicates from multiple Outlook Mailbox. It provides some effective features like listing files with attributes and then remove multiple duplicate PST files. Also, it supports Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010 and all below versions to remove duplicate emails from Outlook.

Final Words

The occurrence of duplication in Outlook Mailbox is not a big deal if we treat it with the right solution. As discussed in the above write-up, these all methods are the best solutions to remove duplicate emails in Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 & below versions. One can try all these methods to delete duplicate messages in Outlook 2016 and make their Outlook more efficient, productive and faster.
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