Yesterday, when I started my Outlook 2010 program, a screen appears stating “verifying data integrity”. However, the process was running at very slow pace and when it reaches 100%, it starts the Verifying Data Integrity check again. It was becoming so irritating that I shut down my system and start it over again. At that time, I did not see the same message but Outlook is not working either. So, I got clear that verifying data integrity check is still going on just not visible. After that, I tried every possible way of fixing it but did not succeed. Now, I am fed up of trying these troubleshooting tricks.

After doing some research, I came to know that it can be due to an issue in Outlook data file also. It can be possible that there is some problem with OST file. Thus, looking for some foolproof solution to fix Outlook 2010 stuck on verifying data integrity error in Outlook OST files.
Why Outlook 2010 Stuck on Verifying Data Integrity?
If a user’s Outlook 2010 stuck on verifying data integrity search, then one of the major possible reason behind it is corruption in Outlook OST file or OST file becomes inaccessible. Now, there can be various possible reasons that can result corruption in Outlook OST file and all of them are listed below:
  • Hardware Related Issues: Data storage device failure, faulty networking device, and power failure
  • Software Related Issues: Corruption in the file system, virus attack, or Outlook shutdown abruptly
If any of this situation occurs, then there are chances that Outlook OST file will become corrupted and leads to Outlook 2010 stuck on verifying data integrity error in OST file. Thus, to bring Outlook back in the normal functioning state, it is important to do every possible thing.

How to Fix Outlook 2010 Stuck on Verifying Data Integrity Error in Outlook OST Files?
There are different workarounds that a user can try to resolve this issue. In this section, we have covered both manual and third party solution to fix OST corruption issue and verify data integrity error.

Manual Trick to be Used at Startup

The very first thing that a user can try to fix slow loading of Outlook 2010 verifying data integrity is to follow the simple troubleshooting steps discussed below:
  1. First of all, click on the Cancel button to exit from the Outlook startup window
  2. After that, hit on the ALT + CTRL + DEL key to open the Task Manager
  3. Then, you need to choose Outlook.exe from the Processes tab and click on the End task button. Exit the Task Manager
  4. Now, simply start Microsoft Outlook again. Here, verifying data integrity message will be displayed on the screen
  5. Be patient and wait until verification process is going on as it might takes 5 to 20 minutes depending on the size of your Outlook mailbox
  6. As the process completed, the Outlook will be opened and this message will not appear again
Now, it might also happen that a user is not able to overcome this issue by following the steps mentioned above. It can also be possible that there is corruption in Outlook OST file. However, it is a simple troubleshooting trick not a guaranteed way of overcoming the corruption issues of Outlook data file.

Alternative Solution to Fix Outlook 2010 Stuck on Verifying Data Integrity Error
The main reason behind this issue can be corrupt OST file also. In this case, a user is suggested to use a third-party tool named as OST Recovery. It is one of the widely used application to repair corrupt OST file in a seamless manner. The software recovers all data items stored within the OST file and Convert OST files to PST with like emails, contacts, calendars, etc., without any limitations. It is capable to remove both minor and major level of corruption from OST file. Moreover, a user can run this application of any version of Micro Windows OS.

Small issue in Microsoft Outlook can break the continuity of work and overall performance. Outlook 2010 stuck on verifying data integrity error in OST file is also one such kind of issues. Thus, to maintain the continuity of work, it is important to get rid off this error as soon as possible. Keeping this requirement of Outlook’s users in mind, all possible methods to fix this error are covered in this blog.
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